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Breakfast on the way to Palm Springs

Large portion classic American breakfast can be had at The Farm House Restaurant just a block of the 10 in Banning, Highland Springs exit, north side of freeway on 5th. All the classics in an authentic hash house. Table and counter seating, a down home alternative to Denny's. Often crowded on weekend mornings, but the line move quickly as there are lots of tables.

Jan 05, 2013
yasuo in Los Angeles Area

Local restaurants and Street Food in Puerto Vallarta

There is outstanding street and local eating in PV. El Carboncito, *(Honduras and Peru) made famous by Rick Bayless, is a bare bones restaurant that is as plain and simple as its single claim to fame, its tacos al pastor. There are surely tens of thousands of al pastor spits in Mexico, but here the meat is lean, thick cut and smoky, similar to Hunan smoked pork. Add your own salsa, or just eat it plain. Two doors down is lookalike Rocko's with the same al pastor setup, but their meat is not quite as lean, and the tacos smaller. But Rocko's brings a side bowl of pineapple and a couple of excellent salsas, from mild to numbing. The Al Pastor stand at Naranjo and Cardenas is one my favorites: rich, smoky al pastor with 5 salsas and pico de gallo to choose from. Pepes on Honduras (one block from El Carboncito) smothers their al pastor with fried onions, a completely different concept. Pepes is a PV institution and serves up all the taco variants; gringas, volcanos, tostadas. Right next door to Farmacia Guadalajara at Insurgentes and Cardenas is the stand 'La Hormiga' where they make terrific fresh sopes. Their 5 exquisite salsas are what make their sopes and Volcanos shine (their carne asada is tough, however; we go veggie). Finally, finish off your street roaming at the corner of Cardenas and Jacaranda in the evening at the churros cart, where fresh churros are hand cranked into hot oil and served piping hot.

Jun 13, 2011
yasuo in Mexico

What's in and near Bernal Heights?

For easy shopping, Ranch 99 on Skyline in Daly City is a quick drive off 280. While there, try Spicy Element for interesting Chinese. Everyday Beijing and Beijing Restaurant are terrific. For Dim Sum, you can also jump on 101 South to Grand Ave, SSF and try Grand Palace on Grand - huge dining room, working class prices and fresh, reliable old standards. A good Dim Sum choice for every weekend use without waiting.

Everyday Beijing
637 South B Street, San Mateo, CA

Grand Palace
359 Grand Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Spicy Element
83 Skyline Plz, Daly City, CA 94015

Oct 18, 2010
yasuo in San Francisco Bay Area