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Restaurant in Lyon to try French delicacies

I want to try a few typically French things like Foie Gras, Escargot and Frog's legs. What is a good restaurant in Lyon where I could try those things and perhaps some others in ONE sitting? My price range is around or less than 50 Euros.

P.S If something must be left out, It would have to be the Foie gras since it's relatively available back home in NYC.

May 02, 2009
blackplatano in France

learning about wine by tasting

Just click on "show all" then click one of the retailer and then "continue". Your help is appreciated.

Nov 18, 2008
blackplatano in Wine

learning about wine by tasting

Just to clear somethings up, I will be staying in Lyons. I will definetly start a post about places to check out on the wine and culinary side.
Also, yes I'm 20, but buying wine is pretty simple for me sometimes since I look older. I assume a tasting would be harder to get into.

Love the book suggestions, keep them coming.

What do yo guys think of wine tasting sets like the one below?

Nov 12, 2008
blackplatano in Wine

learning about wine by tasting

I'm reading "Great Wine Made Simple" by Andre Immer. In the book, she suggests the reader taste 6 wines back to back in order to taste the differences. Then she suggests tasting 2 rieslings (a dry and a sweet) to know the difference in dryness, 2 sauvignon blancs (high acid and low acid) to taste for crispness, 2 chardonnays to taste oaky-ness and lastly a low tannin pinot and a high tannin Cab. That's a total of 14 wines and that's only the first two chapters...

Now this is my situation; I want to taste the wines in order to expand my knowledge but it is increasingly hard for me. For one, I am in college and 14 bottles of decent wine does not come cheap. Also, getting a group of friends to participate and split the cost is also difficult because all of my peers rather get wasted off redbulls and vodkas. So that won't happen. Are there any wines sold in tiny sample sizes or something? I've though about maybe going to a wine tasting, but I'm still 20 and that would be an issue.

The other thing is that next january I'm studying abroad in France and wanted to learn as much as possible about wine so I could go over there with some basic knowledge. that is why I am reading that book. What should I do?

Nov 11, 2008
blackplatano in Wine

Strip house recs

Hey, im going to striphouse this tuesday. What are the best items on the menu. What's their best steak cut? Thanks

Dec 11, 2006
blackplatano in Manhattan

eating with a college budget

Italian and seafood are my other favorites. Im willing to give other cuisines a try if it's reccomended.

Nov 26, 2006
blackplatano in Manhattan

eating with a college budget

Im a college student with a college budget. I am taking my girlfriend to a nice restaurant and i want to spend more of less $125 (+ - 25) on the both of us. We are under 21, so there's no wine to worry about. I would prefer a steakhouse, but im open to other suggestions. What are my best options?

P.S i would appreciate if the dress code was included.

Nov 24, 2006
blackplatano in Manhattan