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Favorite burger for $5 or less?

> Perhaps I will start a post on this subject.....beginning with In & Out printing biblical scripture on the bottom of their cups.

Mehhhh ... In-n-Out just prints verse locations, on the inside rim of the bottom of the cup. You'd have to look for it to find it, and even then you wouldn't know what the verse actually said until you looked it up. For the life of me, I don't know why people get worked up about this. (Especially considering how much better In-n-Out treats their employees - and anyone seeing/hearing their ads - compared to their major chain competitors.)

Villa Catrina in Arcadia. Anyone Been?

I've tried Hot N Sweet twice now, and really wanted to like it more than I actually did. The Korean tacos were a bit bland; the pizza toppings were good but they haven't figured out how to make a decent crust.

The hot sweet garlic wings were tasty at time time, however I think someone in the kitchen has an overly-heavy hand on the MSG shaker ... I'm not normally too sensitive to that (I'm an SGV veteran after all) but both times I found myself waking up at 3am with a dull headache and a cotton tongue.

1 day ago
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Villa Catrina in Arcadia. Anyone Been?

Arcadia doesn't exactly have a profusion of good Mexican places (nor do most of its neighbors, except perhaps El Monte) so this looks promising.

I wonder if it has a bit of a "location curse", though, considering that the previous Mexican restaurant in that space was so truly gawdawful - it was the sort of place you'd take your kid's soccer team when you just couldn't bear the thought of Chuck E Cheese (not that it was much of an improvement, though). Perhaps word hasn't quite gotten around that there's something better there now.

1 day ago
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Favorite burger for $5 or less?

An animal-style Double Double is an old sentimental favorite, but lately the ABC burger at B-Man's has been giving it a run for my (not so much) money...

May 18, 2015
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Great Lentil Soup?

I've no idea if it's presently on their menu, but the lentil soup with pork confit and pickled pears that I had last year at Alma was a true game-changer for me.

What are some over-rated L.A. restaurants to you? Why, specifically? Only one each!

Whether or not In-N-Out is overrated depends on exactly which claims were being made on its behalf in the first place. If it was "the greatest burger ever!" then yeah, that's a hell of an overstatement. But if it was "best burger at the $3.xx price point in a large-ish chain" ... then that's not such a crazy claim to make.

Spicy in the North SGV, Tomorrow

Hai Di Lao is a pretty solid choice; if you want something cheaper with less ambiance, the hot pot place in the Arcadia Ranch 99 center (name escapes me) isn't bad either. Actually, the hottest thing I've ever eaten in Arcadia are the extra-hot Korean-style wings at Sweet Hot Chicken.

There's not much worth recommending for Indian or Thai along that stretch of the 210, but if your friend wants something else she can't find in NYC, how about really good fish tacos at Tacos Ensenada? (not far from Irwindale, if that helps)

Apr 10, 2015
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

South Coast Plaza Din Tai Fung Rates With International Counterparts

The Arcadia DTF took the black sesame dumplings off the menu about 5 years ago.

But they've always kept some handy for anyone who asks politely. Which we always do. :)

Aug 18, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Best lunch in Costa Mesa/Irvine/Santa Ana for under $10

The carnitas burrito (or, if you've got extra Lipitor handy, the surtido burrito) at Sahuayo Primo on Main St. north of Warner in Santa Ana. Throw in a trip to the pickle bar and a tamarindo and you're still out of there for under 8 bucks. Get a horchata instead if that's how you roll, but I find the extra acidity in the tamarindo helps cut through the glorious pork fat and creamy lardy beans on that burrito...

Aug 18, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Chick-fil-A to Pasadena

This is actually a pretty smart move on their part; their new-ish location in Azusa is doing crazy business mostly because it's right across the street from APU.

Most of their earlier LA locations seemed to be in car-dependent shopping sprawls; they seem to have finally clued in to the pedestrian college kid business opportunity.

