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Only one night - South Congress restaurant recommendation?

Thanks for your help folks! I suspected South Congress Cafe would be it. Coincidentally, I had lunch at Enoteca Vespaio the one afternoon I spent in Austin on my way back home. Good stuff! Now that I think of it, I'm going back through town on Monday the 7th and will definitely need a Tex-Mex fix: what's the verdict on the best spot in that area?

Nov 20, 2009
downdeharo in Austin

Only one night - South Congress restaurant recommendation?

I'm going to be in town from SF (on my birthday no less!) with some friends and am trying to figure out a good spot for local eats on a Friday night. We're staying on South Congress before heading to the Hill Country for the weekend and would prefer not to have to drive anywhere for dinner that particular night. Was reading about South Congress Cafe... thoughts? As long as I've got a good margarita in hand, I'll be a happy girl!

Nov 19, 2009
downdeharo in Austin