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where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

Love that this thread has been going since 2007 - yay us! It's one thing to have great fish and chips but do you guys know if any of these places serve a black pudding supper? Black pudding, chips and mushy peas....mmmmmm....

Private Room downtown

Hi there,

I just hosted a dinner last night at Bravi's private dining room/wine cellar for 25 people. (Corporate) It was wonderful. We did a three-course wine tasting and both the food and service were superb. It's a great space for 15 or 25! I think it is very affordable too. A set 3-course meal (with lots of great choices) plus our cocktails, plus the wines for the wine tasting (and then some) with gratuity came to $3300. It was well worth it. We didn't want to leave. I would recommend Bravi's private wine cellar for any occasion. I just love it and I received amazing feedback from my guests.

Private Room downtown

I am having an event at Bravi (on Wellington) for 25 people in their private wine cellar. It's not till next week (fingers crossed!) but the wine cellar is a really great space. It's cosy and with candles, even romantic! Even with 25 people, it will have great ambience. They will also do a great four-course wine-tasting menu for about $115 per person before taxes and grat. Oro has a good private dining room too although I'm not huge on their chairs (picky me) but they do have a great menu and the room is nice. One restuarant you may wish to try that is absolutely fantabulous (seriously) and does such an amazing job with these events is Vertical. It is located in the path (First Canadian Place) so you would never expect it to be as incredible as it is, but believe me, it is amazing. We recently had a large event there and the next night, our president returned with his wife. Good luck!

Restaurant Beaches Question

Nevadas has a good ambiance but the food is nothing special and the service is hit or miss. You may wish to try Sauvingnon's just beside Meat on The Beach at Queen and Rainsford (west of Woodbine on the North side.) The food is better than Nevada's and the ambiance is wonderful. About Whitlocks, I agree with the last post. Food is similar to Nevada's in terms of quality but the service is better and the ambiance is superb. I think it's the perfect warm winter restaurant while Sauvingnon's is the perfect date place.

Where to find a haggis?

Okay guys, I know this is an odd one but this Friday is Robbie Burns Day. I live in the Beach and am looking for two items: Black pudding and haggis. I know some places in the NorthWest end (that would be Brampton) but really don't want to drive so far during the week. Does anyone know of a Scottish baker or butcher that makes both black pudding and haggis? Hell, either black pudding and haggis! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks! MLG

Relaxed corporate dinner - best place to go?

Okay my chowhound friends, this one should be easy for you!

I have to arrange a dinner for about 20 out of town execs who will be staying at the Pantages hotel. Something relatively close by, excellent quality, elegant, but also somewhere that shows off Toronto a bit. Somewhere kinda cool. Somewhere other than the obvious choices e.g. Canoe, 360, etc. I want these guys to go home saying "wow, wasn't that a GREAT place to eat? Toronto is fantastic!"

If anyone has any ideas - I would love to hear it!

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

There is a great place on Victoria Park Avenue, about five minutes North of Eglinton on the West side of the street. It's in a small strip mall with an apartment building on one side and a bank on the other side. I wish I could remember the name. I'm not sure how it stacks up against the other places mentioned below, but, they have black pudding!! As far as I'm concerned, a black pudding supper is even better than a fish supper! Does anyone know the name of the place I am referring to?

(Also, does anyone know of any downtown chippys that carry black pudding?)

Gourmet boxed lunches for meeting?

Is anyone aware of a cater who offers elegantly presented gourmet boxed lunches? I have to order food for a corporate lunch and am looking for something out of the ordinary. Preferably in the downtown core but as long as they deliver, anywhere in the GTA is great.