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The Butchers, worst experience ever!!

We tried to redeem what was left of a groupon yesterday too. He told us that he doesn't take those things anymore, and we should get a refund from the company we bought it from (note - I got a refund for a few of them, but this one was half used). Then he offered to discount the steaks we had planned to buy since we had gone "all the way there". We walked out of the store and won't be back.

Il Gelatierie

good to know! last time i was near the yonge street one i skipped it because i assumed the prices were the same as in yorkville (which IMO are just too high).

ISO chocolate-covered pretzels

The Chocolateria on Roncesvalles has the rods, and is definitely high quality chocolate. Yum.

2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

Closed - there's a message on their website to come visit their Montreal location

THE BUTCHERS - I'm stunned !!

I got the refund from buytopia. Very relieved.

THE BUTCHERS - I'm stunned !!

Anyone have luck getting a refund from Buytopia? I haven't heard back from them and it's been more than a week.

ISO Brunch weekdays on Bloor west of Yonge

Flo's Diner is good for brunch in Yorkville. I'm not sure how difficult street parking is early in the AM but there are plenty of nearby lots.

70 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R1B9, CA

Group of girls in Yorkville - advice please!

Wanted to update post event. Ciao was great - everyone was really happy with their Pizza/Pasta selections and the cost was completely reasonable. I had the lamb ragu pappardelle which was quite nice. Portions were generous and service was attentive. Nothing exceptional, but was perfect for our crowd and I'd go back as it's a good option in the neighborhood.
It also put us in close proximity to Moroco Chocolat where we indulged in dessert/drinks after the meal! Thanks for the help!

99 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, ON M5R 3K3, CA

Bridal Shower Brunch/Lunch for June

Depending on what look and feel you're going for Madeleines Cherry Pie and Ice Cream Shop could be perfect. Different to the other suggestions, but they have a sweet space and yummy brunch with a pretty outdoor space.

Madeleines Cherry Pie and Ice Cream
1087 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5R3G8, CA

Group of girls in Yorkville - advice please!

Great! It's a B&T crowd (to borrow the NY term) so I'm sure they'll be happy!

As for me (I live quite close) - I can't wait to enjoy Caren's patio once the weather is warmer at night!

Group of girls in Yorkville - advice please!

Thanks for the advice! (in some cases given twice - since as JennaBean noted the original post got removed).

I booked us in at Ciao since the group will appreciate the Yorkville vibe more than they will the food, and it sounds like the food is pretty good too!

I appreciate all of your help and will let you know how it goes!

Group of girls in Yorkville - advice please!

They took a reservation! I'm going to walk by tonight and check it out.

Group of girls in Yorkville - advice please!

Thanks! I too love Caren's -- but I remember it being a small and intimate. Looking for something a little more lively for this bunch!

Group of girls in Yorkville - advice please!

I'm going out in a group of 7 for a girls night out this weekend. The reservation is currently at Chimichanga. I have read some pretty negative reviews elsewhere so thought I'd check in here to see if people could vouch it's decent based on recent visits.

Otherwise, does anyone have a suggestion of somewhere that is moderately priced and can accommodate a group? Cafe Nervosa would be perfect, but won't take a reservation after 6.

A few that come to mind are Ciao Wine Bar, Toni Bulloni and Remy's. All have decent menus and are affordable, but I haven't eaten at any of those so helping the crew here can help!

Thanks in advance!

Toni Bulloni
156 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A8, CA

Cafe Nervosa
75 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R1B8, CA

Ciao Wine Bar
133 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1C4, CA

Fine Indian Dining

Amaya is a great suggestion. The other one I really was impressed with was the Indian Rice Factory. Had a fantastic meal there with terrific service.

Indian Rice Factory
414 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M5R1V9, CA

1701 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4G 2C1, CA

1574 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G3B7, CA


Thanks all - she ended up finding at Highland farms as per your suggestions!


Thanks for your replies. It's actually my aunt's request so I sent her back the info and will let you know what she says!


Hi All,
Does anyone know where I could find already prepared "southern style grits" in Toronto to use as a side dish?

Thanks in advance for your help :)

Afternoon tea for a bridal shower - help!

Friends of mine were at a tea at Madeleine's Ice Cream and Cherry Pie shop and said it was really nice. I love that space!!

A question about shawarma and Toronto..

Melodies on Highway 7 and Leslie has what you're looking for - their Shawarma is completely white meat. It tasted different than normal shawarma, but was still great!

230 Commerce Valley Dr E, Thornhill, ON L3T7Y9, CA

Charlie's Burger?

Me too! CB is going to be the reason I give in and finally get a blackberry/iphone ;)

New Soup Kitchen - Tiger Lily's on Mt Pleasant

There's an article on martiniboys with some more information:

Dinah's Soup Kitchen
1057 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4P, CA

Dooney's done?

Hi All,
Caught this post on blogTo about how Dooney's is closed for renos:

Anyone have the actual scoop on what's happening to the space?

Just curious :



Dooneys Cafe
511 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1Y4, CA

Amaya Winterlicious

I was at Amaya last night and had a really positive experience. We had a reservation at 8, and didn't leave until 10. The bill was on the table for about a half hour before we paid, but we felt free to linger and even were offered refills of our water several times. We found the portions totally ample, but I can't compare to the non-licious sizes since that was my first visit. The host and our waiter were both really friendly and attentive.

And no sign of a female waitress with attitude nor were there issues with our bill. I guess we got lucky!

In any case, my friends and I look forward to returning there for a non-licious meal :)

January and February Prix Fixe alternatives to Winterlicious?

There was an article about this in the Post on Saturday:

Mirabelle (Yonge/Eglinton)

Hey daddyg,
I actually don't know Dion - I have a friend that had raved about Mirabelle for a long time and I finally was getting around to checking it out. She was also upset to hear about the changes and was going to stop by to see if Dion was still there -- I'll let you know when she does.

They didn't seem to have a wine list - and I overheard the server telling the other table about some wine they had left over from Mirabelle days that they could order.

Truffles in boxes for just two?

A friend makes truffles to order - and offers 2 to a box. See

Mirabelle (Yonge/Eglinton)

I called on Saturday to make a reservation at Mirabelle and when they answered the phone (same number) was very confused. They explained that they had recently reopened with a new name - Dizengoff Grill‎. I asked about the new menu and was told that a lot of the old stuff was left on it. So I made a reservation for dinner that evening.

When I got there (around 7:45) the place was empty save for one other table. The sign outside says it is a gastro pub, but the new menu was really basic pub fare: fish and chips, steak sandwich, club sandwich, stew etc. Anything I had hoped to eat on the old menu was missing from the new menu. In fact, there was nothing that appealed to me on the new menu. (As an aside, from looking at the old menu [still posted on the Mirabelle site] the only items that I remember appearing on the new menu are the Caesar Salad and Hamburger.)

I left and was fortunate to get a table at Quince next door - which was great.

2110 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4S 2A5, CA

Dizengoff Grill
2112 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

Dark restaurants in Toronto ?

Harbour 60 was also very dark. Maybe it's a steakhouse thing :)

Sufganyot (Jelly Doughnuts)

I had ones from Grodzinski Bakery on Bathurst this weekend. They were great!

Grodzinski Bakery
3437 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M6A, CA