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Local-food Seattle Gift Baskets?

Hey There - I have a good friend who is from Seattle and now living on the east coast. I'd love to get her a gift basket full of local Seattle artisan foods, but don't know if such a thing actually exists. Do you all know of anything like this? Many thanks in advance!

Jul 19, 2013
sfoperalover in Greater Seattle

Can anyone recommend a good source for Ostrich (uncooked)?

I did a search on the board and found nothing. Before I start asking my local butchers, I thought I'd see if any of you folks had ideas!

Thanks in advance -

White residue after Chinese greens?

I know this is a random message, but I have noticed a trend. When I saute most Chinese greens in either non stick or stainless frying pans (i use olive oil, and add kosher salt), there is a dry white residue in the pan afterward. This happens with greens purchased at the SF Farmers Market, and several other good Asian markets. Has this happened to others? Does anyone know what this is? If you don't, any theories?

Jan 08, 2011
sfoperalover in General Topics

Ideas for a loud, obnoxious roast of a friend

a group of about 10 friends will gather to roast a friend over dinner, preferably steak. this will undoubtedly become a loud, and somewhat obnoxious gathering.

i was wondering if folks here could suggest places that have smaller private rooms, or private areas that could accommodate us.

would circolo, house of prime rib, or harris' work?

many thanks in advance!

Coi or Ritz Carlton Dining Room for Special Dinner?

I think I have narrowed down a special birthday dinner (for 2) to either Coi or the Dining Room at the Ritz. I have not been to Coi, but we love the Ritz - the grandeur, intimacy and of course, the food. I'm curious to hear thoughts on which you'd choose....or, am I missing an option I should be considering?

Thank you LA chowhounds

our family had our memorial for our father/father-in-law today, followed by an outstanding banquet at PV Palace. The food and service were great, and the setting very convenient. Many thanks for suggesting this place - it played an important role in the day.

Jun 06, 2009
sfoperalover in Los Angeles Area

Post Funeral Taiwanerse Banquet :Rancho PV?

thanks - i appreciate the advice! just out of curiosity, what are your fave taiwanese places?

May 26, 2009
sfoperalover in Los Angeles Area

Post Funeral Taiwanerse Banquet :Rancho PV?

sorry i didn't do more research earlier...what do folks think of the following option?
1. Szechwan Chinese Food - Lomita
2. Chinese Teahouse - Lomita
3. Harbor Palace - Lomita
4. Shanghai Palace - Lomita

May 26, 2009
sfoperalover in Los Angeles Area

Post Funeral Taiwanerse Banquet :Rancho PV?

Hi All - My father in law is gravely ill and the family is fast preparing arrangements to host a memorial service for him, including a post-memorial banquet.

Would you all be kind enough to recommend some options in the Rancho Palos Verde or San Pedro area? There will be 50 of us, and we'd prefer Taiwanese food, but Chinese is ok too. Also, we're looking for a place WITHOUT a buffet.

Many thanks in advance for your ideas.

May 26, 2009
sfoperalover in Los Angeles Area

dinner suggestions for group of 25 in sf?

hi all - can i ask for some assistance? i'll be part of a group of 25 folks from all over the US, (with a few of us locals) having dinner on a wednesday night. the organizers have asked me to suggest some possibilities. i have suggested shanghai 1930 and le colonial, but aside from these places, i haven't dined with a group anywhere in a while. i was thinking about bong su, but alas...

here are the parameters:

1) entrees between $15-$25
2) walking distance from 4th and Market
3) not too loud
4) a place that has some distinct sf flavor

all suggestions would be most welcome!

Breakfast in downtown SF?

for something pricey but lovely, breakfast in the atrium at the palace hotel is wonderful. but very dear.

Alemany so much more crowded!

very interesting...i appreciate people sharing their ideas and memories, particularly the folks who chimed in to say they remember it being even worse in the 80s and 90s....

Alemany so much more crowded!

In the 8 years I've been going to the farmers market, i've noticed a gradual increase in the crowds at the alemany farmers market. but this years, it feels like a much more significant increase in the crowds - felt in the traffic, which is worse than ever, and the increase in vendors, a positive thing imho.

just out of curiosity, i'm curious to hear what others think is driving it the lower cost of food there for better quality? is it refugees from the insultingly expensive prices at the ferry bldg market now that people pinch more pennies? increased interest in eating local produce?

after--noon alemany market?

i've driven by the market at around 2 and seen it empty, but during summer, when it's more bountiful, it may go longer.

Unique, Weird and Unusual Dining in SF

imho, the most truly unusual eating experience in SF is AsiaSF. The food is middling at best, but the accompanying entertainment, of asian transvestites doing runway walks down the bar, cannot be found anywhere else. Teatro Zinzani, as dinner theater also qualifies.

Third Street Corridor BBQ?

i have to strongly disagree. I have eaten at Hard Knox a dozen times and loved it each time.

Slanted Door vs. Ana Mandara?

