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4 star food in shorts and a tee shirt?

Thanks all, I guess shorts and T shirt was stretching it a bit. How about Jeans and a black t shirt! We're staying Gold Coast area and will have a car. All suggestions are dynamite...thanks so much!

Aug 18, 2009
sgolds9173 in Chicago Area

4 star food in shorts and a tee shirt?

3 foodie couples coming in from NYC next week looking for great lunch/dinner recos in loop and inner suburbs - that feature great ingredients and culinary technique in a come-as-you-are atmosphere - don't feel like getting dressed up in August!

All recos welcome -

Aug 17, 2009
sgolds9173 in Chicago Area

Best Texas Grill in Austin?

Hi, visiting Austin and looking for a real Texas grill experience, steaks, fish, chicken, game. Any thoughts?

Aug 03, 2008
sgolds9173 in Austin

DC area Southwestern Grills?

Looking for great grilled southwestern fare...any thoughts?...DC and Suburbs

Southwest or Texas Style Grill Reco's

Looking for a taste of the southwest, especially open fire grilling, in DC or!

Food and Games in Chicago

I am hosting 2 after work parties for about 20 people and am looking for recos for places that serve good food and have pool and other games available...downtown + western suburbs...thanks!

Mar 17, 2008
sgolds9173 in Chicago Area

Favorite Oatmeal in Manhattan

searching out best oatmeal or other hot cereal breakfast place in NYC? - any neighborhood

Mar 05, 2008
sgolds9173 in Manhattan

Frozen entrees in the LA area

new to LA and looking for high quality frozen entrees for the family...any recommendations on stores or products?

Sep 12, 2007
sgolds9173 in Los Angeles Area

pre-dinner cocktail reco needed

dinner at Prune - 1st st. betw 1st and 2nd avenue...

May 16, 2007
sgolds9173 in Manhattan

New and different sandwiches downtown

Looking for unique sandwiches (or other hand held item) or sandwich style places, eat in or take out...what's your favorite?

Mar 22, 2007
sgolds9173 in Manhattan

Has Willie Mae's Scotch House Re-opened?

Where is willie mae's?

Feb 21, 2007
sgolds9173 in New Orleans

great prepared foods for take out

in search of fantastic ready-to-heat fresh and frozen prepared foods in NYC. all neighborhoods.

Feb 07, 2007
sgolds9173 in Manhattan

Prepared Foods Markets in SF

thank you...perhaps less chain oriented than TJ or WF...a bit more local...perhaps 1 or 2 locations?

Golden Gate Meats And Their Prepared Foods

A little help...whare is Bryan's you mention above?

Prepared Foods Markets in SF

looking for help finding markets in the SF area that specialize in Ready-to-Heat prepared foods...entrees, components, desserts. Ethnic or general ok...

weekend eats

Recommendations for weekend dining spots for lunch/dinner?...local spots, hip and neighborhood style, great service. In from NYC and looking to explore!

Dec 13, 2006
sgolds9173 in Chicago Area

NYC guy visiting SF this weekend

thanks, any thoughts on after dinner cocktail place that is hip but not crazy crowded? possibly music?

NYC guy visiting SF this weekend

need a casual & cool, mid price place to take a local foody gal. No heavy red meat plaese...truly neighborhood local place that executes great food and service...thanks a million.