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Bakeries in Westchester? Need a great loaf of bread

Excellent breads from NYC bakeries (and others) are carried by Riviera Bake House in Ardsley.

Pies, Pastries, and Sweets in Westchester!?!?

Riviera Bake House in Ardsley in incredible! They specialize in fancy cakes (anything you can imagine), but everything else is truly excellent!

Cheese shops in lower Westchester

Fairway in Harlem ROCKS! Not only for cheese, but ESPECIALLY for cheese. (I'm now curious about Marshall's in Dobbs Ferry, though - will try!)

Great Burgers Lower Westchester?

I love the burgers at City Limits (2 locations in White Plains: Central Ave. and Westchester Mall). I am a former veg and now need these once per week!

Where are the best croissants outside of France

This is a tough one! I've had excellent croissants at two metro NYC locations: Riviera Bake House in Ardsley (Westchester County, north of NYC) and Marquette Bakery (formerly of Brooklyn, then of the central Village). The key is to get them hot out of the oven!

Nov 28, 2006
janet.gillespie in Manhattan