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Walden Farms?

Where is the best place to find the Walden Farms dressings in Toronto?


Best place to purchase Mexican Oregano?

Need it for a recipe and to be honest I didn't even know it existed. Any suggestions on where to get it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

ISO Cherry Coke

Just wanted to thank you for posting this, made a trip to this location and picked some up!

Restaurant Question- Leaside

Looking for information on two places:

Sunnybrook Restaurant - 660 eglinton &

Leonard on Laird drive just off eglinton

Just wondering if anyone has any experience dining at either places and if I can expect a nice relatively quick lunch ~$15-$20.


Hotdog vendors

ok this is a long shot but this the best place to post this question.

Anyone know what happened to the numerous hotdog vendors that used to line Orfus Road (near Lawrence and Dufferin) On any day of the week there used to be at least 5 vendors lined up and down the street, I've checked there the past few days and not even 1 vendor.

As I said I know this is a long shot but figured it was worth a shot to ask.

Fulton market burger co

I agree with you calli, I don't understand all the hatred towards hero burger.. you'd think the owners spit in the food the way it gets treated on here. Is it the greatest burger in the world? of course not, but it's no where near as bad as it gets made out to be on here.

Whole Foods In Sherway Gardens Area

good time to bump this, Haven't heard anything about one opening near Sherway... Has anyone heard more about this location opening? have they just called it quits?

Best Fish and Chips in the city?

thanks, but I was hoping for a little bit of an updated list, I went through one of those threads and noticed that penrose was given high marks but after googling them have found it's gone downhill.

Hoping someone has a hidden gem

Best Fish and Chips in the city?

I'm sure there have been a few threads on this in the past but for some reason I can't find any using the search function here.

I know about Old Yorke on Laird but was wondering if anybody had any other good suggestions for a solid fish and chips shop, they seem to be disappearing from this city :-(

I'm not looking for anything too fancy and I'm more concerned with the fish and batter than I am with the chips.


Starbucks Vivanno Smoothies??

had the banana orange mango was today and it was great, very smooth and fruity. a get-again drink for me

Jul 17, 2008
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Flaky Tart - new on Mt Pleasant

just a headsup for anyone thinking of going there, they are CLOSED Monday AND Tuesday and don't open until 10 the other days of the week. Sadly I thought I'd try them on Tuesday and what a disappointment that was.

You'd think they would have their hours on their website considering how strange they are.

oh well will have to try them next week.

Whole Foods In Sherway Gardens Area

Anyone know:

a) Where they are opening

b) When they are opening

c) How they get the caramilk in the caramilk bar

Terra Burger on Eglinton?

anyone know when this place will finally open?

california sandwiches

Their veal is like shoe leather.

never going back

Best T.O. Takeaway Sandwich?


how about the worst burgers in T.O?

you guys are amazing.

south street and hero are at the top of my list. as far as worst, mcdonalds, burger king wendys etc.

California Sandwiches

tried it again after being dragged by co-workers.. again AWFUL

Bay/Wellington: lunchtime burger?

are you saying with a straight face that Burger King and Wendys are better than Hero Burger?? lol

California Sandwiches

CS is probably the worst sandwich shop I've ever experienced, would rather attempt to eat shoe leather

Shanghai Cowgirl Warning!!

whats wrong with hero burger

Best Italian Sandwich

California Sandwiches is awful

Lettuce Eatery

Does saladspa have a website where I can see the menu? just looks like a main page for me...

Bakers Breakfast Cookies in T.O?

this may sound odd but I'm looking for Bakers Breakfast cookies anywhere in the Toronto area. "Running Free" used to carry them but recently stopped last month when they had an issue with their distributor.

If anyone knows I would be forever greatful.

A big thank you to my chowhound friends

Tried Old Yorke fish and chips near eglinton on laird, BEST FISH & CHIPS I'VE EVER HAD! Would have never even heard of it had it not been for this board!

big thank you to everyone who reviewed it

St.Louis Bar & Grill?

Anyone have any review of this place? have seen them at a bunch of different spot in TO seem to be popping up more and more.

should I give it a shot?


Burger Shack?

thanks a lot for the suggestions, went there on Saturday had the home-banquet burger and split orders of fries and onion rings with my guest, great great food

Burger Shack?

Hey guys just wanted some recent opinions on Burger Shack on Eglinton near Avenue road, was planning on trying it this weekend wondered if anyone had any suggestions.