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Sunrise Breakfast in Phoenix?

I have some time to kill and I will be downtown around sunrise. Any killer breakfast (preferably with a Mexican slant) places with a great view? Outdoor seating ideal.

Apr 16, 2014
tennisboy in Phoenix

Any good, cheap mexican near JW Marriott Desert Ridge?

Looking for good, cheap mexican or southwestern near JW Marriott Desert Ridge..help!

Apr 16, 2014
tennisboy in Phoenix

BBQ but with good atmosphere?

Thanks. What's the primary difference between the two? And what about parking options?

Aug 29, 2013
tennisboy in Chicago Area

BBQ but with good atmosphere?

Having a lunch with all ages and wondering if there's a place for 10-12 people to have BBQ in a nice atmosphere. Normally I could care less about atmosphere but the mother in law will be with us! Any good suggestions? We're open to anywhere in Chicago, ideally with decent parking. Thanks

Aug 29, 2013
tennisboy in Chicago Area

Help! Tonight's dinner? Salpicon, Mexique, Quartino or??

Just got back from Tanta - was pretty good. Glad we tried it. Ordered the pork fried rice (good, but a tad sweet), ceviche w/ahi tuna and avocado (excellent), half chicken and sides (very good), causitas w/crab (so-so---needed lime), and quinoa salad (good). Probably wouldn't go again given the dining options in Chicago but overall we were glad we went. Clearly they're still working out kinks as a new restaurant since service was good but slightly spotty.

Great recommendation - thanks again! Now for our next meal, I don't have a reso for Frontera but would like to go!

Aug 28, 2013
tennisboy in Chicago Area

Help! Tonight's dinner? Salpicon, Mexique, Quartino or??

Love the Recc for Tanta - been meaning to try it. Just snagged the last 6:30 one. Thanks!!

Aug 28, 2013
tennisboy in Chicago Area

Help! Tonight's dinner? Salpicon, Mexique, Quartino or??

We don't want to risk waiting since we don't have tons of time.

Aug 28, 2013
tennisboy in Chicago Area

Help! Tonight's dinner? Salpicon, Mexique, Quartino or??

4 people, visiting at the Hyatt regency. Don't want anything too fancy but know our choices at this point are limited.

Salpicon, Quartino and Mexique are available but Sable is not. Any recommendations out of those 3? Or any others I'm missing? Want not too expensive, nonpIzza and we like mexican.

Help!!! This is for tonight!

Aug 28, 2013
tennisboy in Chicago Area

What's good on the Sunshine Coast right now?

Thanks! I did see these but hoping for something newer?

What's good on the Sunshine Coast right now?

Doesn't seem to be a lot of choices out there. Smitty's seems to be what people like, but other reviews are not so good. We are 12 people, all ages, and want a very, very good restaurant (ideally seafood).

Any recommendations also for a great brunch/breakfast place and a market to buy FRESH fish/seafood for grilling would be great too.


Good Country Breakfast/Brunch from Boston to Woodstock?

Sorry. We're going to Woodstock VT!

Will check out The Foothills. But the annual pie breakfast sounds fun too, what more can you tell me about it?

Good Country Breakfast/Brunch from Boston to Woodstock?

After doing some research, I like Robie's in Hooksett for our needs. Other ideas?

Good Country Breakfast/Brunch from Boston to Woodstock?

either but we'll be hungry earlier so likely NH

Good Country Breakfast/Brunch from Boston to Woodstock?

We're driving from Boston to Woodstock on SATURDAY. Any great breakfast/brunch spots to hit out of town on our way? Thanks

Isla Mujeres or Cancun dinner/

Staying 4 nights in the best all-inclusive in Isla Mujeres, but open to finding a to-die for foodie place/hole in the wall place for dinner one night in either Isla Mujeres or Cancun.

Suggestions please!

Jan 28, 2013
tennisboy in Mexico

Nice "Different" Dinner Maybe 30-45 Min from Boston? Farm?

Thanks all. OK don't kill me. After an underwhelming experience at Cider Hill Farms (terrible apples left; none with a good taste), we went to Stonewall Kitchen and sampled our way to heaven and became too full for dinner! So we drove home, slept, and woke up at 10pm hungry for something spicy and flavorful. Myers and Chang did the trick - the Tigers Tears were excellent. But we will keep these suggestions for next time!

Oct 07, 2012
tennisboy in Greater Boston Area

Nice "Different" Dinner Maybe 30-45 Min from Boston? Farm?

Looking for a nice dinner for 2 tonight away from the urban jungle (we live next door to Hungry Mother but don't want to go somewhere so close to home).

Somewhere like Gibbet Hill Grill maybe? We've never been there but the menu looks boring (http://www.gibbethillgrill.com/menu-w...). We'd love some good fall flavors, pumpkin, and some creativity.

The default may be Market at the W in Boston since we've never been, but we prefer something further away from the city that is a little calmer.

Ideas? We're going apple picking now! Thanks.

Oct 06, 2012
tennisboy in Greater Boston Area

2 Days in Tofino - rate my choices

Final report: Cyn at night was pretty good (brisket was succulant, shrimp & gnocchi special was too spicy and a bit overwhelming). Their desserts of chocolate ravioli, plum gnocchi and spicy chocolate macaroons were the standout! They are still ironing out some kinks but it was good.

And brunch at the Pointe was awesome. Impeccable food and view.

