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Racquet Club (Clarkston, MI)

After enduring the ineptness of the young ladies at the Clarkston Cafe last Friday night, we decided to give the restaurant at the Racquet Club a shot. Surprisingly for a Friday night, there was no wait. Then, we heard it. George, a mediocre one-man-band made possible by technology, was in the corner alternating between his saxophone and clarinet with the amps turned up way too high (actually, any amplification would have been way too high). Why, oh why, did the management think this guy would draw people? If we hadn't been so hungry, we would have left for quieter surroundings. Food was okay, nothing outstanding, and probably would have been better with Muzak than George's incessant covers of Stevie Wonder.

Clarkston Cafe (Clarkston, MI)

The Clarkston Cafe, recently acquired by the people who run the Clarkston Union Grill a few blocks away, was closed for several months while a complete remodeling took place. They finally reopened and it looks lovely. However, I couldn't tell you about the food, because they neglected to train their host staff. Three well-meaning teenagers were running the host station last Friday night and between the three of them, none of them had a clue what was going on. It took them nearly five minutes to determine that they were completely booked for the evening. I'll give it a shot again in a few months, after these young ladies either get trained or get fired.