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Savory Snack - no wheat

Tortilla chips and salsa or queso dip.

S. Mpls Restaurant with Racist Sign?

Not racist. However, it may border on sexist since this sign mainly applies to males.

May 14, 2015
dave_c in Minneapolis-St. Paul

You're not a foodie if you............

I like "Candy Crush" and "Cookie Jam".
If I were a game app creator, I see a market for "Foodie Smash".

Caramel candy is making me nuts!! Help with crystallization after storing..

What recipe are you using?
I'm suprised that you're getting crystallization with the corn syrup, cream and butter in the mix.

It sounds like you're recipes ratios are off.

Here's a recipe I recommend
Note: The recipe calls for Golden Syrup, which I can find in my local supermarket.

Another website I would recommend is David Lebovitz's blog. His recipes have been very consistent. Note: I have not tried his caramel recipe..

May 11, 2015
dave_c in Home Cooking

is salt really heated to 1200 degrees F?


Himalayan Salt is the droppings of the Yeti. Hence, the magical powers of that salt.

Do you eat where you shop?

I'm with you about the Pepsi products. It's about 70% of the time I'll give the drink to the next person in line.

May 04, 2015
dave_c in General Topics

is salt really heated to 1200 degrees F?

Crazy junk science non-sense! She needs to learn a lot more about chemistry instead of "know(ing) even a little bit about chemistry"

May 04, 2015
dave_c in General Topics

Botulism outbreak linked to Ohio Church potluck

Sad news considering all the information and testing that's gone into home canning. http://nchfp.uga.edu/publications/pub...

Also, the question is whether the potatoes were canned properly using a pressure canner or if there was some type of goof up in the processing. How can this be prevented in the future?

May 01, 2015
dave_c in Food Media & News

Tips to cut grocery bill

First I would itemize what you spend on groceries and include eating out/coffee/ice cream.

Second, you mentioned wilted vegs, are you throwing groceries out?

Finally comes the assessment and deciding what is a nice to have.
For example, if you have a CSA box but can't get through the box before tossing stuff, you may want to cut back or cut it out.

How much are you spending on booze? Can that be cut back on?

Can you and husband cut out eating out or getting coffee once or twice a week... etc

If you want to cut the bill in half, what's your family willing to cut?

I think itemizing will help show where the $$$ is going,

Apr 20, 2015
dave_c in General Topics

Can I Freeze Potato-Leek Soup (non-dairy)?

Yes you can. The soup you made is pureed so you don't have to worry about chunks of potato getting weird in the freezer.

Apr 17, 2015
dave_c in Home Cooking

Smoked country ham

Typically country hams are uncooked so if you have a meat themometer the internal temperature should be around 160 to 165F.

In regards to your ham, check the temperature now to see if it's around 160F. If so, I'd say you're done.

Apr 13, 2015
dave_c in Home Cooking

Should this party have been canceled?

Did he have a nice big screen TV?
Part of me thinks you need to cut him some slack.

My reasoning, as a guy, is the game was on, you have beer and food. Also, it was a chance to renew your friendship.

Apr 08, 2015
dave_c in Not About Food

Gendering of Food

Stereotype regarding vegetarians
Female vegetarians are vegetarians for attention, while males tend to be true vegetarian and not make a deal about it.

Also, female vegetarians will eat meat products - seafood, chicken, but not red meat. However, the last time I was in biology, seafood and chicken are part of the animal kingdom.

Apr 08, 2015
dave_c in General Topics

Tipping at Starbucks when buying bananas

No need to tip for something they didn't make.
I can see tipping... I mean maybe tipping for a complicated drink order, but in general I don't tip at places like Starbucks especially when my usual order is a black coffee.

Mar 31, 2015
dave_c in Not About Food

Ceviche'd my porkchops overmarinating- help fix!

I suggest braising with soy sauce and garlic... sort of like a Filipino Adobo.

Mar 19, 2015
dave_c in Home Cooking

Corned Beef Cooking Instructions

If you can vouch for the recipe, that should be good enough.
Not knowing your recipe, I don't really know what to say except that the "Official" recipes are just easy recipes on how to use the product, but there are many ways to skin that beef.

