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Good Bakery in Mississauga-French Corner Bakery

I have been a fan of the french corner for the last couple of years what a lovely owner. He is one of the few decent french bakers in the GTA. He produces consistently excellent classics; the croissant, danish and baguettes are always done properly.

I did find another bakery in Mississauga today that BLEW ME AWAY! Its called sweets in the heartland centre a few doors down from california sandwiches. The pastries are IMHO better than thuet and patachou. I know that's a big claim..but this lady knows here stuff. You can find sweets and confections there you cant get anywhere else except Paris, NYC, maybe montreal.
Just goes to show you can find gastro bliss in the most unlikely places!

Las Vegas for chef and wife on a budget?

Guys, Guys Guys

You have come through AGAIN for me THANK YOU. So many great suggestions, it feels good to be so well understood on here, in a world of so much shitty food. I will print this page and bring it along. Some of you asked where we are staying Its called Vdara?? Seems quite good so far, GREAT concierge service. I'm coming from Toronto and needed some wine for gifts down there. I had a fantastic experience with benchmark wines that sent a case direct to the hotel overnight for $20 shipping.

Thanks Again everyone its greatly appreciated

Feb 20, 2010
urbanegastrojedi in Las Vegas

Las Vegas for chef and wife on a budget?

Hi Hounds

My wife and I are going to Vegas later this month. I am a chef and know who most of the chefs are and my wife loves food almost as much as I do. Safe to say we know quality food and dont go for gimmicks. The catch is as Im sure many can appreciate lately, is this years budget is tighter then ever. I'm thinking lunch prix fixe are the best bet and a few plates at top restaurant bars in the evening, skip formal dinner altogether, maybe buy a good burgundy and cheese and stay home once or twice.

Can you suggest our best bets ? and also is wynn cafe the best place for a croissant?

Thanks very much everyone it appreciated


Feb 12, 2010
urbanegastrojedi in Las Vegas

All inclusive Resorts with great food?

Many Many Thanks Dushote What a superb suggestion Anguilla is! I am looking forward to researching it. Its a pain in the ass when you are a chef trying to find sun, sand and good food.


What a relief, having just moved from Toronto to Mississauga I thought we had to drive into the city for a decent breakfast. This is our new breakfast spot.

Perfect over medium eggs, quality peameal, tasty real potatoes,hot buttered toast and great breakfast coffee.

If you are tired of the overpriced oversized menu at Coras this is great choice.

Proper breakfast !!!

Bobby's Hideaway
20 Queen St N, Mississauga, ON L5N1A1, CA

Need help with Mont Tremblant

Thanks JG they sound like the best suggestions I have had in a while!

Need help with Mont Tremblant

Hi Kbear

Tremblant village is for the most part a tourist trap. I would suggest old tremblant maybe le petit cache its charming and so sincere. Its run by a husband and wife team that love what they do. Simple food done well thats what I always look for and why I go back there again and again.

But on that note does anyone know of any new good restaurants in the past year?? Im going friday and have no dinner plans yet...

Restaurant Wedding in the GTA

Spencers in burlington but $$$$

Best Doughnuts in Toronto

Well I cant suggest a donut shop donut. I can suggest the best bakey style donut I have had in North America. Its in mississauga at a bakery called LAZAR its on central at or near confederation. One type PLAIN SUGAR! do NOT let them fill it for you its gross. Instead take them home and slice them in half and serve with a smear of raspberry jam and dollop of real whipped cream. If anyone has been to a good bakery in London you will know what I am talking about. IMHO THE BEST DONUT IN CANADA!

GTA Best croissant..(it's in Mississauga!)

Oh I see! My bad I should have checked :S

GTA Best croissant..(it's in Mississauga!)

OMG!!! Pardon my saying but this post has left me furious!!! I drove to Le Delice because of this post and what do I find ???? ABSOLUTE CRAP! No other word for it. What other places have you compared them to, a vending machine at a bus stop? No crust, no flavour, no texture no better than the cheapest grocery store croissant. Mine sat in the back seat of my car missing a bite all day long. and guess what I found later in the day in the back seat? I brown paper bag with a postage stamp size butter mark on, that should have been the size of France! I will stick to Patachou or Thuet if you can get them. Oh how I dream of the days next to the oven at le pas partout at 6am. But please these croissant are not worth mentioning favorably. We need to look harder for a good croissant in Mississauga.

has anyone gone to or are going to the missisauga ribfest?

