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Good ethnic foods in Nassau County (south shore)?

We eat there (takeout) at least 2X's a month). Dont have the patience to get a table. Too crowded. Food is good, although inconsistent. That being said, its always good.

Hoosick Falls Suggestions

Hoosick? Nothing. Drive to Bennington.

Does anyone deliver anything besides italian & chinese on long island?

Takeout taxi. Don't know if they are still around, but they would pickup at many different restaurants and deliver to you for a fee.

Good Cuban Sandwich on LI?

anytime, if you go there, please report back. hoping its still good.

Good Cuban Sandwich on LI?

Its been a while, but Ithink this is it.

La Cubanita
1827 5th Ave
Bay Shore, NY 11706
(631) 273-9218

Good Cuban Sandwich on LI?


Just came back from the Laguna grille. While if I were comparing it to Subway, this was a good Cubano. Being a gringo myself, I have the good fortune of marrying into a latino family. And one f the benefits is going to REAL spanish restaurants. This is a place for folks that get a little shaky when they hear los palabras en espanol. You folks are really missing out.

New Pizza in Hicksville

Can't believe I posted this a year ago and did not reply. I despise mama theresas. Poor management and food. Worst non death experience ever for me, Garbage on bth accounts.

Well, looks like Marinellis did not last to long.

Toddler friendly on LI (E Nassau/W Suffolk)

Runyons- East Meadow. 13A was great til it went downhill and closed. Tesoro in Westbury is loud enough so you're not feeling selfconscious. Margaritas in East Meadow mexican or for that matter, any Mexican. Venere in EM. Tough to take the tykes out and have top notch, but all have adequate food.

blackstone in melville

Is it steak or sushi? Is it a japanese steakhous that has sushi? Or is it a geishing steakhouse with non-hapanese trying to make shushi?

New Pizza in Hicksville

Marinellis on Levittown Parkway.

I had feared that this place would not be good when I saw the Ray Bari truck parked i front of it when it was under construction.

I confirmed that suspicion today: The taste is exactly Ray Bari meaning that the sauce has the flavor of Ragu out of the jar and the crust is chewey like white bread.

So much for good pizza within walking distance.

Sushi around Farmingdale

Empty sushi restaurant = 2 day old fish.

--Ancient Japanese Proverb.

Long Island--site specific

Who are those posts by? People that drive on 95 from NJ to CT?

Nov 25, 2006
Hicksville in Site Talk

Long Island--site specific

Been a long time poster/reader and I have to emphatically agree. While the new layout is easier on the eyes, sifting through New jersey, upstate, CT, western NY is a bit of a headache.
What would also be wonderful, althogh, would be subcategories, ie, Italian, steak, chinese, etc.You'd think now that cnet owns this thing, there would be the funds to do something like that, such as a vDeck board has.

Nov 24, 2006
Hicksville in Site Talk

Sushi around Farmingdale

Unfortunately, Hoshi is no longer Hoshi. They changed the name and I'm not sure if it's a new owner. Looks like an attempt at fusion. Too bad.

We've been going to a place on Carman in East Meadow, that's in the same shopping center as Venere. Wish I could remember the name, but they do a good job. Plus, I have walked in there one night and the place was packed with Japanese folk, which I consider a very good endorsement.