Jul 24, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Local craft beer suggestions? Where to buy?

I do a fair amount of local beer tasting; my favorite craft breweries in the area of this particular board (LA/Orange/SB counties) would be, in *very* rough order:

Hangar 24 (Redlands)
Bruery (Placentia)
Monkish (Torrance)
Craftsman (Pasadena)
3 Weavers (soon-to-be Inglewood)
Strand (Torrance)
Golden Road (Glendale)
Pacific Plate (Monrovia)
Eagle Rock (Glassell Park)

All of them have bottles and/or growlers available onsite to go.

My quest to find a great entree salad in OC

Roasted duck salad @ Brodard

Apr 18, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Shellfish -- L.A. Dish of the Month, April 2014

Tried the scallops with spring pea puree, lardons, and brussel crisps at AltaEats this week ... can recommend quite highly indeed :)

Apr 05, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Beyond tacos, which food trucks are worth it and why?

Never knew "light well" was an available option (that is, one that could be put on the ticket sent to the kitchen).

If so, I'll definitely have to try that, because at my local In-n-Out, the regular fries are mushy and the well-done ones are toothpicks.

Mar 29, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

New to Hermosa/Manhattan Area

Speaking of MB-area dive bars, you should give Falcon Inn (Rosecrans just E of 405) a try if you haven't already. Good dive-y fun, cheap beers, pool, greasy snacks, internet jukebox*, etc. with a truly extraordinary mix of clientele, which has been described more than once as [warning to the easily offended] "rednecks of all races". Just like Phillippe's, you walk in, look around, and think "God bless America".

* with millions of available songs, this one can be a potential goldmine... or minefield. Your faithful correspondent once found himself veryveryclose to getting tossed out by some grizzled regulars for playing the jazz-piano-trio version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by the Bad Plus. (Hey, don't knock it 'til you've heard it)

Mar 29, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Carnivore conundrum du jour...

Slaters, Plate 38, Bottle Room and, um, Jack in the Box.

"Meh", "feh", "bleh", and "heh", respectively.

Mar 28, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Carnivore conundrum du jour...

Why is it that bacon cheeseburgers are so dang delicious, but every time I get a cheeseburger with bacon ground into the patty (usually 25-50% concentration) I end up with Herculean disappointment?


Is it the extra saltiness throwing off the flavor balance? Or the tensile properties of bacon not meshing well with the beef and giving it an weird texture?

I'll let those of you better versed in food science than I am hash that one out, but meanwhile I'm now 0 for 4 at local establishments and switching back to bacon ON and not IN the cheeseburger for the foreseeable future...

Mar 27, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Good and interesting duck preps. in OC?

Duck breast w/ butternut squash, pear, aleppo, kale, and date puree @ Playground. They also have a duck ramen w/ confit.

Mar 21, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Date Shakes

Charlie Brown Farms on Pearblossom Hwy has good date shakes ... plus ostrich burgers, exotic jerkies, funnel cakes, numerous fudges, and a whole host of general weirdness.

Still a bit of a a slog for most of LA, but closer than Indio for anyone west of, oh, Yucaipa or thereabouts.

Mar 18, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Denmark Gefion steakhouse turning into hunan spicy taste

It was an actual steakhouse, specializing in "authentic Danish beef" (or at least a Chinese idea thereof?) Having lived in Europe for a few years, I found this pretty amusing, because the Danes are known for exactly one thing over there: pork.

Mar 17, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

McD's for Filet-o-Fish Fridays in LA [moved from Los Angeles board]

I had my first FoF in years last week, because it was my first visit to McD's in years. For what it's worth, the FoF is the only type of protein at McD's where you can be reasonably sure what sort of animal it was when still alive.

What I had obviously forgotten over those years, however, is just how much sugar McD's packs into everything these days. The filet was sweet, the cheese was sweet, the tartar sauce was sweet, and if the bun were any sweeter, it would have been a Svenhard's danish...