Mar 17, 2015
dave_c in Home Cooking

Does one RSVP to a Save the Date?

What is the action called for on the "Save the Date" notice?

No action specified then no action on your part, especially for a "save a date" notice.

Mar 16, 2015
dave_c in Not About Food

What's that smell and why is it permeating my food?

I agree with the offgas/outgas theory. You get a similar affect with cedar furniture.

It could be the type of wood used in your cabinet/drawers or particle board resins.

You can try leaving those cabinets slightly ajar so the odor doesn't build up and seal your goods in a ziploc.

Mar 16, 2015
dave_c in Not About Food

for a potluck: mac & cheese or scalloped potatoes?

I suggest scalloped potatoes.
Mainly to be different.
I've had my share of mac and cheese in restaurants, home and at potlucks.

Mar 09, 2015
dave_c in Home Cooking

Ate beef jerky that had been opened 2 weeks. Am I likely to get sick?

Traditionally beef jerky is dried so it is meant to be kept without refrigeration. However, some commercial products will not dry as much and spray/glaze the outer surface with "syrup", but the jerky is typically dry enough and treated enough to discourage bad bacteria from growing.

However, with a wetter product, the concern is with mold growing on the jerky.

Is mold bad? Can be but depends upon the mold.
Will you get sick? I would say unlikely. Assuming you're not immune compromised.

Mar 09, 2015
dave_c in General Topics

So I made a mistake....

Sirloin chops aren't that hard to cook as some websites would lead you to believe. I find them rather moist when compared to center cut chops.

I suggest cooking one up and see if you like the results.
If not, grind away.

Mar 02, 2015
dave_c in Home Cooking

New Din Tai Fung in Univ. Village Mall (Seattle) !

Shhh! The bar seating is a secret. lol

Mar 02, 2015
dave_c in Greater Seattle

New Din Tai Fung in Univ. Village Mall (Seattle) !

Din Tai Fung at both locations now page you on your cell phone. No need to hangout near the door.

I enjoy both locations.

Price for two is equivalent to ordering at a typical chinese restaurant (around $40 total). The main difference is you don't have a doggy bag with 3 extra meals. Quality over quantity.

Mar 02, 2015
dave_c in Greater Seattle

restaurant/waitress adds to credit card bill. what to do?

Since you got the call you can ask the restaurant to credit your bill for the tip amount.

Also, explain why you left 0% tip.

If the restaurant doesn't care, file a dispute with the CC company. I doubt the police or the local DA will care for the small amount, but you can talk to them to see if it's a systemic problem with the place.

There's always Yelp and social media. Twitter, facebook... etc.

bean sprouts

Don't freeze the spouts unless you want watery, mushy sprouts.

Egg fu yung.

Feb 25, 2015
dave_c in Home Cooking

Do you test-run a preparation before making it later for guests?

For a large party and the new recipe is the main dish, I test the recipe first. I want to make sure I like the dish or if needs tweaking and that I can pull it off.

For example, a turducken. I know that I can put one together, but will it turn out to be a big sloppy mess?

Feb 24, 2015
dave_c in General Topics

Why are sticks of butter long and skinny in the East, but short and fat in the West?

Interesting. I never knew there was a regional difference.
Growing up on the left coast, I thought sticks were shaped more or less the same - short and stout.

Also, I thought the skinny sticks were just a marketing differentiators for the company.

Feb 19, 2015
dave_c in Food Media & News

Asian cuisine cooks/eaters -- am I off base here?

Pan-fried noodles - I would have expected vermicelli thin, wheat noodles (yellowish). That are fried in a pancake shaped round.

The outer crust would be browned and crunchy with a inner core of softer noodles. An alternative would be to fry (maybe deep fry) the noodles, usually fresh noodles, in a thin layer such that there is no soft core of cooked noodles.

Sounds like what was on your dish was the alternative method where the sauce is enough to soften the noodles.

See the the Hong Kong Noodles in the link below.

Feb 18, 2015
dave_c in General Topics

Slow Cooked BBQ Ribs. Not the same?

Yes, but dried beans sound more painful. lol

does silence on an rsvp mean they aren't coming ?

... especially from family.

Feb 18, 2015
dave_c in Not About Food