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Romance + great chow in Uptown?

I had my first date with my boyfriend at Tum Rup Thai. It has a nice contemporary decor and it's nice in the evening after dark. If you can, ask to be seated in the booths towards the back - much quieter.
Also, while a little more on the pricey side, JP's American bistro (technically Lake-Lyndale) is also quiet and romantic and has fantastic food. Campiello looks nice too (I always see couples in there!!), but I've never been.

St. Peter and Northfield, MN recs?

I second the Chapati recommendation. If you're in N'fld for a quick meal, Hogan Bros has really great cheap sub sandwiches and ice cream, and the Rueb N' Stein has greasy, yummy burgers.
I haven't been to the Ole Store since the renovation but it's an institution and would probably be a nice place for breakfast (it's near St Olaf).
Pretty much everything in N'fld is on the cheaper end of things compared to the Twin Cities.

MSP pre-theatre recs?

St Paul Grill is a bit uptight but I had a fantastic meal and great service when I sat at the bar there. I took my mom there for Mom's Day and she loved it.
And it's right across from the Ordway on the other side of the park.


Does anyone know anything about the Japanese restaurant to open in the old Olive Garden space on Hennepin and 6th st?
I think it's called Musashi or something like that.

Old School Minnesota Flatbread Pizza Cut in Squares

Should anyone pass by Northfield, stop at Basil's or Bill's (really hope both are still there...!). They're both just off of Hwy 3. They had the best flatbread pizza cut into squares...ever.

Jun 14, 2007
martaru in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Fogo de Chao in MSP [Moved from Midwest]

Just went a few weeks ago...I really enjoyed it.

Salad bar is delicious - loved the cheeses, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, hearts of palm...they also have a few potato salads - one is just like the kind I would eat in Brasil.

As far as the meat goes, it's pretty good. I recommend the lamb, garlic beef and the pork sausages.

If you want to have the real deal, ask for farofa (a Brazilian-type of flour), rice and beans. This is what is traditionally served at churrascos. They'll make it fresh for you for no extra charge.

And order a caipirinha - probably one of the best I've had in town.

I didn't try the desserts but the key lime pie and tres leches looked delicious - I think the plantains are enough of a dessert (and they're free!). Make sure to save room, though!!!

Report back here and let us know how it went!! Have a great time!

Jun 14, 2007
martaru in Chains

Twin cities day trips-road food

I love Kings Tap!! We like to go there after a long day of skiing at Welch. The burgers are good and SUPER cheap ($3-5).

May 24, 2007
martaru in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP - Happy Hour Event Space

I just heard from a friend the other night that you can reserve the roof at Joe's Garage for up to 150 people. Not posh, but the view and outdoors might be worth it - esp. in July.

[MSP] Crema Cafe has food, too?

I wrote about Crema in my April monthly review. In short, I loved the food! My boyfriend wasn't much of a fan, however. He thought the pasta dish was too oily (we had the organic chicken panini and bugatoni bolognaise) but I enjoyed it.
Give it a try and tell us what you think! I'd love to go back and try their pizzas.

APRIL 2007 MSP Month End UPDATE - inform your fellow chowhounds

Tum Rup Thai - good classic Thai food. I ordered the Woonsen Pad Thai with tofu and also had a spring roll, which was probably the best I've had in town. Also, the server was FANTASTIC.

Crema Cafe - LOVED the food. My boyfriend and I shared the organic chicken panini and a bugatoni bolognaise - he didn't care for either meal very much (bread was too dry and pasta too oily) but I enjoyed them. Also had a glass of Malbec, I think, which was perfect and also had the ginger root sorbet. Yum! We also sat on the patio - definitely the best place for a date.

Lotus in Uptown - out with the bf again. We shared the vietnamese noodle salad with BBQ chicken and also the green pepper dish with mock duck. I love this place - good size portions, freshly made meals and all at a good price. Great takeout, too.

Bar Abilene - went for a tequila tasting party and just had some nachos and some chips with guacamole. I think if you want Tex-Mex or great drinks, this is a good place, but I don't think I'd do dinner here (no one seemed to be very impressed with their entrees).

Christos - I hosted a book club dinner here and the staff was very accommodating. I had the special which was basically a spanakopita with chicken and carrots. I just like the homey feel this restaurant has.

So to sum up: go to Crema cafe (for their ice cream at the very least)! I think it's a hidden gem - especially their patio.

Fogo De Chao coming to Minneapolis [Moved from Midwest]

I solo dined at El Gaucho about 2 months ago.