We tasted 7 stalls last night some were pretty poor. The stand out favorite for tecnical meat cookery and sauce flavour is the stall from the US. I hate to say it but it was head and shoulders over the rest! DEVINE SWINE ! PERFECT PIG! I think they are from New Mexico, third stall on right. Also the rogers booth in the far corner has raincoats. Thanks Rogers (for once)

Le Petit Castor - WTF?!?!?!

I went to meet some friends at 1am and the place was PACKED! Standing room only and was told it was like that since the dinner rush started. All the staff seemed very green, perhaps they are having trouble with the volume of reservations and are trying to limit it in the wrong way.

(Toronto) Thoughts on Caplansky's?

I hate to say it, "if you want something done.." service just ok, meat was cold and dry, fries were way over salted. BUT Meat had good flavour bread was fresh.Tonnes of potential! I really hope he finds staff to do it his way or stays closed when he wants a day off.

All inclusive Resorts with great food?

Are there any hotels or hotel companies that take food seriously in tropical climates?

Cottage country, near Dorset Recs Needed?

Thanks Snarf, Hope we both have good trips.

Cottage country, near Dorset Recs Needed?

We are renting a cottage near Dorset and need to whats restaurants or food shops are there? Thanks for your help all

What to eat at The Keg? . . . I've had no luck in the past...

The Keg is what it is. A reliable good quality steak house/bar. I have eaten there 100s of times(no lie) Mushrooms neptune, a good bloody caesar, great value sirloins and low mark up wines. what I like about them best, they make sure they address customer complaints properly. Stray from the menu core and you will miss out

Manhattan July 24-27

Chow dogs I need your help

Heres what I have booked ...
Bar Americain to meet a friend for a drink
Lupa Thurs late PM
Gramercy late lunch
Bar Daniel

What else can I fit in without breaking the bank ????

Jul 23, 2008
urbanegastrojedi in Manhattan

5 Day Restaurant Tour of NYC?

Thanks Kathryn
Budget is in the upper end but not "Per Se like" more than once. I like simple food with clear flavours, done well with unpretencious service. Last year masa, babbo and the prune were most memorable. Great wine on a budget would be great. We will be staying central (mostly)

Apr 10, 2008
urbanegastrojedi in Manhattan

5 Day Restaurant Tour of NYC?

I am chef from toronto and will be in NYC in August. Just there to eat! Looking for- great tasting menus (value not just hype). Plus holes in the wall too!!
Thank You

Apr 09, 2008
urbanegastrojedi in Manhattan

Best young chef?

Check out the new Toronto Life that features Scot Woods in his new Digs Called Lucien.


Romance - Langdon
Flavour - Rundles
Cosy - The Olde Prune
After dinner drink - Down the Street
Cafe sandwich - York Street Diner

Meyer Lemons in Toronto

Wholefoods Yorkville $2.99.LB Bought some last week DLish! They didnt make it into the recipe I planned .I just ate them like an orange, perhaps a dip of sugar?

Best Eggs Benedict

Is there cream in hollandaise?

Nectar restaurant

My hunch is the current management have been relieved and owners have spun a cocoon till the next evolution. Onward and upward!!!

Anyone been to Fuzion House?

Any experiences with the new place?

wild spot shrimp/spot prawns from bc....have you seen them for sale in Toronto?

The thing with spot prawns is they are rarely worthwhile even in bc and even then they are iffy. They turn to pastey mush worse than any other seafood I have ever worked with. In Vancouver we would regularly send them back with the delivery guy if many were dead. I suggest insisting they are alive and kicking or try a non tank raised or line caught product instead...

Unexpected visit to Brantford - Please Help

-Lunch NO Brainer Back Bacon Cheeseburger from San Franos next to KFC
-Dinner Hmmmm? that I have to think about.....1....2....3...sorry nadda one place I can reccomend. Devlins is a nice drive but if you are from a major city you will find the food geriatric. If you want something special You could make the drive to cambridge. I used to make the commute to langdon hall daily. Otherwise you might be SOL sorry

Greys Papaya Dogs in Toronto?

I think the thing about greys papaya and papaya dog is they arent anything like like a Schnieders dog. The meat grind is coarser and higher in fat. The are almost too salty and thats where the overly sweet tropical drinks come in to match. The drinks are absolutely synthetic but a hot dog is hardly a wonder of nature. Its like foie gras and Sauternes, rich and richer = Heaven. And as for the buns from the street guys, do they burn them to try and hide the staleness? anyway save that one for another day