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Reporting Back on St. Louis

You should think about taking her to Terrene seeing how Dave Owens is a vegetarian and he makes sure to have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. However, if you feel the need to stick between the options of Niche or Moxy, go for Niche.

Recommendations for St. Louis!

I think you have to be patient with recs for St. Louis. Most of the town is recovering from the Mardi Gras celebrations in Soulard yesterday.

The very BEST King Cake?

I like the king cakes from Maurice's French Pastries. Jean-Luc makes a lot of different varieties like so many places, so I usually stick to the plain. They ship, and I've used them to ship cakes to friends around the country. They recently moved their location out of Fat City to Napoleon and Transcontinental.

Jan 14, 2007
cookingkid in New Orleans

STL restaurants opened and closed

I heard a bad rumor that Tony's in Bridgeton burned down. Does anyone know if this is true? I don't get too many chances to check into the area, but I can't really imagine a St. Louis without Missouri's largest omelet.

St Louis tasting menu?

I found a link to an article Joe Bonwich wrote about tasting menus in December. If the link doesn't work, I think you can search the Post-Dispatch for Holiday Dining. Good luck!

Pork belly on St. Louis menus

The pork belly at Niche is great. I've also had a good version of it at An American Place as a crispy pork belly...kind of a cracklin' meets bacon approach. My other suggestion is for some Chinese restaurants like Wei Hong who serve it with congee. It's been a while since I've had the congee version so I may be mistaken.

St. Louis suggestion for special occasion

I'm having a hard time agreeing with you. I don't get out much, but the days I get off are important as far as getting to area restaurants. I had dinner at Niche on Sunday and it was fantastic. We received extra attention because Sunday is like an industry night over there when you have to work at other restaurants throughout the week. The place I ate at before that was American Place for their market menu that was well priced but not hyped (I had no idea it was there until we arrived at our table). Prior to that my girlfriend and I dined at Sydney Street where the spoonbread and scallops was fantastic and the smoked duck breast was so good. I respect all those places for the quality of cooking they perform every night. I think they all have great possibilities for special occassion dining, just like I mentioned for the four restaurants talked about by Joe Bonwich in the Get Out! section last week.

St. Louis suggestion for special occasion

Check for their Get Out! section (I think it is under the entertainment link). There is an article from this past Thursday about tasting menus around town including The Crossing, American Place, Sansui, and Niche. The article praised all the restaurants for great food, so that might be a good start to figuring out a good place to take your brother.

Best Butcher in St Louis?

I haven't had much luck with this question when you're looking for just a few cuts. I did buy half of a grass-fed cow a few months ago, and the rancher found a butcher shop that would do the cutting and dry-ageing for us. I know that buying that much cow doesn't fit into everyone's budget or household freezing capabilities, but it's worth it if you really want great beef. Some butcher shops to check out on the Illinois side would be Wenneman's in St. Libory and Behrmann's in Albers. Both shops have real friendly staff and usually are very helpful in finding what you want; they mainly deal with pork, but they can probably help you locate some grass-fed beef.

Nov 29, 2006
cookingkid in Great Plains