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Where to buy veal bones for stock? Not neck bones.

Oh, interesting, I never noticed the veal stock. Is it in one of the freezer cases? Presumably veal stock means they have veal at least occasionally.

Jan 23, 2013
clk in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Where to buy veal bones for stock? Not neck bones.

I don't recall ever seeing any veal products at Clancey's, although they're my first choice for pork, beef and chicken.

I went on a search for veal bones a couple of years ago, and I came up empty. I wound up buying a veal breast from Byerly's.
It was rather pricey, but it did make some fabulous, gelatinous veal stock.

Jan 22, 2013
clk in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Trieu Chau Restaurant- St Paul

I'm a big fan of #113, ordered with "dry noodles". The broth comes on the side, which lets me fully appreciate the wonderful porky sauce on the noodles.

The only banh mi that I like there is the grilled pork, but it happens to be my favorite banh mi in the Twin Cities.

Jan 06, 2011
clk in Minneapolis-St. Paul

I-35 between MSP and KC?

The Colony Inn appears to have closed. I arrived there around noon last Friday (after driving from the Twin Cities, anxious for BPT), and the lights were off, doors were locked.

Sad news, that was a standard stop on road trips down I-35.

May 18, 2009
clk in General Midwest Archive

MSP: Cecil's on Cleveland

I have the opposite problem- I can never pry myself away from the Monte Cohen to try the corned beef. Hey, there's always next time...

Dec 09, 2008
clk in General Midwest Archive

MSP...Where Can I Buy Chunk Hardwood for Smoking / Grilling?

Hmm, I thought the Outdoor Cooking Store had closed. Not true?

May 09, 2008
clk in General Midwest Archive

MSP...Where Can I Buy Chunk Hardwood for Smoking / Grilling?

Having just completed a search of the west metro, I can tell you that it will
be easy to find hickory or mesquite chunks at Home Depot, Menards or Gander
Mountain. Gander Mountain also has a variety of wood chips (maple, apple, cherry),
but I don't find those to be terribly useful with my Weber Smoky Mountain.

For fruit wood chunks, I wound up ordering from Hawgeyes BBQ
( Pricing was OK, not great, but I was desperate for
some apple and peach chunks.

May 09, 2008
clk in General Midwest Archive

C.I.A. Boot Camp

I took the five-day Skill Development boot camp course last fall, and I have to say,
it was one of the best experiences of my life! The boot camps seem to be addictive-
we shared the kitchen with the Boot Camp French class, and pretty much all of them
were on their second or third (or fourth) boot camp.

I can't wait to go back, I just need to choose which class to take. And of course,
scrape together the money to do so.

Oct 11, 2007
clk in General Tristate Archive

Amsterdam, Leiden, Brussels, Antwerp - birthdayday trip, help needed

How were people dressed in Lucius? From the photos it appears
to be a more casual bistro-style place.

Just trying to plan my packing accordingly.

Sep 27, 2007
clk in International Archive

[MSP] Mandarin Kitchen

I'm not certain how long they've been open. A friend of mine thinks it's
been about three weeks.

That raises an interesting question- do restaurants that remodel and reopen
need the standard "new restaurant grace period" to get back on their feet?

I don't know if the kitchen staff is the same, but the front of house folks
were definitely the same.

Aug 09, 2007
clk in General Midwest Archive

[MSP] Mandarin Kitchen

I've always been a huge fan of Mandarin Kitchen, and I finally had my first
post-remodeling visit yesterday. While the new interior is very nice, I wasn't
as impressed with the food as I usually am.

We actually went to have the buffet (something we pretty much never do),
but the buffet is gone. The lunchtime crowds have vanished as well- there
were only two other customers when we walked in at 11:45am.

The salt-and-pepper squid was just OK, not as tender and flavorful as usual.
We were hoping for either drunken clams, clams in XO sauce, or those monster
oysters with ginger and scallions. But they didn't have any clams or oysters available.

I'll have to try again in a couple of weeks. It was probably just an off moment
for them. Has anyone else noticed a decrease in deliciousness at MK?

To cheer ourselves up, we went to the Tea House for lunch today.
Everything was awesome- whole tilapia in spicy pork sauce; boiled lamb
in spicy sauce with cabbage and sprouts; cold conch and cucumber app;
and Chung King shrimp. Mmmm.

Aug 09, 2007
clk in General Midwest Archive


Lund's and Byerly's no longer sell prime beef. They might have
a few steaks left, but when those are gone, there will be no more. :-(

I believe Kowalski's still sells prime beef (not dry-aged though).

May 15, 2007
clk in General Midwest Archive

Anyone have or used a Viking oven?

I've owned a Wolf 48" dual-fuel range for two years now,
and I would highly recommend Wolf. Great burners, from
high heat down to very low simmer.

I'm guessing that bigmackdaddy was opening doors on
a different model. Mine open and close smoothly and with
minimal effort. I'm neither a pro nor an amateur
weightlifter. :-)

Dec 01, 2006
clk in Cookware