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Have searched the boards, but haven't seen any posts for this restaurant yet: Cabo Hermoso on Fremont on the Monterey/Seaside border. Mr. #2 and I stopped there for a quick snack last night before driving back up to the SF Bay Area, and got two orders of pupusas and one order of beef empanadas. We had to wait a bit for the order (note to self: call ahead next time), but it was entirely worth it as the turnovers and pupusas both were hot (too hot to eat, even) and fresh off the grill. The turnovers were crunchy and not a bit greasy. The pupusas were about eight inches in diameter and thick. The bean and cheese filling was mildly seasoned, but the addition of the tomato sauce and spicy coleslaw added depth of flavor. Next time I might be tempted to add a shake of hot sauce too, but I'm a fire eater at heart.

The prices were cheap to reasonable - the pupusas were $2 or $2.50 apiece, depending on the filling. I ordered two, but one would be sufficient for most appetites as a snack or pre-plato appetizer. The platos, which we did not order, ranged from $10-$15. Drinks seemed kinda pricey (but maybe I'm out of touch here) with canned softdrinks such as Coke and 7-up at $1.50 and imported Salvadorian softdrinks higher - $2.50 or so.

They have table service, but we ordered at the counter for to go food. The person working the counter (owner, perhaps?) was a genuinely friendly guy, helpful to Mr. #2 who is not familiar with Salvadorian food and eager to please. He did warn us that our order would take some time to come up as there was a large order in front of us.

The decor is, ahem, bare bones but fine for a casual place.

Mr. #2 and I plan on returning this weekend when we go back to Monterey again and will probably try one of the platos and maybe ordering some of the pupusas to heat up later at home.

Jul 24, 2007
Miss Misha in California

Wine Shops in SF

I second the Biondivino recommendation. I know absolutely nothing about Italian wine, but the proprietoress (whose name escapes me, unfortunately) took me under her wing and helped me choose some very nice wines, including a light red that went well with the basa fillets we had for dinner later in the week. She also selected a Chianti that both me and my husband liked, though I'm not a big Chianti fan.

Best New York Pizza in SF/Oakland?

Village Pizza in Alameda is an independent, not part of th SF chain.

Is there still an branch in the Rincon Center? If you ask, they will add minced garlic to the pizza then warm it briefly in the oven. My mouth is watering just thinking of it.

Indian Markets In Fremont-Hayward

Anyone know of some good ones? Been to all the usuals in Berkeley (Vik's, Milan) but have heard rumours of big markets with large selections to the south.

any good restaurants within 10 miles of Oakland Airport

Pod to Soizic. I'm trying to get my boss to take us there for our holiday lunch!

An Alameda suggestion:
At the airport exit, turn left onto Doolittle. The second stoplight after the car rental lots (about 2 miles) is Island Drive- the Alameda golf course is on your left. Turn left onto Island and follow it about 1 1/2 miles to the shopping center. Between Safeway and Longs, there is Angel Fish, a really good Japanese restaurant with reasonable prices.