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Cape May, NJ with Kids

spending a week in Cape May at end of August and wanted good restaurant recommendations with 3 kids, ages 10, 8 & 4 for all 3 meals.

what's good for breakfast lunch & dinner

Aug 04, 2014
quayfisher in New Jersey

Private Room / Chef's Table

looking for a spot to celebrate parents' 40th anniversary for a group of 7 people, preferably in a private room or at a chef's table, in a premier restaurant.
will be at 11 madison tonight to inquire about availibility there. any other suggestions?

Jan 19, 2011
quayfisher in Manhattan

brunch recommendation needed in Syosset/Jericho area

need a recommendation for a group of 8

Anniversary Dinner

need a recommendation for an anniversary dinner. just moved to syosset area. haven't been to any huntington restaurants yet. also would like suggestions for roslyn/manhasset area as well.

Throgs Neck / Whitestone Area

i am looking for a restaurant recommendation in the Throgs Neck/Whitestone area which is halfway between me and friends. i've been to La Strada and think it is very good.
any other suggestions?

Feb 09, 2010
quayfisher in Outer Boroughs

Authentic barbecue on Long Island

been to Smokin Al's - i wasn't overly impressed. hit Harbor Q this past weekend. not bad at all. my in-laws are near Long Beach, but i thought that Swingbelly's closed?

Authentic barbecue on Long Island

just moved to Syosset and am looking for authentic barbecue, someplace i can see a smoke ring in the meat and get my fingers dirty on some sauce. any suggestions?

North Miami / Aventura area

need a place in proximity to Collins Ave & 174th Street to take my grandmother (85 yrs old) and my two children (5 and 3 yrs old) to dinner.
any suggestions?

Red Hot Lovers, Ann Arbor; any update?

Sushi in Syosset / Woodbury / Plainview

just moved to the area and looking for a good sushi place. Been to Nisen and looking for same or better quality at a more affordable price.

21 Club hamburger sauce [Moved from Manhattan]

anyone know the recipe to the sauce for the hamburger at the 21 club? i know it is a mix of ketchup, mustard (dijon?) and worcester sauce, but don't know the others if there are and don't know the amounts of each.

Mar 29, 2009
quayfisher in Home Cooking

Rome restaurants

heading to rome this coming friday for two nights followed by a week in capri and positano.
looking for restaurant recommendations for all three. nothing fancy (ie no jacket).

suggestions made include:

Taverna dei Gacchi
Tre Scalini

Villa Verde
Lemon Tree
Auroa Grill

Chez Black
San Pietro

thoughts? comments? other recommedations?

Aug 30, 2008
quayfisher in Italy

Best Omakase in NYC?


Feb 29, 2008
quayfisher in Manhattan

Mussels in Boca area

what restaurant has the best mussels in the boca raton, fl area?

Dec 17, 2007
quayfisher in Florida

Sushi - Upper East Side

what's your favorite upper east side sushi restaurant? i'm looking for recommendations

Aug 20, 2007
quayfisher in Manhattan

San Fran restaurants

visiting from New York City. starting in Napa for 5 nights (Auberge, French Laundry) and heading back down to SF for three nights

San Fran restaurants

coming out to San Francisco in May, looking for some good meals. what are the best restaurants in the City?

Arthur Ave

Besides Roberto's, any good ideas for dinner on or near Arthur Avenue? are any reservations required?
if i get to Roberto's at 9 pm on a saturday, what should my wait time be?

Nov 27, 2006
quayfisher in Outer Boroughs