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Aki Japan Sushi - Yonge and St. Clair

Agree re Aki Japan Sushi. The sushi is very fresh and tasty, as good as any place in Toronto. Cooked dishes excellent also by a guy who worked at Nobu in the US. Prices are very reasonable. The owner / sushi chef Billy is a very nice guy.

Zeitoun Turkish Cuisine

Thanks pakmode. Fwiw Zeitoun was very clean this time.

980 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1M1, CA

Zeitoun Turkish Cuisine

New owners 7 months ago. Not sure if that's after the previous reviews or if the cook has changed. Just had the beef doner sandwich and the lentil sandwich. Both were really good. Friendly service also. Very good olive store and Turkish grocery store next door.

Musashi Sushi - 1166 Yonge (Avoid)

I've been to Musashi several times and I enjoy going there. The couple who own and operate the place are always very friendly to me and my guests. The sushi is reasonably good. we also like the prepared dishes. if you're in a hurry the service isn't that quick. I'm planning on going back there this week.

1166 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W2L9, CA

Best Sushi in Toronto

Ichiriki on Bloor 1/2 block East of Yonge on the North side is good also. Very nice Japanese sushi chef, fish is very fresh and tasty!

Lee Garden on Spadina / North of Dundas

Lee Garden is still one of my favorites. Some of the dishes I like are the Grandmother Roast Duck, Steamed Fresh Whole Fish w Ginger and Green Onion, Lobster with Black Bean Sauce, Clams in Black Bean Sauce, Cantonese Lo Mein.

Best burrito in the city...

Chipotle Mexican Grill has become my favorite for burritos and tacos. Ingredients are very fresh and tasty. it's on Yonge just North of Dundas on the East side.

Best Falafel In Toronto

My favorite is Mediterranean Gardens, 1440 Yonge 1/2 block South of St Clair on the West side, 416 929 7795. Very fresh ingredients. They try to use organic as much as possible. Run by a friendly Israeli family.

Best Roti in TO?

I like Coconut Grove, 183 Dundas W 1 1/2 blocks East of University, 416 348 8887. very nice Guyanese couple. Roti's consistently good. Excellent prices.

Veda Indian Takeout

food's not bad, fairly tasty. friendly staff w ok food serving size. not very spicy, somewhat north americanized. not an extensive menu selection. but they do seem to use fresh good quality ingredients. i'll try it again.

anyone know of any good delis in the downtown core

there's also a dunn's famous montreal deli, 284A king st w, a few blocks w of university, that's worth a try.

Back Alley Woodfire BBQ Recommendations ?

i was there in the summer. good food, friendly. liked the ribs, chicken and salmon. pan fried dumplings ok. i'd go back.

Dim Sum for dinner in downtown Toronto or Chinatown East

also like king's noodle!
following up, Golden Leaf Chinese Cuisine in chinatown 307 Spadina Avenue 1⁄2 block N of Dundas is run by the same family who owns king's garden. similar type of menu. they also have dim sum from a menu. it costs a bit more in the evening, but it's of very good quality.

Matouk's Kuchela in GTA?

We're in luck! :-)
With help from family I found some Matouk's Kuchela. I go through about 6 375ml jars a year, and the Kensington Market store I went to hasn't had any in for a while.
Try Nicey's Food Mart. They're a West Indian grocery mini chain with 5 locations in the Greater Toronto area. Their website motto is "Bringing the taste of the Caribbean right to your table".
I went to the Vaughan and Oakwood store tonight for the first time ever and got 6 375ml jars of Kuchela. They still have 10 more on the shelves. They also have lots of other Matouk's and other sauces, and a nice selection of West Indian food stuff and drinks.