Mar 09, 2014
Bradbury in Chains

Any Mexican restaurants that serve Goat? (Glendale/Burbank)

In my experience, if you're going to the sort of party/picnic where people are willing to get their fingers messy, and you show up with some of the goat drumsticks from Birreria Jalisco, your popularity at said party goes up roughly 32.7%...

Feb 28, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

korean district in the oc?

There are now several mini-Ktowns in OC; the one I've done the most 'hounding in is the one in Buena Park (roughly) between Knotts and La Mirada. Would you like some ideas for this area or just the one near Little Saigon?

Feb 28, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Is Guisados really that great?

Agree with most of the above (or below, depending on how your page formats); Guisados is OK but Colonia and Bizarra Capital are better. (and a lot comfier, too, but then I'm getting old...)

Feb 28, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Yelp Top 100 (LA edit)

Quite true. Just to clarify, my purpose in posting this list wasn't to debate the relative merits of CH vs Yelp. Rather, it was because only 5 or 6 of these places have gotten much "air time" on this board, and I was curious if anyone had experiences with the others that they could share.

Feb 28, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Yelp Top 100 (LA edit)

FWIW, on my first trip to Market Grill I had a Gem City Club, the lemon/mint potato salad and a bacon chocolate chip cookie, while the sound system played, in sequence, "TV Party", "Where Eagles Dare", and "Glasgow Mega Snake".

The best sandwich shop in LA? Probably not. But a memorable lunch nonetheless...

Feb 27, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Yelp Top 100 (LA edit)

Never been to Cream Pan but will be in the area this weekend. What do you recommend there?

Feb 27, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Yelp Top 100 (LA edit)

Well, this is ... interesting. Evidently our fine feathered friends at Yelp have used Wilson Score (statistical confidence interval) algorithms to identify the top 100 Yelp-rated restaurants in the US. And evidently San Diegans really like to score their restaurants high. Anyway, here are the ones in the greater LA area:

5. Porto's Bakery, Burbank, CA
10. Joe’s Falafel, Los Angeles, CA
17. Ricky’s Fish Tacos, Los Angeles, CA
31. Cream Pan, Tustin, CA
46. El Chato Taco Truck, Los Angeles, CA
51. Frostbites Crepes & Frozen Delights, Cypress, CA
57. Johnny Pacific, Winnetka, CA
61. Sabroso! Mexican Grill, Garden Grove, CA
62. District Wine, Long Beach, CA
64. Bludso’s BBQ, Compton, CA
65. Tiki Juice Bar, Anaheim, CA
67. Vinh Loi Tofu, Reseda, CA
68. Mama D’s Italian Kitchen, Newport Beach, CA
74. Mattern Sausage & Deli, Orange, CA
75. The Market Grill, Monrovia, CA
76. Urasawa, Beverly Hills, CA
79. Outlaws Cafe, Van Nuys, CA
88. Kang Hodong Baekjeong, Los Angeles, CA
90. Stuff I Eat, Inglewood, CA
92. Hy Mart Sandwiches, North Hollywood, CA
94. Mastro’s Steakhouse, Beverly Hills, CA

I've had good meals at numbers 5, 17, 64, 74, 75, and 76 (the latter on someone else's dime, mercifully) but am out of my element on the others. Any thoughts/flames to share?

Feb 26, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

Pasilla oaxaqueno in Los Angeles?

You might want to try one of the spice/mole vendors in El Mercado de Los Angeles (Boyle Heights). If anyone in LA has them, they probably would.

Feb 14, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area

What restaurant do you really really really miss that is now closed?

Funny, there was also a place called Metropolis in Irvine in the mid-90s (complete with Art-Nouveau Parisian metro entrance facade), and I think I might have been the only one who liked it ... probably because I was so much younger then, and it was the only nightclub that actually had a decent sushi bar.

Feb 12, 2014
Bradbury in Los Angeles Area