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Grocery Outlet, August 2015

Pleasant Hill Store

Planters NUT-trition Wholesome Nut Mix, Cashews, Almonds and Macadamias 21 oz. bag $1.99 a seriously great bargain! These are fresh and lightly salted. Bought 4 but will be going back for more to freeze for the holidays. Located by produce section.

Straus Organic 85% butterfat Butter- unsalted $3.99/lb

Un Mondo Spicy Spanish Brand Chorizo Salami (Volpi Foods), no nitrite or nitrates I think it was $1.99 for 4 oz. Never seen this before.

The Thai Sriracha Sauce is located in the canned food aisle at this store.

Costco: Xmas 2014

Concord had it on Thursday. Also the Poke counter as well.

Is Berkeley Bowl coming to SF???

I heard from a very reliable source that the deal for a San Francisco store is almost complete. However, I am very sad to say that the deal they had for a Pleasant Hill store fell apart!

My source told me that the West Store paid off in 2 years, obviously money is not an issue for them.

Peet's Major Dickason's 2 lbs for $17.50 @ Costco

Concord had it today, sell by Oct15. It is for work, so the free loaders are quite happy with anything that does not come from a can or little bags.

Also they had Peets gift cards, 5x 20 for $79.

Yes, I know Peets is not what is used to be but living in food challenged Contra Costa it beats the hell out of Starbucks.

What's missing in SF?

Those little guys are really tough...they hold up quite well. If you are trying to cut calories and eat more whole grain they are good for sandwiches. Disclosure here: my brother works for Oroweat so I get my breads for a VERY low cost.

Pleasant Hill Market-A Pleasant Surprise in Pleasant Hill

I have not stopped at this market in a couple of years because the last few owners ran a disgustingly dirty store with produce that was equally disgusting. Fast forward, new owners and voila a decent neighborhood produce store that is clean and organzied. The prices are good and I was impressed with the quality, better than the supermarket,not quite Wholepaycheck (definitely not their prices either).

It is located at the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Gregory Lane.

Grocery Outlet May 2010

I have been buying the Cryo-Freeze Tuna Steaks , 2 /pkg for $2.99 and they are excellent. Nothing new or exciting in Pleasant Hill.

CupKates truck

Another fan of CupKates. Love that frosting...not sugary tasting. She is usually on Fourth St. on Sundays and Elmwood on Saturday. She is doing a pub crawl tonight. If you work in the eastbay email her and she might put your place of business on her route. We lost her visits at work due to a parking situation.

Elmwood Cafe
2900 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

ISO Best Cupcake recommendations for cupcake-off in East Bay

Fourth for CupKates. Yes, they are awesome. Braxton's Boxes in Berkeley( you need to order them) also make excellent cupcakes.

Celia's or El Charro in Lafayette

What is your favorite place in Concord?

Dungeness crab price $/lb for '09 season

They are by two of Alioto's granddaughters. I have crab shipped every year to my niece in Boise for her post Xmas birthday. For less than $100 I send 3 crabs and sourdough bread. The crabs arrive still alive...a little "stunned" (I believe that is term Annette from AL used). My niece thinks I am the best Aunt in the world and her friends and neighbors always call to thank me too.

Double D BarBQue in Oakland...any thoughts

Was planning on an assortment of meats; ribs, brisket and links. Problem is I am working and have to make a quick trip to pick-up so I am unable to run all over.

Double D BarBQue in Oakland...any thoughts

I promised my staff to bring in que for our holiday lunch on Monday and I just found out that Phatt Matt's is closed (on Mondays). That was my go to as it is close by (walking distance). I am willing to drive a little distance for pick up and am not thrilled about E&J. Saw the reviews on Yelp for DD but could not find any threads or mention of it here. Help me hounds as I don't want to disappoint my staff. I guess Tomm's is also an option.

Macys Friends and Family 25% off Sale includes All Clad and LeCreuset

The sale starts Dec.2,2009 and you do not need a coupon or Macys card and yes you can presale. There were some pieces on sale today at the store and they were taking the 25% off that price. The discount is on everything in the store except cosmetics.

Nov 24, 2009
frangelica in Cookware 70% off

Code is : PUMPKIN

Someone was looking for a code a few days ago. BTW am I the only one who can not go to other pages on this board. When I try to go to say page 2 or 3 I still get page one. Strange 90% off for 99 Hours

Links not working...sorry 90% off for 99 Hours

In the EB, I would say Digs would be perfect for an anniversary dinner. Prima if in CoCoCounty. I am too tired tonight to hit the SF list. 90% off for 99 Hours

To celebrate (?) 09/09/09 they are doing a promo which started at midnight and runs for 99 hours. Now this beats our great deals from GO. Would be great to buy for those starving Cal students and us po' folk.