Slanted Door is downright ANTI romantic, imho. Unless you are a very serious foodie, the food at Ana Mandara is good. despite it's proximity to touristy fisherman's wharf, for romance it also has the advantage of giving you an opportunity to stroll along the Bay, *away* from he tourists, toward aquatic park.

Le Colonial would be my second choice for romance - it's quite lovely - and if you made a special request i am sure they could find a quiet corner for you, which Slanted Door certainly could not do.

Slanted Door is a great place to break up with someone - the food would be comforting, and your partner might not hear everything you're saying...

Restaurants with Private Dining in SF

i would NOT recommend the Carnelian room. in my experiences, food has been mediocre and service has been grumpy to hostile.

i have hosted two 50 peron business dinners at Shanghai 1930 in their private roo and was quite pleased. the room is lush - sort of a 30's style library - very true to Shanghai's interesting blend of western and eastern decor. food and service were outstanding, and sommelier was nice despite an extremely limited wine budget.

SF, a graduation dinner - one more try for recs

i would advise you to avoid lulu. i have been several times with groups of varying size, and have found the service to be the worst i have encountered in the entire bay area each and every time - i'll never go back there.

Is Yummy Yummy yummy yummy?

yummy yummy is great. many of their grilled meat dishes and curries are outstanding, and the long time staff are extremely friendly. i am not a pho afficianado, but i like theirs just fine by me. this place is a gem - especially considering portion and price.

Best corned beef hash?

my fave is Tygers in Glen Park - homemade and only available every other weekend. It's a heart stopping portion that is absolutely wonderful...

Lunch near the Presidio

try curbside cafe or liverpool lils near the lombard gate

Anyone Been to The Dining Room in the last month or so?

was just there with the missus this past saturday night. we had the 9 course and it was incredible i don't agree with the post above about the first half of the menu - we found it to be consistently wonderful.

definately do the 9 course - it was wonderful to have so many wonderful tastes. we also did the paired wines, which for $88 pp was high value and great. service was superb as usual. not cheap by any stretch, but sublime.

Used to be Platanos

Yes - it is indeed Craig's Place. I hear they have very solid brunch.

Close to Brava Theater in Mission?

if you are a fan of very traditional tacos, i'd recommend Vallarta taqueria on 24th nearby. i've only had tthe tacos, which i love, but my Mexican friends also say that the tamales (apparently sold from a slightly separate stall in the restaurant?) are also excellent and very traditional. btw, these are greasy, yummy, non-papalote tacos, prepared on the traditional round, sloped grills you see all over Mexico.

blue plate bummer

i used to love this place so much. went to dinner recently with two work colleagues, and it was really bad, almost across the board. service was good, but not great, but the food just plain tasted bad. also, while two of us were served our entrees, our third entree was delayed for a full five minutes. for appetizers we got grilled squid which was pretty plain, cornmeal crusted oysters which were bitter and kind of chalky, and the mac and cheese, which was great. i ordered the halibut which tasted as though it had not been salted at all - cooked to a nice consistency, but very bland - and really, desperately needing salt. one colleague got the pasta which was also average at best. the one star was the pork porterhouse - which was delicious.

this was all is stark contrast to a meal that same week at Tinderbox, which was AMAZING. Will report on this separately.

Sangha - upscale sushi in Glen Park Village

wife and i wanted to try the new place in the neighborhood. i'm sad to say we won't be back. the very clean, spare look they're going for in design actually came off as very bland, and depressing (other might disagree). they don't even place napkins or silverware on the tables until food arrives, all in the name of that cleanness. but the effect didn't work for us at all. it felt very, very cold, actually. the massive hole in the wall, covered with a sheet, but still spouting a breeze didn't help matters. the food was good, but expensive, inmho, and not very special. we shared two sushi rolls - the ecstasy roll, and another i can't recall. i had been to moki the night before, and the ecstasy roll at Sangha paled in comparison to that at Moki (and was 25% smaller). we ordered the chicken entree. It was a very tender, good sized chicken breast that was boneless and skinless with a nice asian influenced glaze. mashed potatoes and vegetables were good. overall though, the dish just felt very ordinary. service was warm, in contrast to the incredibly bland, depressing interiors. i think that this place will have a hard time surviving in the newly bustling glen park restaurant scene. the french place, gialina, and chenery park are all far superior, and moki, deep sushi et al, are a five minute drive away. another, cheaper italian place slated to open in the old bird and beckett book spot will make things tougher for Sangha, I think...

Italian Restaurant

if this is a business dinner with people you aren't really close to, Perbacco is definately the most "business-y" type place. The others listed here lovely, but definately more informal.

Are the vegetarian burritos really vegetarian?

more than the rice, i think it's likely that many taquerias use lard and other pork products in preparing beans - especially refried beans. i'm sure its not a standard thing - but i've certainly tasted porky goodness in many a bean in a taqueria...

Thoughts on Carnelian Room?

i have found the service at the Carnelian Room to be uniformly horrible -enough to ruin even the most gorgeous view. The food is average at best. Why not have dinner at The Big 4 at the Huntington, and then cocktails with a view at the Top of the Mark - just a few moments away by foot?