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Naples with kids

We will be staying in the Vanderbilt Beach area. The kids are well-behaved, willing to try most foods. Looking for great food, casual atmosphere, 15-20 min from N Naples. Chains okay...if really good. Thanks!

Mar 31, 2013
atofte in Florida

Calgary/Emerald Lake Lodge

wow! thanks for all of your helpful suggestions!

Jul 14, 2009
atofte in Prairie Provinces

Calgary/Emerald Lake Lodge

Thanks for the ideas. We'll be staying at the marriott downtown, without a car. Any of these walkable?

Jul 13, 2009
atofte in Prairie Provinces

Calgary/Emerald Lake Lodge

My husband and I will be spending a night in Calgary before venturing on to the Emerald Lake Lodge. 1) suggestions on a fun, laid-back dining experience in Calgary that is open on sunday? 2) any insight into dining options at Emerald Lake Lodge? Thanks.

Jul 11, 2009
atofte in Prairie Provinces

gulfport, MS

my brother just moved to gulfport to work with americorp. i would like to get him a gift certificate to a fun, local restaurant. any suggestions? thanks.

Nov 29, 2006
atofte in General South Archive