Lunch in Walnut Creek on a Thursday - Need advice

Thanks for the report back. I have not been there in a few months, sorry to hear things are falling apart. I seem to be spending most of my dining out funds over the hill and I live in the Creek. I just do not understand the dining scene in CoCoCounty...this place is so ripe for some GOOD food at value prices!

FWIW, Stanford's (across from Macys) has a great Happy Hour from 3-6pm and after 9...Some pretty decent apps at recession pricing. 3 drinks and 4 apps and the bill came to $40 wilth tip and even took home a doggie bag. This is good on weekends too.

Best places to eat in Cleveland near Shaker and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and near Beachwood

Vienna distributing YES YES...I remember going there as a very little girl 2-3 times a month. My family continues to go there. Their pastrami is pretty rockin too. Also close to the Clinic.

Best places to eat in Cleveland near Shaker and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and near Beachwood

I just came back from a visit to Cleveland, raised there living in San Francisco now. I enjoyed a visit to LIttle Italy a favorite place of mine since I was a child, you can sit outside and have dessert and an espresso and listen to opera. If you like real Jewish Deli food Cleveland has some decent food, unfortunately that is the one thing Northern California DOES NOT have! Slymans, not too far from the Clinic is an institution or Corky and Lenny near where you are staying.
Coventry is a fun area your 17 year old will enjoy browsing the eclectic stores. This was the "hippie" area way back when. Don't miss Tommy's, good food, atmosphere that reminds me of the Bay Area. You must try East Coast Custard...another thing I can not find in my area.

Lola gets mixed reviews on the boards and from family and friends.

Do not miss the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame! Take a nice drive to Chagrin Falls, enjoy the wonderful museums and see if there are any good concerts at Blossom, the Cleveland Symphony is one of the best in the world (if your 17 year old is into that). The NFL hall of fame is pretty close too. Beachwood has some nice shopping and lots of dining at all prices. There is a Trader Joe's there, good place to pick up snacks and meals for the hotel.

Good Luck, the Clinic is the Best. Although Cleveland gets a bad rap it is a decent place and you will find the people very nice and friendly.

Restaurant .Com Worth Checking Out

I will add

DIgs Bistro
Platano Salvadoran

Restaurant .Com Worth Checking Out

CODE IS : PORTION...thanx KC72

Restaurant .Com Worth Checking Out

Sign of the times...the bay area list of restaurants has grown exponentially. If you use the code NAPKIN there is 80% off the already good prices. I have never had a problem using these certificates. Sort of sad but a true realization of the tough times businesses are having.

Lunch in Walnut Creek on a Thursday - Need advice

El Jarro is much better than El Charro! El Charro is one step above Taco Bell, save for that blue cheese dip. Lark Creek is fine, safe nothing exciting. What about Va De Vi ?

El Jarro
3563 Mt Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549

Va de Vi
1511 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Walnut Creek, CA 94596

East Bay Calamaretti Fritti?

I have not been there in some time, but Il Pescatore at Jack London Square did a pretty decent Calamari Fritti.

Il Pescatore Restaurant
57 Jack London Sq, Oakland, CA 94601

Large, late, casual group dining in Concord

La Pinata is Concord, around a mile from Mt.Diablo HS, Claim Jumper(a chain) ...giant portions just right for 14 year olds ; Melo's Pizza in Pleasant Hill , Giant Chef Burger - also serve breakfast round the clock also in PH should be able to accommodate that size group.

Tin's Tea House in Walnut Creek is gone!?

I was there once about a year or so ago and don't bother, cold greasy offerings. There is Dublin, lots of posts on the new center there. I just go westbound and hit Oakland when the cravings hit.

Kosher Coca Cola - SouthBay

I checked the Coke at Costco and the ingredients listed HFC. Sometimes the Mexican Coke from BevMo has HFC and at other times not. I just bought some of the Passover Coke from Safeway in Lafayette and the only thing missing from the Coke of my youth was the glass bottle. It would be perfect in a nice 12 ounce glass bottle.

I emailed Coke last year asking for wider distribution and production of the real deal, they responded that the local bottler has different recipes and can choose which version they want to produce. I called the local bottler and left a message and never received a response.


I have had good luck with brisket from Costco. Lunardi's , but I do not know if they have one in SF always has good briskets and you can get whatever size you want.