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is half and half the same as single cream?

Me neither, but I just asked my father in law to pick up some half-and-half here in Moncton, where we are visiting, and he called me to tell me they don't have any, so I asked for 10% cream, and he said they have a 10% cream called 'cereal cream'. I googled it, and ended up here.

Aug 11, 2015
diathesis in General Topics

Toronto's Best Mexican?

El Sol's service is deadly slow, yeah. Friendly, but slow. If you know that going in, and are ok with it, the food's great. I usually order two drinks if I think I'll want a second, just to avoid the fact that they won't come back soon enough.

If you get in /early/ (say, 5pm on a Saturday), you can actually get comparatively speedy service, so if that's a big deal, I'd suggest going early.

That said, I still go regularly, so they must be doing something right.

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

Ate at Leo Burdock in Dublin this year ... wow.

Way too many fries (good, but literally enough for two generous helpings) and what looked like a good full 1.5' filet, battered and fried. Best I've yet had.

If there's anything like that in TO, I want it. :)

Pasta Insert for stockpot

Personally, l prefer separate steaming/pasta inserts. Steaming is best with a fair amount of clearance to give you options to add a fair quantity of water. Pasta is best with low clearance, so that you can get a fair 'height' to get evenly cooked long noodles. I had a Lagostina that had an in-between height and I found it to be a little low for steaming and a little high for pasta. I've replaced it with a Cuisinart with two separate inserts and I prefer the results.

That said, as long as you can fit enough water under the pasta insert -- it'll work just fine.

Jan 25, 2007
diathesis in Cookware

Looking for special ball-tipped!

They're fun, cute, loud as all get out, easy to clean, and have a lot of momentum. For the most part, I don't find I use mine all that often.

Jan 25, 2007
diathesis in Cookware

Coconut Grove (Dundas West b/w Centre & Chestnut)

Yes, I have to admit, I tried their butter chicken once, and regretted it. The boneless chicken roti, on the other hand, has always served me well.

D&D is in my neighbourhood; only tried them once, wasn't thrilled, perhaps I'll give them another shot. Crystal sounds interesting as well.

Coconut Grove (Dundas West b/w Centre & Chestnut)

"If you want good roti, you need to find a Trini place"

Such as? Anything in the area you /would/ recommend?


As chinese buffets go, it's pretty solid, mostly westernized chinese food buffet-style. That means it shouldn't beat your favorite chinese place for quality or authenticity (assuming you like authenticity), but ... it has a phenomenal selection and turns over frequently, so it's relatively fresh. Not as fresh as made-for-you, but more fresh than your average buffet.

So, well above average for chinese buffet, but nothing special from a pure 'quality of food' perspective.

Potato ricer

I've had two ricers. Both bent badly quickly.

Perhaps they expect me to cook potatoes into more thorough submission? Maybe I misused them in some way? Not sure -- only know that I wasn't going to try another without understanding what was goin' on, so ... went back to a masher; gets the job done for me.

Dec 31, 2006
diathesis in Cookware

Coconut Grove (Dundas West b/w Centre & Chestnut)

I might prefer Coconut Grove to Island Foods, myself -- but it's been too long since I had the latter to really compare. Some of my co-workers find the inner layer of the roti (chickpea flour?) to be too dry.

Last few times I was there, they haven't had doubles -- perhaps they stopped making 'em?

Either way, I've had the boneless chicken roti lots of times. It's quite large, and a little potato-heavy for my taste, but still yummy.


Quick-serve, I agree -- although I absolutely LOVE the guacamole at El Sol on the danforth, and there's absolutely no comparison, so that part didn't stand out for me. Still, it's better than the average.


Yeah, the organization isn't great, and I'm not sure if they're going to be able to fix all of it.

There's a few problems in that the layout is cramped, and the guy doing the salsas/sour cream/guac has too much to do, and bottlenecks the whole operation. Some of those problems aren't just a matter of getting more experience.

Anyway -- doesn't change my opinion, just means I go a little earlier.

Looking for the most amazing Vanilla Extract?

Alex Farm cheese.


I wouldn't /rave/, but it's good, worth a visit. There is an earlier thread, as mramage points out.

Great Khan Mongolian Grill questions

I've eaten at Genghis Khan a few times; it's decent.

My main complaint is that sometimes they're not terrifically busy, which reduces turnover of the items on the buffet side.

