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Cooking Classes in Bali

I am trying to plan a 10 day vacation in Bali, and thought to fill up to 5 days of the trip with a cooking class. Can anyone recommend some classes or restaurants that provide a good overview of balinese cuisine, for an intermediate cook?


Grits for breakfast in DC?

Did you think about Ben Chili Bowl. They serve grits fromw hat I remember and it is a DC institution (shedding tears about Reeves!) t is not exactly a sit down place, but atmosphere is very DC. I would also say Florida Avenue Grill. They definately have the grits and they are an equally important DC institution. Neither of these is in Penn Quarter, but in terms of taste and atmosphere, they are great places to take a visitor. They can rub shoulder's witht he locals.

Birthday Dinner Splurge

I was ready to heed the growing chorus and make reservations at Komi, but it turns out they are not open on my Birthday. So we definately need other suggestions.

Looking for a dinner and dancing place

Try Zanzibar down on the DC waterfront. They serve an african/carribean menu. and most nights there is dancing after say 8 pm. I went there a while back and the food was good. Zanzibar is known mostly as a dance club, but it does good dining as well. It is not ultra swanky, just upscale.

Birthday Dinner Splurge

I am looking for a "new-er" restaurant in which to have a Birthday Dinner. This is a once a year splurge, so taste is far more important than cost. we have tried most of the established DC reastaurants like (Butterfield 9, Galileo, Citronelle, Tosca, David Gregory etc.) We like all styles of cuisine, and are most interested in trying great chefs, great cuisine and having a great night out.

Hungry Bostonians visiting D.C. - need suggestions!!

Personally, I consider Kinkeads and Georgia Brown to be my "sure thing" places to eat if I want to have a great meal. I really love Butterfield 9, the food is exquisite. You should consider Ten Phen, a great Asian fusion restaurant. For Brunch consider Georgia Brown. For less than $30 per person you get a full southern breakfast and desert, plus a separate lunch order, which most people take to-go. I make pilgrimage there every couple of months just for their French toast.
For good bars try Cafe Saint-Ex on 14th Street, club MCCXXIII (read 1223) on Connecticut Avenue, Gin on 14th Street, and LeftBank on 18th Street. They are all good bar/clubs with a broad mix of people and definitely not country.


I have to second the recommendation of Heidelberg Bakery, if you are going for taste over design. I ordered my mother's birthday cake from them last weekend. It was a carrot cake, my mother's favorite, and it was perfect. While picking up my order I picked up some of their other pastries, which were equally delicious. The prices are really affordable, and you can definately get a cake for under $40. The one thing to keep in mind is that they are truly bakers, not cake decorators. So they won't be able to do the type of detail work creative Cakes does. But I don't think any cakes in area will taste better than Heidelberg's.

Brits Visiting DC

An inexpensive but tasty venue if Full Key in the Chinatown. it is located on H Street between 5th and 6th Street. It is some of the best chinese I have ever eaten and great lunch spot if you have been doing any shopping or movie watching in the Gallery place area. In the Farragut North area David Gregory is a great fusion resaurant. A bit pricey but the food is flavorful and fun. For Mexican try Lorial Plaza on 18th Street in lower Adam Morgan. You can't make reservations, but it is worth the wait for table. In case you wre considering southern food try Georgia Brown in the Golden triangle area of DC. Its pricey but they do a great interpretation of classic southern dishes. Georgia Brown has a great Brunch on sundays. For less than $30 you get a full southern breakfast plus a seperate lunch order, which most people take to-go.

Best bakery for a Birthday Carrott Cake?

My Mother's Birthday is on Sunday and she loves carrot cake. She has spent years perfecting her own recipe. So, can you recommend a DC metro area bakery that makes a carrot cake worthy of a carrot cake connoisseur?

Flavor junkie on a budget

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. We went to Baden Baden and had a great time. I think I have officially converted my friend into a New York Lover.

Dec 04, 2006
nesseainie in Manhattan

Flavor junkie on a budget

In terms of the Buget, I really can't spend more than $25 per person. French or Korean sounds like a good ideas. Any other suggestion for either. Also, where is koreatown?

Nov 30, 2006
nesseainie in Manhattan

Flavor junkie on a budget

She is pretty adventurous. An artist in her 20's. She loves Thai, French, and Caribbean food. Hope that helps.

Nov 29, 2006
nesseainie in Manhattan

Inexpensive dinner near BAM

I am going to a concert with friends at Brooklyn Academy of Music of Saturday night. Does anyone know of a cheap, nice, and tasty place to have dinner, within walking distance of BAM? We are trying to avoid chinese, since we are going to Dim Sum the next day.

Nov 28, 2006
nesseainie in Outer Boroughs

Flavor junkie on a budget

I am taking a friend to dinner in manhattan on Friday. This is my first time back since I moved 5 years ago. She has never been to NYC and wants me make her love New York in one meal, but I am on tight budget. We are willing to try anything, and go off the beaten path. But, the most important thing is that the food and the venue need to be all about flavors and character. Can anyone help?

Nov 28, 2006
nesseainie in Manhattan