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Recommend Restaurant with a Neat Concept

Ok ok .. maybe I am looking for a gimmicky restaurant! Don't flame me now.

Recommend Restaurant with a Neat Concept

I have been to Guu several times. It's great but alot of our friends have been there too.

The Ninja restaurant might sound cheesy (which is what I thought) until I actually went there. The decor and atmosphere was great! Service was superb and food was decent. The food was very well presented and interesting. Ok ok ... maybe I was just having a good day but I had fun.

398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

Recommend Restaurant with a Neat Concept

I feel most "cool" or "trendy" restaurants are pretty played out or at least I have been to them a ton of times. I am looking for a restaurant that has a different concept that leaves you with a great experience (and at least above average food).

Something like Ninja New York ( is perfect but I doubt we have anything like that in Toronto.

Open to recommendations! Help!

Gourmet Cuisine - Caterer

Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience with Gourmet Cuisine with the executive chef Caesar Guinto? I am looking for a caterer for my wedding (familiar with the top choices - L'Eat, Toben, Nobel, etc) but Gourmet Cuisine is the in-house caterer that will save us 15%. I wasn't able to find any reviews but would love to hear your experience.

Which restaurant is this?

I am having a brain cramp and need some help. I recall a restaurant around queen street. The logo I believe is a circle with the letter B. Does anyone know what I am talking about? The decor is very lofty and wooden.

Cocktail Party | Need Venue with a Stage

Hi Everyone,

I am a planning a cocktail party with a roast theme. Does anyone have any recommendations for a downtown (financial district) venue that has a stage?

I know Brant House has a stage but I am looking for a place that is a little more classy.


Corporate Event | Holiday Dinner - Suggestions?

Close by the downtown financial district (as indicated above). Thanks for your suggestions.

Corporate Event | Holiday Dinner - Suggestions?

Crush and Brasaii were both booked already (3 weeks ago).

I will check out all the other suggestions. Thanks everyone!

Corporate Event | Holiday Dinner - Suggestions?

Thank you for your suggestions. I held a number of events at Vertical so I wanted to try some place new. A co-worker of mine went to an event at Urban and also really enjoyed it.

I am also thinking about Chez Victor. Any comments?

Corporate Event | Holiday Dinner - Suggestions?

Hi Everyone,

We recently decided to hold a corporate event for a holiday dinner. Being late in the game, I need some help in restaurant suggestions. Any ideas or reviews are appreciated!

Date: Thurs, Dec 14th Dinner
Guests: Around 25
Budget: $75 per person all in
Location: Close by the downtown financial district
Requirements: Private Room or Semi-Private area

Under Consideration
- Urban
- La Fenice
- Marcels
- Le Papillon

Black List
- Noce (I find the management extremely disorganized and rude)

I have called the following places (some out of budget) and none have availability.
- Ki Restaurant
- Lee
- Shmooze
- Jamie Kennedy
- Ultra Supper Club
- Easy and the Fifth
- Le Select Bistro
- Crush Wine Bar
- Jump
- Rosewater Supper Club
- The Courthouse Market Grille
- Nectar
- Savoy
- La Maquette
- Terroni
- Bravi
- Amuse-Bouche
- Brasaii
- Sultan's Tent

Thanks so much!