It's definitely got a local feel - small, quaint tables and booths and both TVs in the room were tuned to a Caribbean baseball game and soccer. Overall, I enjoyed my experience; the waitress was very pleasant and I loved their salad and bread and the papas fritas were delicious! The wine really wasn't up to par (perhaps I just chose poorly) and the steak, well, the steak was monstrous but just tasted a bit off. Like it had been exposed to a bad case of freezer burn (since they import their meat from Argentina and Uruguay, I'm sure it must've have been frozen for most of its journey). That being said, I'd recommend the restaurant to anyone in a heartbeat and I think everyone should give it a go.

I lived in Southern Brasil for a year and was hoping for a bit more gaucho/churrascaria style cuisine...but maybe that's what I'll get at FDC. Can't wait!!

Also, MIKELOCK34, if you're really into the cheese breads at FDC (called "pao de queijo), the latin am. market at Midtown Global Market sells the mix to make them yourself. It's made by Yoki. They also sell Guarana, which is the yummiest soft drink ever!!

Apr 18, 2007
martaru in Chains

MSP - Mid Month Update - Post a Review of places you've dined at in MARCH 2007!

Sven and Oles, Grand marais - Pizza was so filling - great crust.

Betty's Pies - Had the great lakes crunch pie - delicious as always.

Harry Singh's - Great food - ordered the classic curry chicken roti which tasted great and was delicious, except I made it a little too spicy by adding a little too much hot sauce!

Christos on Eat Street - shared the dip sampler and veg sampler (falafel and moussaka) with my boyfriend. The service was excellent and the food was even better. Loved it! Favorite meal of the month.

Thai Spice in Dinkytown - went there for book club group. I was pleasantly surprised. I had the pad woon sen with tofu, ordered it medium and it tasted great!

Glockenspiel - St. P - Super busy there (we were there during AYCE fish fry night) but they were very accommodating. I had the weisswurst which was two pork sausages with mustard, a pretzel and red cabbage (LOVED the cabbage!).

Dashen-Worst Service EVER (MSP)

I would agree with Mill City Modern - concept of time isn't the same to us Westerners. Having dined out at the other east African places - Blue Nile and Red Sea - I know they make everything from scratch and yes, it took forever for us to get our food. And at the Red Sea, they also forgot our drinks until our food was ready.
Sorry you had such an awful experience!

Where have I not had sushi in MSP?

A restaurant called Crave just opened up in Galleria in Edina. They've got a full-time sushi chef on board.

Feb 15, 2007
martaru in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP - End of the month Update for your fellow chowhounds!

Very impressed with all the restaurants I went to last month!

Rice Paper - had the chinese pancake wraps and loved them - very healthy and light.

jp's american bistro - had duck breast with pickled bok choy and ginger and red wine jus (I was a special) - the duck was fantastic.

Temple - first time here and I really loved it. Had the grilled chilean sea bass with haricot vert, siew mai and uni butter sauce. Delicious!!! The steaks looked really great, too.

Quang - Great service, great food, low prices. Perfect. And my cheap chowhound boyfriend loved it even more!

El Gaucho Argentinean Grill - I went here to try to cure my homesickness for S. American cuisine. Loved the complementary bread with olive tapenade (really good). The T-bone steak I had tasted a bit off and the salad was just a salad. But the french fries served with it and the chimichurri - yum. The service was great and it is a really nice neighborhood bistro. I'd like to go back and try the chicken instead of the steak. I'll wait until Fogo de Chao opens for S.A. steak again.

Town Talk - had Johnny Col Trane malt (yummmmm!), cheese curds (delish!), onion rings (not my fav) and half of the kitchen sink burger. I'd love to go back to try some of the salads and the grilled cheese.

MSP Recommendations?

MSP: (Sorry - first post, forgot to put that in the heading!)

Just ate at Rice Paper with friends last week and loved it!

We're also trying out jp's American Bistro tonight and Temple on Friday...any recommendations on what (not) to get?

the cheap fancypants food challenge (MSP)

I don't know about creative but Cheng Heng (Cambodian cuisine) on University Ave. in St. Paul is my favorite cheap eats in the Cities. The staff are friendly, the food is delicious and healthy. Entrees are no more than $10, I believe.

Nov 29, 2006
martaru in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Afternoon tea/coffee and pastries in Mpls???

Brit's Pub hosts a High Tea - Monday through Saturday afternoons from 2:00 until 3:30, by reservation only, $16.95 per person.

They're also doing one for the holidays on the weekends with caroling:

Hope that helps! Cheers!