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where to buy ground turkey

Whitehouse Meats on Bayview also carries frozen and (I think) you can get fresh if you pre-order, depending on availability. Not sure about other Whitehouse locations.

ISO recipe for 'Pink Cloud Dessert'

thanks, Steady Habits - that's the closest I've been able to find yet.

Jan 21, 2009
foodmaven in Home Cooking

Dinah's on Mount Pleasant - Closing

I agree, Tatai. I had stopped in once but had a case of extreme sticker shock and left empty-handed. Unfortunate, as the food at Tiger Lily's was so fantastic. Still can remember a coconut-fruit (pineapple perhaps?) rice pudding from years back.

First Date... Need help

I ate at Sidecar a few weeks ago and had great service but a terrible table (right at the front windows) - we were freezing. You must request the bill at Sidecar - they won't bring it until you ask for it, which we didn't realize. Food was fantastic - the duck confit with risotto was an absurd amount of food for the price. Highly recommended.

Where to buy Kitchenaid Stand Mixer?

I also recommend Cayne's. We went looking to buy a KA model and ended up with a Cuisinart on their advice - which we are thrilled with. I would consider Cuisinart depending on what your needs are.

Quito, Ecuador suggestions .. also Guayaquil

Having spent 2 1/2 weeks in budget hotels before my arrival, Rio Amazonas was amazing. Very much a business class hotel, and the (included) hot and cold buffet breakfast was fantastic.

Where can I find decent Vol au Vent?

Rahier on Bayview has them sometimes frozen. Call ahead to see if they have any in, I think they make 2 different sizes.

Quito, Ecuador suggestions .. also Guayaquil

I was in Quito for a few days in July but didn't manage to hit anything terribly Chow-worthy (too tired and busy sightseeing, really) - had delicious pineapple margaritas with enchiladas/tacos etc at a small place close to my hotel (Hotel Rio Amazonas), but can't recall the name for the life of me. Enjoy Quito though, it's dead cheap by North American standards (if that's where you're from), and good, cheap drinks (like excellent caipirinhas) were easy to come by.

Bayview (Leaside) News

Embee, I have to disagree with you about the new bakery. I have tried 2 types of scones as well as the molasses cookies and found all items tasteless and floury. I would stay away from their goods when Rahier, Epi, even Cobbs are nearby.

ISO recipe for 'Pink Cloud Dessert'

I'm looking for a recipe for "pink cloud dessert" - my mom's favourite childhood birthday cake (in the '60s). My grandmother, who passed away many years ago, left an incomplete recipe - only ingredients without much in the way of direction.

I understand you use an angel food cake mix, prepare according to directions, but tint half the mix with red food colouring and peppermint extract, and add coconut to the other half. I'm not sure how they are combined and baked, and the cake is then frosted with pink-tinted whipped cream.

I would love to make it for my mom for her upcoming birthday. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!

May 14, 2008
foodmaven in Home Cooking

Chocolate-Banana Cake at Marvellous Edibles


I tried the chocolate-banana cake at Marvellous Edibles on the weekend - it was delicious. 3 layers of cake with a chocolate-banana ganache icing.

I am looking for replication suggestions. I am fairly certain that there was some booze (brandy perhaps?) in the cake, probably after baking, and there was banana puree in the icing, but other than that am at a loss. Has anyone tried it?


ISO Dark chocolate-covered almonds

Thanks, all. I will try Domino's first and go from there. I do prefer bulk over packaged as a rule.

ISO Dark chocolate-covered almonds

I am looking for dark chocolate-covered almonds. I hate the ones you get at the grocery store, they are far too sugary and not chocolatey-enough for my taste. Bonus points if the almonds are pre-roasted.

Raincoast Crisps

This does look like the right one - thanks!!

Jan 08, 2008
foodmaven in Home Cooking

best delivery for a stay-home birthday?

I prefer the takeout from Kama Sutra to Amaya Express. Kama Sutra also delivers.

ISO Green & Black's Chocolate bars

Thanks for all the suggestions - I ended up picking up two bars (Mayan Gold (?) and Dark) from Noah's yesterday - they are currently on sale for $3.29/bar, or $3.75 with tax.

ISO Green & Black's Chocolate bars

I'm looking for Green & Black's chocolate bars in Toronto, downtown preferable. Has anyone found them?

Cora's - worth visiting?

I've had similar experiences at the Ottawa Rideau St. location - repeatedly giving regular instead of decaf coffee, rude service, not bringing what was ordered. I sent an email after the fact and received an extremely rude reply. I've had fine experiences at the Blue Jays way location as well as the Mtl ones.