The buffet side is buffet-like - eat what you want, but not as good as food that was prepared for you when you asked for it. The grill side makes up for that by being made for you and your choices. The dessert area has a chocolate fountain that my wife enjoys a great deal, although there's nothing that stands out there for me.

That said, it's enjoyable.


I didn't see a special when I was in today; I got a chimichanga (fried burrito): steak, black beans, rice, salsa, sour cream, in a tortilla, and lightly fried. My friends got burritos, a fajita and another chimi.

Size and pricing seemed reasonable. A 12" tortilla nets you a reasonable pile of food, and the smaller ones look sufficient for a lunch, to me. I haven't seen the tacos yet.

All in all, it's safe to say that I'd rather eat there than Taco Villa/Bell, but it's not going to replace a really authentic place like El Sol on the Danforth, for me, nor does it solve my craving for the chimichangas that El Penco near King/Portland used to make (before they changed their recipe).

Halal 786 Restaurant

This is the NW corner of Highfield and Gerrard, BTW.


Little takeout Mexican place, just north of the HMV @ 333 Yonge.

They sell Burritos, Tacos, Ceviche; they'll fry the burrito if you want a Chimichanga, and they'll sub the rice for more veggies if you'd like to call it a Fajita.

They were a little slow to fill orders today, but ... they're new, so I'll see if they work out the kinks in the process.

First impression? Good, but not exceptional. Nice to have some variety, and it's a step above fast-food, but ... I was hoping for something more.

A Taste Above

Will be curious to hear a user experience of this 'sous-vide-fresh' approach.

Lai Wah Heen - Negative review

It's been too long since I was last there to really argue the point; I've had one dinner there in the distant past which I quite enjoyed, and dim sum maybe five times, latest about three years ago.

So, basically, if they've gone downhill, I can't argue the point.

Lai Wah Heen vs. Lai Toh Heen (in terms of atmosphere)

Don't have a strong recollection of our Lai Toh Heen menu, sadly. My memory for details isn't great unless I deliberately fix the details in mind, which I didn't, although it probably also speaks to how 'memorable' I felt it was as well.

I remember something in a hollowed-out cumcumber 'slice' (maybe an inch and a half high). Actually, that might be all I remember. Wish I could be more helpful. :)

For the most part, it was tasty and well-presented. If I'd gotten the dishes in a neighbourhood restaurant for an inexpensive price, I would have been pleased, but it didn't match my expectations or the price, IMO.

Work lunch - Yonge Dundas

Yeah, I've had a good meal or two at Bangkok Garden.

Lei Wa Heen

LWH didn't have much on the official menu for my veggie/vegan wife, but were more than happy to make something for her, and she loved it.

Mind you, that was our first valentine's some six years ago, so the information's quite dated, and she hadn't eaten at many upscale restaurants then, but ... the service, food and ambience were all excellent.

I've been there before and after -- but I don't have the same dietary restrictions, and I love their (expensive, but excellent) Dim Sum.

Lai Wah Heen vs. Lai Toh Heen (in terms of atmosphere)

I prefer the ambience at 'Wah', as 'Toh' felt a little cold, in a hip, modern sort of way.

I was also a little disappointed by the food at Toh; the tasting menu was ... good, but by no means up to any serious tasting menu I've had elsewhere. Nothing wrong with any of it, just nothing blew me away, either, which ... is basically what I want out of a tasting menu.

Perhaps if I'd ordered something a little more modest, I might have been happy with it. The Peking Duck was ordered by another table -- looked like quite the production.

That said, I haven't been to LWH in a few years.

Pachira and Erato - new places in the East end

Mmm, El Sol.

I'd be happy to hear about either of these as well, but I haven't tried either yet.

where to find bun sauce in toronto?

Yes, the normal theme is some variant on fish sauce and sugar - chili and garlic being very common additions, but the recipe does vary from place to place. I've never seen a pre-prepared version of this.

If you can only (and have to) choose one , Susur or Splendido?

I haven't yet tried Splendido, so I won't compare. However, I do know that Susur can do a fine job of vegan and vegetarian options, so that's something to consider.

where to buy confectioners' sugar?

That was how the Cook's Thesaurus suggested I get _Caster Sugar_ (sp?) -- food-processing it down.

potluck ideas?

Frankly, good bread is what comes to mind for me. But it helps that I'm a bread addict.

The Best Pizza

I take it back - apparently that is enough to go on. :)