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Rehearsal Dinner - anything under $3000?

Thanks nc213. I actually spoke to Ray's The Classics less than a week ago and they were not entertaining the notion - and were very abrupt in trying to end the conversation. I had called previously and not gotten a call back - then when I stopped by they were abrupt. So I don't think they're really interested in our business. To be fair, this location is still getting on its feet and the manager said as much. He seemed to think they weren't ready for an event of our size yet.

The folks at Dino, on the other hand, were exceedingly gracious and caring in explaining the menu and how they would host our event. We're leaning that way.

Rehearsal Dinner - anything under $3000?

Thanks to everyone for your input.

I had started this search with an eye towards convenience - trying to keep it within walking distance of the hotel and there's just truly nothing that will work. Silver Spring is awash in lunch places and casual joints but very little that's a bit finer with a private room.

Zaytinya is lovely but too much like what we'll be having the next day.

Maggiano's is booked.

Old Ebbitt hasn't responded to my inquiries.

We're meeting with Dino tomorrow to see how that goes. If we don't end up choosing them, we'll try the other places you've recommended. Luckily Cleveland Park is in between the church and the hotel - so it's fairly convenient.

Thanks so much!

Cafe with wireless access and good food...

Busboys and Poets on 14th and V has Wi-Fi and tasty salads and pizzas. They also have a really excellent vibe. It's a coffee house, lounge, bookstore, performance space all in one - and they seem to do reasonable justice to each. The bookstore is themed toward the socially conscious - liberal minded - and there's an excellent mural in the back performance space that depicts important social activists across time. The space hosts musicians and book readings with flair. All of this and still maintains a swanky feel and a reasonable level of noise to be able to settle into a nook and do a little work. My favorite.

Or if you're in the mood for dessert you could try the Love Cafe down the street at 15th and U - I think they have wireless.

Rehearsal Dinner - anything under $3000?

Mrs. K's seems a bit frumpy for us.
Cubano's is excellent but won't do a Friday night event.
The Golden Flame would be a decent option if we weren't having Lebanese food the very next day at the wedding.
So we're looking for something European or American and reasonably fancy with a private room.

Thanks for the Austin Grill idea.

Rehearsal Dinner - anything under $3000?

Hi - I'm having a rehearsal dinner in April in the District and am having trouble finding anyplace that will do a basic meal with wine and beer for 30 people that will come in under $3000.

This is taking us a bit by surprise since many of the same restaurants we're contacting have entrees for less than $25. I guess they're padding the prices to make up for the private room and large group service. We just hadn't figured on $100 a head.

Any ideas? We do want a private room and a sit-down affair. Perhaps this is just the going rate.

Dino's looks like they might be able to keep it under $3000.

If I'm gonna splurge and go for an over $3000 joint, I'm liking Zola.

Other thoughts? We could do Maryland too - as our hotel will be in Silver Spring, but Ray's the Classics doesn't have their party room ready yet and the Macaroni Grill isn't really what we had in mind.