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Vietnamese Party Catering?

Has anyone had experience ordering party trays from Song Que (or any of the Eden Center eateries) to cater an event?

I'm in charge of the food for my sister's bridal shower and in addition to making a few things, we thought it'd be nice to have platters of banh mi sandwiches and summer rolls.

Would appreciate insight on places, specific menu items, and also how they handle the order (confirmation, packaging for pickup, etc.)


Shin Chon (Ellicott City Korean BBQ) still open?

We used to go to Shin Chon all the time, so it was weird to pull up for dinner one night and see it closed up. I called my mom for an alternative and she directed me to Wong Galbi near the Han Ah Reum of Rt. 40. Might be the one that frequentcrasher was talking about before? Anyway, we had a crowd with people not familiar with Korean BBQ, and everyone really enjoyed it. They offer grill combos so you can try a bunch of different kinds of meat, with banchan, soup, and family-style pot of rice (great with the crunchy bits at the end!!). They also have a full menu of non-BBQ Korean fare (w/pics :) Our group of seven had tons to eat for about $90.

1111 N. Rolling Rd
Catonsville, MD 21228


Mint Crisp M&Ms -- anyone spotted them yet?

I've also seen them at Walgreens (multiple DC locations). They're minty alright, but definitely not M&M enough!

Crabcakes-No Fillers

I think it might be harder to find a good crabcake in D.C. than you'd think.

If you're willing to drive, I would highly recommend Timbuktu in Hanover (near Arundel Mills). They have lump crabcakes, with the lightest of binders, and deliciously broiled!

Mini buns?

I'm a huge advocate of making everything from scratch (I really did seriously consider baking my own mini buns — I saw Ina make <a href=" but since I want to make 10 varieties of appetizers, I should probably take it easy and cede to some shortcuts.

But I'll definitely try your suggestion another time JustinS! Thanks for your idea :)

Mini buns?

oh, I LOVE King's Hawaiian. but I never buy it because I love it so. does that make sense? :)

Thanks ktmoomau for reminding me.

Mini buns?

nice, I knew you'd come through! I'll check out the mini potato rolls!

if anyone knows of non-Whole Foods mini brioche buns, please let me know! :)

I think I will check Wegman's this weekend.

Mini buns?

Hey chowhound shoppers!

Has anyone seen mini brioche rolls or mini buns in stores/bakeries in the D.C./Baltimore area? I want to make mini sliders (hamburgers) for a New Year's party, and I'm wondering if there's a way I can avoid making the buns myself :)

Thanks to all!

Where to Find High Tea in DC

The Park Hyatt has a great tea! (I think this might be the same as the one at Blue Duck Tavern previously mentioned).

Sweet Potato Fries

if we're recommending Rub (in our neighborhood!) despite the drive, we have to recommend Miss Shirley's in Roland Park! they serve amazing sweet potato fries in a cone with mango ketchup and citrus aioli. we always start our brunch there with this.

if you want to go the store bought route, I've had the Alexia brand (at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's) sweet potato fries, and they're tasty.

The Inn at Little Washington, yes it is still all that and even more

Thanks for the review Janet! My fiance and I are going there for our honeymoon in October and we can't wait!! Your review made us swoon.

Valrhona Cocoa

Thanks Martin, for your help! I'm going to be right near the P St. Whole Foods later today, so I'll duck in to check it out.

Cooking Club in Baltimore?

Is anyone interested in forming a cooking club in Baltimore? We would meet once a month to cook a meal based on a theme, and have some fun! For more details, and to contact me, I have an ad on Craigslist.


Valrhona Cocoa

oooh, thanks everyone! I love any excuse to go to a confectionary or Williams-Sonoma!! :)

DC Hound just moved to Baltimore (Fed Hill) - Questions

My fiance and I just moved to Federal Hill and we discovered the Old Malt Shoppe on Fort. They serve straight up Hershey's ice cream on cones, milkshakes, and sundaes. Not fancy but perfect as a neighborhood scoop shop. We've really enjoyed walking there after dinner on nice nights. A friend who lives in the neighborhood and is a die-hard ice cream lover used to go to Beach Bums but she says it's gone down hill lately, which I sadly have to agree with.

Valrhona Cocoa

Does anyone know of a source for Valrhona unsweetened cocoa powder in Baltimore or Washington, D.C.? I've only ever bought it online, but I'm curious if I can get it at a store so I can make a molten chocolate cake on Saturday.

Bagels in MD

I agree that Bethesda Bagel doesn't quite cut it. My fiance and I have a theory that bagels just aren't trendy anymore, which is why it's hard to find a decent one.

My standby remains the Bagel Place on Rt. 1 in College Park, if you're up for the trip around to the other side of the Beltway. They continue to churn out excellent bagels, spreads, and all the fixins'.

Texas Sheet Cake

Thanks! I thought WashPost was going to make me pay for an archived copy!

I figured it might not be a rich chocolate cake. Maybe I'll swirl in some mini-chocolate chips for some extra bite.

Dec 29, 2006
choconut in Home Cooking

Texas Sheet Cake

Did anyone save the texas sheet cake recipe that ran in the Washington Post Food Section's staff favorites column over the summer? I want to make it for a NYE party but can't find it anywhere! Thanks! :)

Dec 28, 2006
choconut in Home Cooking


The jajangmyun at Dae Sung Kwan in Wheaton is really good. I think they still make their noodles by hand (you can hear the cook thwapping the noodles in the back kitchen). I heard the ownership has changed but the noodles in porky black bean sauce taste more or less the same to me. We always get that and the tang soo yook (sweet and sour pork).

Our parents used to take my sisters and me around to any place they heard had good jajanmyun and we think Dae Sung Kwan is the best in the DC-area. There's also a place with delicious jajangmyun on Route 40 in Ellicott City but the name escapes me now.

Dae Sung Kwan 대성관
11215 Viers Mill Rd. Wheaton, MD 20906
Phone: (301) 949-1500

Lactose-free milk and paneer?

oooh, wow, thanks Candy and Scott! I'll make sure to add paneer for the Indian feast I'm planning for Friday night!

Dec 17, 2006
choconut in Home Cooking

Lactose-free milk and paneer?

Does anyone know if you can use lactose-free milk to make homemade paneer? Does it yield similar results as using regular milk?

I just got an easy recipe for homemade paneer from a friend that I'd like to try. It involves boiling whole milk and adding fresh lemon juice as the curdling agent.

The other threads about paneer emphasize that you should use good, whole milk, which I plan to (organic and lactose-free!), but I'm just not sure if the lack of lactose will affect the results.

Thanks for your help!

Dec 15, 2006
choconut in Home Cooking

A Baltimore Chowhound Question

I've never been to the Olympic Pizza but there's an Indian place on York Rd. and Cranbrook, in the shopping center across the street from the Food Lion, that has great food for eat-in or carry-out. I grew up right around there and I miss it!

Marrons glaces?

Thanks! I'll check out Dean & Deluca this week.

Afternoon tea in DC?

I'd definitely recommend the Tea Cellar at the Park Hyatt. I read about it in the Washington Post and went there with friends to celebrate new engagements. The hotel is beautiful. The tea selection is excellent and elegantly served in individual pots. They have a tea table with a selection of scones and pastries for $11 per person on weekday afternoons and there's also a separate menu to order a light lunch. It was great!

Marrons glaces?

Anyone know of a place to buy marrons glaces (French candied chestnuts) in the DC/Baltimore area?