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Raclette Grill

Hi, I'm having a raclette party this weekend in Pittsburgh but can't find raclette grills ANYWHERE!

I've called every department store / small appliance store place (Sears, target, walmart, kmart, williams-sonoma) I could think of and although they all have something on their website none carry them regularly in their storefront locations.

Does anyone have any idea where I would be able to rent or purchase a raclette grill in the Pittsburgh Area?

Please please please, any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

Feb 01, 2007
cgvnlife in Pennsylvania

Korean potato/vegetable pancakes

You mentioned several pittsburgh street vendors, I'd be interested in hearing where those are at? I am always looking for yummy cheap eats. Street vendors also seem to have some of the best food too.

Nov 30, 2006
cgvnlife in Pennsylvania

Dim Sum in Pittsburgh?

New Dumpling House - Murray Ave. - has dim sum. Its ok not great, but will satisfy a craving.

Nov 29, 2006
cgvnlife in Pennsylvania

Dining tips for Pittsburgh

For authentic chinese food there are several in the Sq Hill/Shadyside/Oakland area that are authentic:

Rose Tea Cafe - Forbes Ave.

Orient Kitchen - Baum Blvd.
Ka Mei - Murray Ave.

I haven't had good Vietnamese food yet, I've tried Me Lyng, Pho Minh and Tram's and they're horrible IMHO.

For Authentic Japanese
Umi is ok, a bit too pricey for what you get. Its alot of presentation and some food on the side.

Chaya - Murray Ave. - the owner/chef is Yasu-san, he has omakase, but make sure to talk to Yasu-san before you order it to get the good stuff. He has great Toro, Hamachi, Kampachi, Uni. My wife and I have grown to know Yasu-san well and he has many specials based on what he could get his hands on. We know he makes daily trips to the airport to get his fish fresh too.

We also buy fresh fish and make our own sushi/sashimi. Benkovitz - Smallman St. is a great place for fish, its good to ask for the sushi grade.

The Tokyo Grocery - Ellsworth Ave. has Bento box lunch and fresh sushi too.

Nov 29, 2006
cgvnlife in Pennsylvania