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Houston -- Casual Business Dinner Suggestions near Hyatt Regency -- 1200 Louisiana St.

Damian's. This is a great italian restaurant that has been in town forever. Damian Mandola started it and was forced to sell it to a cousin (I think) Bubba Butera when Damian and Johny Carrabba sold most of Carrabbas to the Outback group. The food is terrific, try the sweet potato ravioli. Very much a locals restaurant. If you want the authentic Houston tex-mex experience, go to Ninfas on Navigation. Ninfas has many locations all over houston and beyond, but the Original location still has many of the original cooks and servers and the food is just better. Don't try to get there on your own, take a cab or a hotel shuttle. Ask for a table in the back as that is where the action is, careful with the margaritas, they are sneaky good. Make sure you ask for carrots when they bring the chips and salsas. If you like spicy food, get the tacos musicos. The tacos a'la Ninfa are their signature dish and are great. Whatever you get, ask for a side of pechuga gravy with your meal. This concoction makes cardboard taste good. Post your thoughts when you get back.

Dec 05, 2006
Houstonbuffalo in Texas

Wild Venison Suggestions???

If you have the back strap (tenderloin) and you want to slow cook some aps, here is what I do. Take your meat and cut into 1x1x2 pieces, place into a large zip top bag and pour a can of Dr. Pepper over the meat. Seal and let marinade for 2 hours to overnight. Remove meat from bag and pat dry. You need about 1.5lb thick cut smoked bacon (12-14 count peppered if you can find it), cilantro, serranos or jalapenos -seeded, stemmed and sliced into slivers(use your judgement on heat tolerance of your crowd), cream chese cut into .5x.5x1 inch pieces. Get your smoker ready for both initial direct heat and about an hour of indirect heat cooking at 225F. press out your bacon strips and cut in half, place a piece of meat, piece of cheese, small amount of cilantro and sliver of chili pepper about 1/3rd into the bacon and roll the bacon around the bundle. Take a tooth pick and secure. Take your bundles and place over the direct flame. You are just looking to give the bacon a head start, you will have flame ups, and you will need to watch your bundles closely. This should take about 10 minutes to start the bacon on all sides, then transfer to the other side of your smoker/grill, close the lid and let smoke for about 40 min - to one hour. I make a great sauce of fresh mayo with cilantro, serranos and lots of lime juice. You can use store bought mayo for this sauce, just use the best you can find in your market. This recipe works great with dove breasts as well, and I have had these with chucks of pineapple inside. The Dr. Pepper helps tenderize the meat.

Nov 29, 2006
Houstonbuffalo in Home Cooking

Help with birthday dinner--steak

"The Gun Club" as it is reffered to is a great choice for a fun night out. If it is just for the 2 of you, make sure you request a table away from the action as most S&W's can get very, very loud. The steak au poivre is excellent, the sides are all very good. It is no more outragously priced than any of the ohter high end steak houses. The service is consistent, and at least better than average. My favorite will always be Papa's, but I frequent the Houston location. Their 12 oz ribeye blackened with bleu cheese crumbles is top 10 on anyone's list.

Nov 28, 2006
Houstonbuffalo in Texas

portuguese / linguica sausage

My dad is from Hawaii, and loves portuguese sausage. He now lives in Colorado and can find it at several international markets. When he was here (Houston) for thanksgiving we went looking for this spicey treat. We found nothing. If anyone knows where to go to buy this, I would appreciate it. I am especially interested in the "Redondo" brand.

Nov 27, 2006
Houstonbuffalo in Texas