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HELP!!!! Want to introduce family to creative cuisine - Georgia

Try The Chicken and the Egg or Seed in Marietta. Marietta also has a few decent Korean and at least one Japanese place if you're looking for ethnic but won't drive to Buford hwy or Atlanta

Oct 13, 2012
myabsurdlife in Atlanta

Trashy, Tacky Cocktail Pouches

Reminds of me of the Kids in the Hall Sketch "Girly Drink Drunk" - David Foley secretly whipped up blended drinks in the middle of an office - good stuff.

Jul 07, 2011
myabsurdlife in Features

Raw Materials

Can we please retire the use of the name "carpaccio" when referring to fruits and vegetables? Just because something is thinly sliced and uncooked does not make it "carpaccio." And if that makes me a crotchety purist, so be it - it's one of my pet peeves.

Jul 26, 2010
myabsurdlife in Features

Atlanta must-eats for visitors from New York!

Sounds like most people have hit the highlights - but I would also suggest The Vortex (Midtown or Little Five Points) and West Egg for brunch.

In Savannah, Alligator Soul and Sapphire Grill.

West Egg Cafe
1168 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Apr 29, 2010
myabsurdlife in Atlanta

My friends lost a bet. I pick the restaurant.

I agree with most of the suggestions here (although I tend to favor Rathbun Steak over Rathbun's) Also wanted to throw JCT Kitchen (same location as Bacchanalia) or Holman & Finch in the mix (chef from Restaurant Eugene, focus on smaller plates "whole animal" offers like sweetbreads and organs, house cured meats and the 10pm burger).

Rathbun's Restaurant
112 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

Restaurant Eugene
2277 Peachtree Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Apr 07, 2010
myabsurdlife in Atlanta

Need more advise re: Atlanta trip

Pura Vida, Holeman & Finch and Rathbun's are all excellend choices. I believe Woodfire Grill is as well, but I can't personally endorse it as I've yet to eat there. They will probably all be more expensive than Mary Mac's. Mary Mac's is definitely an Atlanta institution, with traditional southern food. But I really like the twist Holeman & Finch gives southern classics, as well as their dedication to fresh, quality ingredients. And they have excellent drinks. It's small plate style, so you can end up spending a lot without realizing it, but it's not necessarily expensive, per se. Plus, there's always the famed burger at 10 (which is definitely very good, maybe not completely worthy of the hype, but something worth trying).

Pura Vida
656 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Nov 03, 2009
myabsurdlife in Atlanta

Dense walnut date cake recipe

That Panforte recipe may be exactly what I'm looking for. I checked the Joy of Baking site but didn't realize what the name of the cake was - thank you!

Nov 03, 2009
myabsurdlife in Home Cooking

Dense walnut date cake recipe

That recipe looks tasty. It's not exactly what I'm looking for (the Joy of Baking recipe looks more like a quick bread) but I might give it a try for another occasion. The cake I'm talking about was very small and almost all dates. It had an almost fudge-like consistency.

Nov 03, 2009
myabsurdlife in Home Cooking

Boston chowhounder looking for Atlanta recs

I second the JCT review. It's in a smallish shopping center, depending on the time you go stores could be closed. In the same center is Star Provisions is a lovely gourmet food store that has some kitchenwares as well (also serves as the entrance to Bacchanalia, a great Atl restaurant that would probably break the bank) there's a few boutiques nearby, including the superb Sid Mashburn (men's clothing). The immediate area in general is mostly design/home furnishings.

Also in the JCT area (literally, across the tracks) is Abbatoir (same folks behind Bacchanalia), which merits checking out as well. Pretty reasonable, price wise, especially on bottles of wine.

Star Provisions
1198 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA

Across the Tracks
103 Depot St, Bryson City, NC 28713

Oct 29, 2009
myabsurdlife in Atlanta

Dense walnut date cake recipe

I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with a recipe/technique for a really dense walnut cake cake, similar to the kind sold at Whole Foods by the slice for $12/pound in the cheese section. It makes a great accompaniment to cheese, particularly with blues (in my opinion) and I'd like to try my hand at making it myself. It may be raw but I'm not sure. There does not appear to be any binder, apart from the dates, but I can't be sure. Anyone have any ideas?

Oct 29, 2009
myabsurdlife in Home Cooking

Buying sushi grade fish in Atlanta

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm rarely in Duluth, but this might be worth the drive on a lazy weekend.

Buying sushi grade fish in Atlanta

I frequent the Dekalb Farmer's market and am a fan of their seafood department in general, but I don't know enough about fresh fish to consider their fish "sushi grade" or not.

Does anyone know of a good fish market in Atlanta that offers sushi grade fresh fish?

Good Italian Restaurant in Atlanta

I've always been a fan of Sotto Sotto. Try the seafood risotto! It's in the Va-Hi area, meaning plenty of bars nearby for afterwards. I found the dining room to be a little loud, but good service.
There's also Veni Vidi Vici in Midtown. But I think Sotto Sotto has better atmosphere.

Paula Deen's restaurant

Lady and Sons is ok, but not worth a drive. Savannah has lots of other things to offer, so like the reviewer above mentioned, it might be ok if you're already planning a trip. The wait will be very long and they only take reservations for groups (over 6 or 8, I can't remember). When I went to Lady & Sons, we ordered off the menu, rather than the buffet, and it was heavy butter laden southern food - tasty, but because it's full of fat (just like the show!)
I've heard good things about Bubba's restaurant (her other venture), on the way to Tybee Island, but I wouldn't call either restaurant "destination" dining. Especially from Atlanta. There are much better local southern places nearby.

Nov 30, 2006
myabsurdlife in Southeast

Savannah for new years eve

I would recommend the Sapphire Grill for New Year's. You didn't mention how many people were in your party, but I found it was a very romantic and cozy spot for two. While we were there, however, they were hosting a larger party at a large table so they seem rather accommodating. Great upscale sea food, not like the normal tourist traps in Savannah (like most anything on River Street). It's a little pricey, but very good, great ambiance and service.
Sapphire Grill is actually just down the street from Lady and Sons so just go right past the lines to find it!