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Your mom's weird cooking ... and other stories? (recipes encouraged)

I love my mom to bits, but I'm a WAY better cook than her.

I taught her that you really, really, REALLY need to brown beef before using it in beef stew. She called me shortly afterwards and said "Honey, you won't believe it - it looked and tasted like beef stew!"

Yes, Mom. That's why.

To be fair, she turned me onto quinoa in 2002 and recently gave me organic unpasteurized buckwheat honey from a small farm in Gettysburg, I think the lesson here is that anyone can keep learning and improving.

Jun 17, 2009
redviper in Home Cooking


I've gotta give my recipe for the lazy man's mojito - the syrup is premade, and the only other ingredients are rum and a splash of fizzy mixer.

It's long, so the link is http://burningmyselffrequently.blogsp.... There's a lot more flavor in the syrup.

Jun 17, 2009
redviper in Recipes

What's the deal with Ledo's pizza?

My understanding of it, coming from an employee who worked there during the licensing fight and eventual agreement, is that Ledo Restaurant (the good one) did not sell the entire, accurate recipe to Ledo Pizza.

Hence, only the one in Adelphi is worth a darn. The one at Bailey's Crossroads (next to Trader Joe's) is just okay. The Adelphi one is worth a long taxi ride or taking the bus.

Harrisburg/Camp Hill recommendations

Props to Mangia Qui, although sometimes you want to eat in Central PA without seeing Char Magaro, y'know?

Dingledein is amazing, but my hands-down favorite Harrisburg food is the hot dog cart guy across from the bus station downtown. (CAT, not Greyhound)

On weekdays the guy offers 35 different hot dog toppings. I have a video of the whole list somewhere.

Dec 09, 2006
redviper in Pennsylvania

JD's Roadhouse - best college town barbecue in the Northeast?

JD's rules all. I reviewed this place for the University of Maryland student paper and it's just gotten better.

Real barbecue cooked by real people whose cashflow is determined mostly by how many people come into that restaurant daily.

Harrisburg/Camp Hill recommendations

'Da Pits right next to the governor's mansion in Harrisburg offers incredible barbecue for dinner and salads and wraps at lunch. Save BBQ for dinner.

Passage to India is amazing.

Dorado near Holy Spirit Hospital is nice. The lobster ravioli was a little tough and the mushroom ravioli smells like unwashed vagina, but the flavor is exquisite.

For something uniquely Pennsylvania, go into Middletown and hit Fox's Market for chicken pot pie - the real kind, not that bs with a crust.

West Shore Farmer's market has a great little wine booth - I recommend the bottom-listed red, it's as fruity as it says, and an amazing sauce shop wtih everything from Torchbearer to Tabasco soy.

Nov 30, 2006
redviper in Pennsylvania