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Restaurants near Cobbs Comedy Club- Lombard and Columbus

I enjoy La Trappe, a Belgian gastropub. It's at Greenwich and Mason.

I also agree with Albona.

La Trappe
800 Greenwich St, San Francisco, CA 94133

Has anyone been to the restaurant Home on Thanksgiving before?

I'm trying to find something casual and non-fussy.

What to do with pork shoulder?

I love the red cooked pork! Very different from my usual pulled pork. Thanks for the links.

Nov 16, 2010
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

What to do with pork shoulder?

I have a large amount of boneless pork shoulder "ribs" that I need to get to cooking and need some ideas other than pulled pork which is my usual for a pork shoulder. I have no restrictions.


Nov 16, 2010
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

What's on the menu for the long weekend?

I would love that recipe for the pumpkin squares!!

Sep 05, 2010
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

Help me choose between 1550 Hyde, Frascati or Luella please!

I have been to both Frascati and Luella before (it's been a few years) but never 1550 Hyde . I will be taking a couple of out of town guests on either a Friday or Saturday. Both enjoy food and are not picky. A warm, charming ambiance is ideal as is quality of food.

Frascati Restaurant
1901 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

1550 Hyde
1550 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Linguini with clams and/or mussels

I really enjoyed the linguine and clams at Cafe Altano - a newish place in Hayes Valley. It's one of the better I've had in this town. They are very reasonably priced as well.

Late(ish) eats downtown Seattle

I won't be checking in to my hotel in downtown Seattle until about 10:30pm on a Friday night. Is there anywhere within a few blocks of Hotel Monaco to grab a drink and a bite to eat? I don't need a sit down meal but a bar with some tasty morsels will do me just fine.

May 24, 2009
PumpkinHead in Pacific Northwest

Help! I am trying to like beets but struggling. Healthy ideas?

Would you please share your mushroom, beet and cabbage salad recipe please?

Apr 07, 2009
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

Decent sushi near Union Square

Those are perfect. Thanks

Decent sushi near Union Square

I'm hoping to find a place within one or two blocks from Post at Mason that has decent sushi. Doesn't have to be out of this world, just a place decent for lunch take away.

Side Dishes for Tacos

I like deconstructed guacamole for a change. Basically just an avocado salad. This is what I include:
cubed avocado
minced red onion
roughly chopped cilantro
diced tomatoes but only if you've got really good ones
roasted jalape├▒os (or instead sometimes diced cucumber)
Toss all the above with lime juice a sprinkling of chipotle powder, salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil if you are so inclined.

Jan 08, 2009
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

What are your absolute must-have spices?

I simply can't live without my Hungarian sweet paprika from The Spice House. It's the best I've found in the US. I will break out in hives if I come too close to the end of my stash and haven't got a new order on the way.

Others I always have on hand and use more than anything else:
Hungarian hot paprika
Spanish smoked paprika
Turkish bay leaves
Tellicherry peppercorns
Dried dill - usually I can't stand dried herbs but for some reason I love dried dill almost but not quite as much as fresh. It definitely has it's place.

Jan 08, 2009
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

After Suppenkuche: fun and casual?

There's a bar across from Absinthe. I think it's called Sugar. Not sure what the weekend vibe is like.
I love Momi Toby's but not sure it's an after dinner spot. Orbit room is great for cocktails, but I don't know about their wine selection. And as already mentioned, they have the worst bar tables I've ever come across. I still like the place though.

Anyone had the Christmas buffet at the Crown Room in the Fairmont?

Indeed the menu looks pretty swell. I was all set for Top of the Mark until I saw the Fairmont's menu.

I know the Crown Room was open as far back as last Christmas as I almost made a reservation there but went with Top of the Mark instead. Can't seem to find anyone that's had the buffet at the Crown Room recently.

Anyone had the Christmas buffet at the Crown Room in the Fairmont?

Wondering how it compares to the Garden Court and Top of the Mark.

Homemade Salsa (canned)

I don't put any additional acid in my salsa (usually). For my very basic salsa recipe, I just put canned tomatoes, drained along with roasted jalapenos and garlic salt. Sometimes I will add a touch of olive oil and vinegar, sometimes a bit of cumin or chili powder but that's about it.

Sep 10, 2008
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

Storing Anchovies?

I always store the jar in the pantry after opening and I'm not dead yet. I've even found an open jar in the way way back of the cupboard of very questionable age (at least a year) and went ahead and used it.

Aug 20, 2008
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

Lost my inspiration - need an elegant but simple stand-up appetizer

Some of my favorites:
stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese, spinach and bacon
mini crab cakes
shrimp cocktail
oysters on the half shell
clams casino
tapenade and goat cheese canapes
gougeres filled with crab salad

Aug 07, 2008
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking


I find Prosciutto di San Daniele to be less salty and slightly sweeter than di Parma. To my taste, it is far superior.

Aug 03, 2008
PumpkinHead in General Topics

Soaked salt cod?

Thanks, I'll keep looking. So far I've checked Bryan's, A.G. Ferrari, Safeway and Luckys.

Soaked salt cod?

I was just about to post a question about salt cod myself. I can't answer yours but maybe you can answer mine. What markets in San Francisco sell salt cod (unsoaked)?

Ring-a-ding-ding cocktail bars

I always think of Zam Zam as sort of a dirt bag bar, and I say that in the most loving manner as I love Zam Zam.

For low end ring a ding ding...
How about Tony Nik's in North Beach (Stockton at Green)

I use to love the Owl Tree - always Frank/Dean on the juke box. I haven't been in since the new owners opened but I did peak my head inside. It's lost all it's kitsch but looks a bit swankier. It's on Post at the corner of Taylor

Don't forget Tosca in North Beach.

I can't really help you with uber swank ring a ding as that's not really my scene.

How to creatively use Boca Burgers

Back in my vegetarian days my favourite use for boca burger "product" was to saute┬┤ onions until almost caramelized but not quite then crumble the burger into the onions and heat through. Then I would place the mixture into a pita and grate some shredded cheese atop the whole mess. Throw on some A-1 sauce and stick this in the toaster oven for a second to melt the cheese and eat. Keep in mind these were my college days so it might not be quite up to your standards but it was indeed good.

Other uses have already been mentioned - sloppy joes, taco salad, pizza topping. I also use to make a sort of hamburger helper style dish with it with macaroni.

Jun 23, 2008
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

Sides to go with seared Ahi

I usually make an Asian slaw as I usually do my seared Ahi Asian style. The one time I didn't prepare it this way, I made a fresh corn and red pepper salad.

Apr 27, 2008
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

Request for cauliflower recipe

I second this idea. It's one of my favourite ways to make cauliflower along with simply roasted.

Nov 28, 2007
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

Anchovy Virgin

Don't keep yourself waiting any longer. Pissaladiere is one of my favorite ways to use anchovies. So delicious.

Nov 19, 2007
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

Hungarian Cookbook

Cuisine of Hungary by George Lang.

I'm not sure you'll still be able to find this new but certainly a good used copy is out there. I too recommend

Nov 18, 2007
PumpkinHead in Home Cooking

Anyone tried Metro Kathmandu yet?

I've been once but it was right when they opened so I can't quite recall what we had. I do remember being impressed by almost every dish (we ordered about six). The service was wonderful, the owner is a dear. It's a cute space and nice addition to the neighborhood.

It's true that the dishes are almost all under $10 but they are extremely small. I remember we each just had one bite of each plate (there were four of us), so it can add up quickly.

I keep meaning to go back.

Toronto Chowhound in Downtown SF

Since you requested downtown, I'll suggest Bar Crudo for seafood.