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I'm making traditional Cheese Fondue tomorrow night for a holiday party. I was always able to find Kirsch in Liquor stores back in NY but does anyone know where I can find it in Charlotte? Its not wine so I figure it won't be in the supermarket. But would an ABC store actually have it? Any help would be wonderful...

Buffalo wild wings

It's farther away I'm sure but as a true Buffalo gal, there is one place I have found for real CHICKEN wings. Do Not Go To Buffalo Wild WIngs! Take a drive to Cornelius, near Charlotte and go to Big Al's if you want the real thing. If you're asking about Buffalo wings, you prolly want something nasty like Domino's. But true Chicken wings are available in the South.
Also, the Original Anchor Bar has franchised and will be opening in Charlotte in January. Yankees keep smiling!

Rehearsal Dinner

My fiance loves it and I am having Chicken wings brought in from Buffalo for me. Its a North/South feast to celebrate where we're from and where we're at...

Rehearsal Dinner

I am a Yankee in the Charlotte, NC area. Getting married here next September and looking to include traditional BBQ in my rehearsal dinner. One problem, I don't eat BBQ so I haven't a clue where to get it. Any suggestions?