Overall a great time in Tofino!

2 Days in Tofino - rate my choices

Quick mid-trip report:

SOBO blew us away. Halibut with the best gnocchi I've had in North America (mind you I've lived in SF, NYC, DC, and Italy). Best fish I've also had in a very, very long time. Awesome ceviche starter also. The place was a hit with our group of 6 skeptical foodies.

Tacofino was excellent as well. I recommend the cookie and lemon/ginger slush (normally I'd get the other flavor they had - lime mint - but something drew me to lemon/ginger and I was rewarded).

Trying Cyn tonight..and then the Pointe (Wick) for brunch tomorrow. Will report back.

2 Days in Tofino - rate my choices

That's awesome. We just made a reso at Cyn at Night as well. Thanks

2 Days in Tofino - rate my choices

Two and a half days in Tofino and excited. Never been.

After doing some research the following seems good:

Tacofino for lunch
Sobo for dinner
The Pointe att Wick Inn for Sunday Brunch

Norwoods seems pricey for our family of 6 adults. Was also thinking about Shelter for another dinner.

Not sure what else yet, but does anyone have some other suggestions?

Out of These Four in Vienna for Dinner?

An old boss and I are going to have dinner. We want to avoid heavy Austrian food, and we like to eat well. We also want a place that is not so noisy. Which is your favorite out of these four, Chowhounds?

(Old Style (but not greasy/heavy Austrian) Plachutta: http://www.plachutta.at/index.php?id=...

(Super modern/trendy Austrian) Oesterreicher im Mak: http://www.oesterreicherimmak.at/engl...

(Cool views) Palais Coburg Basteigarten Restaurant: http://www.palais-coburg.com/index.ph... (menu) http://www.palais-coburg.com/download...

(A great standby) Café Landtmann -

Mar 05, 2012
tennisboy in Europe

Anywhere good for lunch off I-90 close to Worcester?

Meeting someone "in the middle" between Holoyoke and Cambridge. Any good spots to eat off I-90? Guessing around Worcester? Thanks.

Shave Ice on Oahu

Finely shaved ice fan here.

Been to Ailana and thought it was OK, not the best. Going to try Aliana and Mountain Magic this winter - will report back. I wonder if anything will be better than the shopping center guy in Kauai (it's just 1 guy in a parking lot - very finely shaved ice..the best I've ever had).

Nov 27, 2011
tennisboy in Hawaii

Lunch between Bethesda and Tysons/Falls Church

OK. EVO is closed for lunch on Saturday. We don't want Turkish, but Tachibana sounds good perhaps. We'll be doing a late lunch around 2ish and they close at 2:30 though.

Lunch between Bethesda and Tysons/Falls Church

I have to meet someone for lunch and we need to meet between Bethesda and Tysons/Falls Church. Ideally closer to the latter. Any suggestions? Open to cuisine except no indian or persian.


North End!!!

While I love everything baked and I'll go there if I have to, Antico Forno is mediocre at best.

Antico Forno
93 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113

May 21, 2011
tennisboy in Greater Boston Area

Need Help for Palmas del Mar / Humacao, PR?

This board is full of San Juan reccs but really looking for Palmas del Mar / Humacao area. I did hear about El Tenedor in Juncos but I was wondering if there are other good restaurants around.


Palmas del Mar / Humacao, PR?

Looking for great places near Palmas del Mar / Humacao...thanks

Hawaii...Big Island

(1) Island Lava Java - Exceeded expectations. Excellent view, and very, very good mahi-mahi sandwich. Also the best (i.e strongest/smoothest) coffee on the island. We were pleasantly surprised!

(2) Big Island Grill - Great local place! I had the loco moco which was super heavy but good. My wife's Teriyaki Beef was the best we'd ever had. The mud pie dessert was just OK.

(3) Huli Sue's in Waimea - went for lunch, got the mixed combo plate. Was huge and very good. Was disappointed that the corn pudding wasn't served at lunch.

(4) Monstera -- very good, but a little overpriced. Probably wouldn't go back, but I thought the food was good.

(5) Rapanui Island Cafe - excellent "thunder steak" though the pineapple green curry was a little bland. The coconut rice was good, and the coconut cream pie was EXCELLENT.

(6) Scandinavian Shave Ice - HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. Need I say more? Nothing redeeming about it. (We went to Itsu's on a Saturday and it was closed!!)

(7) Anuenue for shave ice - Excellent! Finally, a good shave ice on the Big Island.

(8) Tex Drive In - just had the malasadas and the coffee--excellent Bavarian cream filled. Yum.

(9) Kailua Kona Farmers Market - Perfect for the fruit we wanted for the week

(10) Hilo Market - great fruit and samples, neat place. Wish we spent more time in Hilo generally, but we were off to the Volcanos that day. The coffee at the red caboose/shack place was pretty bad.

(11) Tropical Dreams in Hawi - pretty good, but not as great as people described. I'd go again.

Tex Drive In & Restaurant
45-690 Pakalana St, Honokaa, HI 96727

Big Island Grill
75-5702 Kuakini Hwy, Kailua Kona, HI 96740

Island Lava Java
75-5799 Alii Dr Ste A1, Kailua Kona, HI 96740

Huli Sue's
, Kamuela, HI 96743

Shops At Mauna Lani, Waikaloa, HI 96743-9704

Jan 16, 2011
tennisboy in Hawaii