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Breakfast in La Condesa

Mexicophile, Cristina....Thanks you, thank you for the recommendation of Matisse. Went tosmorning for breakfast. Some of the best coffee and juice I´ve had in Mexico and such a delightful setting. I´ll definately be back!

Dec 16, 2011
jesset in Mexico

Where to eat in Puerto Vallarta now?

Thanks everyone! Leaving tonight. Will report on our experience.

Jan 27, 2011
jesset in Mexico

Where to eat in Puerto Vallarta now?

Going to PV and wondering if people have any recent recommendations. Been to La Palapa and, while the setting is gorgeous, like a few other posters wasn´t all that taken with the food. Loved Los Xitomates but the last time I was there it seemed closed. Wanted to try El Arrayan but doesn´t sound like its worth it anymore. Any ideas?

Jan 23, 2011
jesset in Mexico

Blendtek blender for juices instead of juicer?

I'm considering buying a blendtek blender to make juices rather a juicer. Like the idea of getting the health benefits of the whole fruit or vegtable. What will happen though if I toss a few carrots and some apples in? Will it make a juice that is comparable tastewise to a juicer? Thanks!

Nov 18, 2010
jesset in Cookware

Durango recs?

I'll be in Durnago for two weeks coming up here in October on a romantic reconnaissance mission. Figure with all the interpersonal drama that might entail, I'm going to work up quite the appetite, and this board seems strangely mum when it comes to this northern city. Any recommendations? I'm an adventurous eater open to anything good. Thanks!

Sep 13, 2008
jesset in Mexico

Great Portland Salads

Perhaps its not very "chowhoundish," but I'm on a diet. But I still want to eat great food. Any recommendations for great Portland salads? I'm looking for the whole meal size. Where's Portland's best cesar salad? Best chef salad? Great more exotic salads? Thanks!

Jul 09, 2008
jesset in Pacific Northwest

Las Ranas in Puebla

If you go to Las Ranas consider trying their frijoles charros. ummm....

Oct 01, 2007
jesset in Mexico

Thai In Portland

Check out Lemongrass at 17th and NE couch across the river from Powells. I think its the best Thai in Portland though I believe its closed Sundays/

Sep 30, 2007
jesset in Pacific Northwest

Pad thai in PDX without ketchup?

The best pad thai in Portland (well, the best Thai anything in Portland) can be found at Lemongrass. Just be careful about the spice level. Medium in lemongrass-speak is hot as hell anywhere else. May still be closed as the owner is on vacation so call first. Enjoy....

Aug 14, 2007
jesset in Pacific Northwest

Cheap and Tasty Dives

Visiting San Francisco and looking for cheap (under $15) and tasty dives. Staying around 9th and Market, but will bus for food. Ethnic food recommendations especially appreciated although one of our party is deathly afraid of cockroaches, and believes they all dine on Mission burritos, so that's out. Thanks in advance!

Nov 27, 2006
jesset in San Francisco Bay Area