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St. Michael's recommendations

Hi, DC foodie------15-20 minutes past St. Michael's is Tilghman's Island. There is an INN, The Tilghman Inn on the left as you continue to drive past St. Michael's.... which on certain Friday nights they serve up the best oyster buffet, ever. :) Fried oysters, steamed, name it. The details you'll have to Google.

Dim Sum in Washington?

Yes, they ARE, especially the manager's wife. I'm glad you think so as I thought it was me..........

"Cutting edge" Restaurants in Washington?

Best cutting-edge restaurant I've been to: Berlin. DC...ummmmmmmmm :( ...there's a small place called The Three Little Pigs along Georgia Ave in DC, a few tables and leading food in their incredible showcase, which of course, they hand-make. Trained in NYC.

Restaurant recommendations in DC

It's been around awhile but I adore "Nora's".

Belly clams

Michael......I am seeing belly clams on menus in Florida everywhere I DC, too? I'll suggest LP Steamers perhaps for belly clams but I'd have to Google it to see if they are on the most memorable experience with belly clams....."Tark's" restaurant in Dania, Florida. Sorry, didn't mean to digress, but those fried belly clams were great!

Recommendation for crab cakes near Camden Yards or not too far away.

Olive Branch at the Baltimore Beltway and Reisterstown Road.------not that close to the city but I like their crab cakes. The fettuchine (did I spell that right?) alfredo with shrimp if you want to gain 20 lbs.

Faidley's is good but imo Lexington Market needs a total facelift.....inside more than out. The great thing about Faidley's is that they ship all over the country.

There's G&M Seafood and Olive Grove in Linthicum which are great......but my fave are at the Olive Branch. I can't help you with.

Dumplings & Beyond

China Bistro for dumplings in my books....along Rockville Pike (Hungerford Drive), across the street from the fairly new GW Grocery.

Nora's, now establishment------what to order, my friend and I's first time there.

Dinner at Nora's. What to order------?
Thank you.

Need Staunton, VA Recommendation

TY, sherriberry. :)

Oct 01, 2011
Pesel in Mid-Atlantic

Dinner Before Watching a Performance at the Kennedy Center

I had a filet steak in the Terrace Room AT the Kennedy Center before seeing a performance there--------Loved it.

Kennedy Center
2700 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20256

Best Sushi Bar in Tucson

TY, MFMunday

Oct 01, 2011
Pesel in Southwest

Best Thing You Ever Ate - VA/DC/MD/Baltimore Edition

Thank you for the scallop recommendation----

Matzoh Ball Soup

I always add a splash of seltzer water---or club soda---to the mix....the bubbles make the matzoh balls lighter and fluffier.

Dec 28, 2009
Pesel in Recipes

Creamy Potato-Leek Soup

Sounds really good--I'm going to try it....I am going to add at the very end some baby spinach or baby arugula and let it wilt before serving to add greens for more nutrition.

Dec 28, 2009
Pesel in Recipes

Pistachios from Turkey, Iran, or Greece in the DC area?

Ditto on Thomas Market---they will have them.

Five Super Supermarkets

Here in Wheaton, Maryland we've got Magruder's in Kemp Mill and H-Mart off Georgia and Arcola, Marchones in the triangle for Italian specialties, Thomas Market on University for Middle Eastern specialties, Hung Phat for fresh noodles, Shalom and Shaul's for Kosher foods and great challah, Full Key and Paul Kee for their bbq meats (Full Key has renovated and gotten better)---I could go on---a trip around the sidestreets is worth it.

dining solo and outside, Dupont Circle

I eat solo alot and have been craving roast suckling pig which Komi has been preparing lately----but everything on their tasting menu is for two----They discourage solo dining---Not nice.

Basic Pizza Sauce

Wondering about the lack of basil myself....

Jul 19, 2009
Pesel in Recipes

Negril in Silver Spring - Report

If you're back in the neighborhood try Roger Millers African restaurant---their grilled goat meat is great.

What are you a stubborn purist about?

Chicken soup is made with a whole chicken, cut in quarters or eighths if you like...not just made with backs and necks or just dark meat or breasts. And this I am a purist about.

Apr 13, 2009
Pesel in General Topics

Dining around Dupont ...alone

Mostly because most people are not comfortable in their own company...I always leave over 20% tip when dining alone. I went solo to the Inn at Little Washington and they were so hospitable, invited me into the kitchen and everything.

Fish sandwiches

You might laugh but the Baja Fresh in Wheaton makes great fish soft tacos, lightly battered and fried, moist and thick. $2.79 apiece. I get two.
Haven't been to Crisfield's in Silver Spring recently but the fried perch sandwiches used to be good.

best soul food in DC?

There's a great feel to institutionalized food, too. Looking forward to trying the place out.

Help with dinner in New Hope/Lambertville!

I had a great country French meal at the Hotel du Village in New Hope.

However, if I were to pick from your list, I'd go to Lambertville. New Hope is soooooo commerical now, it's ridiculous. Lambertville being a little less so...

Jan 26, 2009
Pesel in Pennsylvania

Supercharge with Superfoods

Everything in moderation.

Jan 26, 2009
Pesel in Features

Grass-fed beef/pork etc

There's a yahoogroup called grassfedonthehill NOVA. You order from the website and there are weekly local dropoffs around the area. Incredible grassfed products but incredibly pricey. Careful when you cook, it needs less time and temperature. There's one for Maryland and the DC area too.

Eggs Benedict in Bmore

Jordan's steakhouse in Ellicott City has a great eggs benedict on their Sunday Brunch menu.

best soul food in DC?

Florida Avenue Grill for the ham hocks, greens and sweet potatoes. I was there summer of 2008. As good as ever. Oohs and Ahhs doesn't have pork. How can you have soul food without pork?

I like Bubba Mascogee's on Rhode Island Ave. for the fried chicken and desserts...

yummy Duck Soup wanted

Thank you, Trapezius. I've passed by Noodle King many times but thought it was just a small carryout. I'm going this week!

Looking for blood oranges

Last week at H Mart in Wheaton off Georgia Avenue I bought ripe, juicy blood oranges 3 for $1.00