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Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

wow 5 years has passed since i made that post. krad3168 is on the money, isabellas is hands down the best pie in the city right now.

iv'e also come to be a fan of pizza johns, in essex.


There are bar specials virtually everywhere. Osheas and thier burger night, holy frijoles and thier requesite specials but does anyone know of any bars with salads on the menu that hit the specials selection?

the hunt is on

Delivery Places in Druid Hill Park/Mondawmin Area

Looking for the best places around.

Delivery (any kind!) in Mt. Vernon, Baltimore

that i didn't know about xs/viccino/jay's i mean it makes SO much sense but you've just tied it all together.

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

Sorrentos West (Rt. 40) - Greasy, cheap, cheesy and delicious
Brick Oven Pizza (Fells Point) - Sturdy toppings
Matthews (Highlandtown) - Everyone has said it already
Nino's II (Mt. Vernon) - These guys know how to make a pizza, my favorite of the all the neighborhood places (I'd considering Matthews, BOP and Iggies to be "restaurants")

I live up the street from Iggies and I know where Joe-Squared is. Maybe I'll give them a try this weekend.

Hibachi in DC?

Looks like they've moved to columbia, why is that you don't care about these types of places might i ask?

Hibachi in DC?

Are there any more of these style places in Baltimore? there used to be one on charles st. and my mother loved it but its since been removed.

paella in baltimore?

Try Nasu Blanca in federal hill.

Federal Hill rant

my girlfriend went to that yesterday and she said the food was pleasantly delicious

Federal Hill rant

blue agave's food is DELICIOUS. its like they're poaching thier chickens in tequila or something

or maybe that was the tequila

JD's Roadhouse - best college town barbecue in the Northeast?

best barbecue in this area is andy nelson's on york road right before you get to PA. well not quite that far up but the plac ehas a giant pig on the roof and they'll smoke ANYTHING

Fells Point/Inner Harbor

This is without a doubt probably the best restaurant you've never heard of in the area of fells point

Cheesesteak subs in Baltimore

Sorrentos West - Rt. 40 or the one in Arbutus, cheesesteaks for extremely low prices with an absurd amount of toppings and meat.

Greek Village - Soft bread (not sure of brand) but quality sandwiches to be consumed.