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Spekva counter top oil

Sullivan Counter Tops in Oakland, CA is a Spekva dealer, and they will sell you the oil. I assume they would ship to Phoenix.

(510) 652-2337

Feb 05, 2011
KRoche in Cookware

Miele Coffee System Experiences??

Hey, thanks for the reply! Yes, I was completely overwhelmed initially, but we have figured it all out. I am still searching for a "go-to" bean, so I will certainly try the Peet's roast that you recommend. Major Dick's worked great for our coffeepot, but it's not the right bean for the Miele.

btw, anyone still reading this thread and considering the Miele - do it!

Feb 02, 2011
KRoche in Cookware

Spekva counter top oil

I am in the unique position of having owned Spekva countertops and countertops made by a very competent local cabinetmaker. While I respect the local guys, the Spekva was many grades above in quality. It was incredibly stable, and it was as smooth as a baby's keister. Guests would just sit and run their hands over it.

I very much regret not getting Spekva this go around.

Nov 18, 2010
KRoche in Cookware

Miele Coffee System Experiences??

I have to laugh at ExercisetoEat's housing updates as we just moved in after being told it would be "a few more weeks" back in July to finish our house. It took 14 months total from the ground up, but now that I am home, I am thrilled. We too installed the Miele CVA4066, and so far I really like it, but I want so badly to love it. I was searching around for a forum to see if I could find someone who had done all of the trial & error to find that perfect cup of coffee. I know it's all relative, but there are so many possibilities for customizing this machine that I am finding it a bit daunting. My husband proclaimed that his cup was not strong enough. I thought my cup was delicious, but it could have been a little hotter for me. So, does someone have that perfect cup? Does anyone pre-brew (i.e. steep)? If I want a larger cup of coffee, do I program the amount of water as well as the amount of coffee? I use Major Dickinson Peet's Coffee Beans. If there is another brand that someone loves (that I can buy at my local grocery store in northern CA), please let me know.

I will grow to love this machine, but there is a steep learning curved involved. Thanks!

Nov 13, 2010
KRoche in Cookware

Nyc chowhounds need some help

I second Coi. What a fun dining experience! We chose to eat "a la carte" in the bar area and were thrilled with our choice. I also love Quince and don't think of it as a "work" environment. It's a little gem of a restaurant in an upscale neighborhood. For more low key ethnic food, you can read about Burma Star all over this board - it's a real crowd pleaser. I've heard the Burma Star people opened another restaurant on Clement street, though I have not been. I would skip French Laundry on this trip. It's amazing, but if you only have 2 days in SF, you'll lose an entire day eating there.
Lastly, we just got back from a similar excursion to NYC (with kids, though). Got a sitter one night and sat at the bar at Blue Hill - loved it!
Have a great trip!

Oct 10, 2007
KRoche in San Francisco Bay Area

Munich--where to eat?

Munich is one of my favorite cities to visit, and we've had some delicious meals there. After you've had your fill of beer and sausage, I highly recommend Acetaia on Nymphenbergerstrasse. The Italian menu is constructed around their 25 year old barrel aged balsamic vinegar. It is delicious! The restaurant is not too far from the Nymphenburg Castle, so if you're heading that way, don't miss Acetaia. I would call in advance for reservations. It has a great reputation and is not a very big restaurant.

Also, a fun afternoon activity is to rent bikes and ride into the English Garden (Englischer Garten). In the middle of the garden is the Chinese Tower where there is a great biergarten (Biergarten am Chinesischen Turm). Have a great trip!

May 07, 2007
KRoche in International Archive

Blowout dinner for 10 people - where?

What about the chef's table at Quince? A meal you won't soon forget!

Nov 24, 2006
KRoche in San Francisco Bay Area