Basic food prep course?

The Knife Skills course (3 sessions of four hours each) covers general knife skills the first day, vegetables the second day, and chicken and fish the third day. You take apart 2-3 chickens from what I recall, and the instructors are pretty generous with tips about stock or any sort of cooking topic you inquire about.

"Italian-style" Biscotti vs. "American-style" Biscotti?

I was very surprised with the results when I made several of the biscotti recipes from Dorie Greenspan's home baking book (which I would classify as American-style), but I think it may just be that they're far richer and softer, with much more butter in the recipe, than Italian-style biscotti recipes. I personally prefer the Italian-style.

Apr 09, 2007
foodmaven in Home Cooking

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

I disagree. Their fish and chips are terrible, they taste off. I really like Olde York, they do a much better job, although if there's a wait it can be quite a while.

I also once made the unfortunate decision of having fish and chips at Gabby's (the Bloor/Avenue location, across from the ROM), and the oil was completely rancid. I would stay away from any of their fried products.

Cracker Recipe - Raincoast Crisps

I am looking for a recipe for crackers that would be similar to the Leslie Stowe Fine Foods Raincoast Crisps - these may be only available in Canada, but are delicious and come in a variety of flavours, like Canberry/Hazelnut, and Fig/Olive (see ) .

They don't have to be an exact match (a basic recipe would be much appreciated), I'm just not having any luck finding anything online.

Thanks in advance.

(Cross-posted to the Home Cooking Board)

Mar 24, 2007
foodmaven in Atlantic Canada

Raincoast Crisps

I am looking for a recipe for crackers that would be similar to the Leslie Stowe Fine Foods Raincoast Crisps - these may be only available in Canada, but are delicious and come in a variety of flavours, like Canberry/Hazelnut, and Fig/Olive (see ) .

They don't have to be an exact match (a basic recipe would be much appreciated), I'm just not having any luck finding anything online.

Thanks in advance.

(Cross-posted to the Canada Board)

Mar 24, 2007
foodmaven in Home Cooking

Art Square Cafe

I haven't seen any reviews on the boards so thought I would add my thoughts from our brunch yesterday.

Large-ish group (about 12), when the first few arrived were told there was no reservation. Then were told we did have a reservation and they would fetch us when they were ready. Seated very close to our reservation time (10:30) without either enough menus for the group nor explanations of specials. We were the only patrons for quite a while.

Servers seemed a bit confused as to how to deal with a large-ish group (crepes arrived over an extended period of time without advance notice of such practice) but were generally tasty. Some servers were confused as to the contents of some dishes, and one in particular (chicken with Mexican chocolate) didn't quite live up to the promised flavours. Tasty, but some remarked they couldn't find the chocolate. The Canadian breakfast crepe looked more promising.

Dessert crepes were huge, the exotic fruit looked slightly better than the pistachio-chocolate. I liked the serving of steamed milk alongside americano coffees.

The prices were fine, and overall, an OK experience, but nothing fabulous. The Toronto Life (yes, I know, I shouldn't trust their reviews) review of the chocolate crepes had been absolutely glowing so I think I was expecting more.

Has anyone else eaten there, or tried their truffles? They looked quite tasty but we were all stuffed from our meals.

Gateau Basque

I'm looking for a good Gateau Basque recipe. My favourite ones don't have any fruit/jam/preserves inside, look like three distinct layers (top and bottom are the same, a rich pastry-like layer) with a middle creamier layer.


Feb 04, 2007
foodmaven in Home Cooking

Oliver & Bonacini Grill

I ate there around the same time as EB TO, and had a similar experience - had an omelette (egg white version) with some sort of tomato-based topping, which was awful, with a wilted side salad. I can cook far better myself, and the prices are obscene for what you get. Service was quite poor as well (goes to the whole idea of avoiding brunch out, I suppose).

Artisanale in Guelph

We went a few weeks back and were quite disappointed - I hadn't realized that they'd just repackaged the Bookshelf Cafe, and our large-ish group (about 12 people) had the worst service I've seen there. One order was forgotten until all the other entrees were served, another group's personalized birthday cake was brought to us (which was, suffice to say, a surprise for all at our table), our server tended to only offer some items to half the table and took away tableware at random. While the food was decent, I had much higher hopes for the experience, and was not good value for Guelph (Toronto prices, small-ish portions, doesn't fly in Guelph).

Artisanale in Guelph

Has anyone eaten there yet?