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Late night (24h) coffee or nice 'chill' spots

I know there's a 24h Second Cup on Yonge around St Claire, and 7west is south of that... are there any other similar places that have a nice atmosphere where you can just get coffee/whatever and relax all night around downtown?

best buffets in toronto

Best buffet hands down is the Academy of Spherical Arts ( ) in liberty village. They used to have a buffet once a year during Christmas but it was so popular they now have it every Friday for lunch. I think it's around $20/person if I recall correctly, plus drinks/tip.

Their selection varies every Friday but they always have some assortment of cheese/crackers, salads, meat, fish, pasta, veggies, etc. Dufflet ( ) desserts and gelato ice cream! Damn.. got my mouth watering just thinking about it... I must go back and visit them soon

Cheap but delicious Portuguese takeout?

Mario's is really good, so is Bairrada on Hwy 10 / Kirwin in Mississauga(next to the lcbo and beer stores), and they also have two downtown locations (College/Havelock and St Claire W/Runnymede).