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Good Bakery in HOUSTON

Quick Update: Well I bit the bullet and just asked CM about their buns. They told me that they couldn't tell me because it was company information, whatever that meant. They also said they didn't sell just the bread. What they did say is that they purchased it from a bakery, Being that there are hundreds of bakeries here in Houston I guess I'm out of luck!

May 18, 2008
OhJalapeno in Houston

Good Bakery in HOUSTON

Thanks for all of your recommendations, and I agree CM bakery is good. I've hesitated asking Cafe Mezza because I wasnt sure if they would want to tell me, but it never hurts to ask I guess.

May 09, 2008
OhJalapeno in Houston

Good Bakery in HOUSTON

Does anyone know of a really good bakery in Houston? Galleria area. I'm looking for some decent hamburger buns that aren't from a grocery store. If anyone has tried the burgers at Cafe Mezza you know what I'm talking about! They are to die for!

Apr 28, 2008
OhJalapeno in Houston

Worst Q in Bama

yes, Dreamland is in a class all it's own.

Pancake Mix HEB sold

Does anyone happen to remember a pancake mix that HEB grocery sold in the early 2000's?
It was in a large oatmeal type box but I think it also came in a regular box. That was the best pancake mix I had ever used. I think it was a restaraunt style. I would love to find it again.

Feb 20, 2008
OhJalapeno in Texas

New to Houston, what's your favorite restaurant in town

I second the recommendation of Cafe Mezza-everything they serve is good, I especially love the buns on the hamburgers.

Jul 22, 2007
OhJalapeno in Houston

West Columbia area

I'm not positive, but I think the German Restaurant in Lake Jackson closed, you could probably check online to see for sure. Last year for Christmas we ate at the Country Buffet for dinner, and I probably wouldnt recommend it. Good Luck in your search.

Dec 05, 2006
OhJalapeno in Texas

how to properly clean Silpat

Zengarden, according to the box that my silpat came in, it recommends wiping with a damp cloth. That doesnt seem like it cleans to me so I use a lightly soaped dish sponge and rinse, dry it completely and store. The feeling that you are describing is the way the silicone impregnated in the silpat is supposed to feel.

Nov 29, 2006
OhJalapeno in Cookware

Dr. Brown's Cel Ray Soda

Katz's Deli in Houston serves it, so it must be made somewhere.

Nov 28, 2006
OhJalapeno in Kosher

Worst Q in Bama

I loved it!