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Where to go for a romantic birthday dinner?

I am looking for a great restaraunt to try for my birthday dinner in Boston. I like all types of food, and would like a romantic, and really great place! Thoughts?

Grill 23 vs. Moo

We have reservations for both the Classic Grill 23, a place we have been many times, and love, and the "trendy" Moo, someplace we have never been, but have heard fab things about. So the question for all of you is, try something new or stick with what we know. I am looking for any recent reviews for both places. Thanks!

Sprigs in Acton

I just noticed that there is a new restaraunt called Sprigs in Acton where 5 Strawberry Hill used to be. Anybody dared to try it out yet? If so, reviews?

Restaurant suggestions in Burlington, MA area?

Where is La Stanza you have a website for that? That is one that I have never heard of!

Dining in Lowell?

In Lowell I love Athenian Corner...very good Greek food, with a very casual atmosphere...I heard they have belly dancing too, although I have yet to witness that.
I also love La Boniche, for more upscale place. I have been there several times and have always had a good experience. Fortunado's and Cobblestones are also good choices.

Good Food in the Westford Area

Thanks for all the replies! I def love the Glenview for a good, casual, cheap meal! I have many fav's in Lowell, La Boniche
being one. I am very excited to try the Herb Lyceum! If anyone thinks of any others...especially upscale ones, let me know.
I would even be willing to go to Concord area, not sure if they
have more or not. Thanks again!

Cambridge Common

I always loved their burgers, and I would second the sweet potato fries. What we really used to go for was good beer, especially the sampler!

Good Food in the Westford Area


Good Food in the Westford Area

Thanks for the feedback. Was really looking for all types of cuisine, just places that have good food & atmosphere.

Good Food in the Westford Area

My hubby and I just bought a new house in Westford, MA. We have always been big fans of non-chain restaurants and were wondering if any one could give us some suggestions. We are willing to drive a bit...if it is worth it! Thanks!