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Rally for Hounds who will eat ANYthing.

At least escondido's sister didn't use AMERICAN CHEESE in that dreadful "lasagna"!

Aug 15, 2011
Eat_at_BnR in General Topics

Turducken -- Good or just a novelty.

Make sure NEVER to buy a pre-made Turducken without seeing it first! ** For Christmas 2010, we purchased one at a high-end, so-called Gourmet Market for over $100. Big mistake! It was NOTHING like the real thing. True, it was turkey on the outside, but chopped up duck and pieces of chicken on the inside. And stuffed with, of all things, PORK. ** It cooked up nicely, and looked good, but tasted like sausage. We served it for Christmas dinner, since it wasn't until we cut into it that we discovered the Fraud, but we returned all the left-overs the next day, and got a FULL refund. ** If you want Turducken, either make it yourself, or make the supplier show the insides to you, before you buy.

May 13, 2011
Eat_at_BnR in General Topics

Turducken -- Good or just a novelty.

Whatever you do, find out HOW they make the TurkDuckEn, if you purchase it ready made!! Last Christmas, we bought one from Bristol Farms. BIG mistake. There was ground pork in it, mixed with ground up chicken. Stuffing was some mish-mash of rice and ground up who-knows-what. We served some, since it was Christmas dinner, and there wasn't anything else. Didn't taste bad, but certainly wasn't what we had thought we were buying for $99. The next day, we took the remainder back to Bristol Farms and demanded (and got) a full refund. If you want TurkDuckEn, make one. Buy your own chicken, duck, and turkey. Remove the bones, butterfly the duck and chicken; make three different kinds of stuffing. Search out a YouTube video of how to put it together, and It will be great fun. (TurDuckEn for FUN, but separate birds, cooked in ways best suited to each, for greater gourmet-ish taste.)

Dec 10, 2010
Eat_at_BnR in General Topics

Papaya-Chile Syrup

Feb 26, 2010
Eat_at_BnR in Recipes