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Special birthday dinner but on dairy free diet

Last year on my birthday I was following a very strict "elimination" diet due to breastfeeding a a baby with early food intolerance. My husband called "Craigie on Main" a week in advance with a list of the avoided foods (I think I have blocked them all out...milk, soy, eggs, fish...) and I was treated to a wonderful 5 course meal in complete compliance with my diet. I had little choice on the courses, but it is similar if you do a chef's whim anyway. I was extremely thankful for their effort and they did mention how much they appreciated the fact I called ahead. If you haven't tried Criagie on Main, I would definitely do so!

Jul 15, 2010
truro_ns in Greater Boston Area

Anniversary dinner suggestions with wife expecting

I did a tasting menu at Radius for my Birthday when I was six months pregnant - they were most accomodating to my food restrictions (and to my husband's not wanting to deal with the same restrictions) and it end up being a terrific meal. I also had a good experience with at Craigie Street when pregnant .

Jan 07, 2009
truro_ns in Greater Boston Area

Nicest possible dining with infant

The 26th the 1st birthday my husband will celebrate with our daughter. I usually take him out for a Radius/Aujourd'hui/CSB Chef's Whim type of thing BUT alas I can't see any of these places happening with a 4 month old in tow. So...I was wondering if people had suggestions for the nicest place one can reasonably show up with a car seat. I called Harvest and they seemed warm to the idea. Having dined many places on Dec 26 I can attest it is typically a slow night even at popular restaurants - any better ideas?

Dec 23, 2008
truro_ns in Greater Boston Area

Who makes good Pisco Sours?

I have had decent ones at Toro and at Machu Picchu in Union Square.

Mar 19, 2007
truro_ns in Greater Boston Area