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Value Pinot Noir at the LCBO - under $15

Looking for suggestions on under $15 value Pinot Noirs at the LCBO. Recently found a fantastic one - Lulu B '07 Pinot Noir, SW France for $12.95. Fabulous fruit and well balanced at a great price.

I'm finding that my palette is starting to veer towards more light-medium bodied wines, had enough of cough syrup. Has anyone else encountered anything worth noting?

Cognac tasting in Toronto

the best value VS Cognac is Henri Mounier, about $39 on the general list at the LCBO, pretty much even with Hennessy for $20 bucks less!

Best sub-$15 wines at LCBO?

Surprised that there hasn't been any mention of Cono Sur from Chile. They offer a 1500ml Cab/Shiraz and a Cab/Merlot for $14.05 (prefer the Cab/Shiraz). I'm sure everyone can figure out the math; a 750ml bottle for $7. For an all purpose quaffer it has impressive depth for the price. They also have a Sauvignon Blanc at the same price and size which is okay but nothing special.

Source for DUCK FAT

Cumbrae's has it and it's close by (original Dundas store).

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, hopefully others will benefit from the information.

Source for DUCK FAT

any suggestions where to find duck fat in the GTA, preferrably closer to the west (Burlington area).


High Quality Baking Chocolate

Any suggestions where to source high end baking chocolate? (Valrhona or equivalent) Can be retail or wholesale. Ideally the source would be located in the Burlington vicinity but will gladly take suggestions for Toronto and points in between.


Private Chef, Mississauga

you may want to check out another current posting on the board called 'Personal Chef for a Private Party', there's some good feedback there.

Personal Chef for Private Party

Okay, here's the email address:

His name is Mark. Regardless of who you use, let us know how it went.


Personal Chef for Private Party

Not too long ago I attended a dinner party for 14 at a friend's home. They hired a chef who no longer works full time in the business but still does dinners such as this on a word of mouth basis. Everything was fantastic, great attention to detail, on par with TO fine dinning. The kitchen at the house was spacious and allowed for lots of interaction while the cooking was happening. I believe he's from Hamilton and has worked at some high end establishments in Toronto & Niagara and owned his own place as well (apparently also did a bit of time at Stadtlander's farm). I'll see if I can get contact info from my friend.

Hamilton hounds -- have you tried either of these?

another restaurant in Hamilton that tries to be ambitious, something of substance bites the dust ..... again. what a surprise.

Peller Estates Winery Restaurant (NOTL) poor experience

east side mario's serves substantial portions of pasta

Peller Estates Winery Restaurant (NOTL) poor experience

All the plates looked great, price didn't seem too out of line.

Rousseau House Ancaster - recent visit anyone? Other high-end Hamilton area?

Isn't the chef at bistro parisien the same one from compton & greenland at the RGB?

Does anyone remember a restaurant named Spruce

I remember reading an article about this restaurant in the Wine Spectator some time ago. I believe the executive chef was about 17 years old, the equivalent of a child 'culinary' star .... he's probably in rehab now.

Nov 25, 2006
schnauzer in Chicago Area

Hamilton, Ontario ... List of Best Ever Restaurants .....

Childhood Memories;
The Huddle
The Chicken Roost
Woolworths - Strawberry Milkshakes served in the stainless steel mixing cup with burger and fries!

Ron's Big Easy had an atmosphere that no other restaurant has ever had in Hamilton but unfortunately began to die a slow and painful death after the first year.

The list of undisputable culinary competence in no particular order;
-Samfira/Metropolitan Bistro
All three had their particular strengths and weaknesses, unfortunately didn't get to Las Aguas but understand that they were of high quality.

Can't comment on any present establishments, have found that generally Hamilton is heavy on style but extremely low on substance (can anyoune say La Costa?) but these seem to be the places that have always been the most celebrated. Is the bar so low in this city because the patrons don't ask it to be raised any higher?

High-end food, "boisterous" atmosphere

Ultra or North44 (upstairs or down)

Hamilton, Ontario ... List of Best Ever Restaurants .....

thanks ..... as I said though I'm interested in hearing peoples opinion on PAST AND PRESENT, an all time list including establishments that may still not be in operation.

Hamilton, Ontario ... List of Best Ever Restaurants .....

Some may find this question amusing but over the years which establishments past and present make your list of the best ever in this very challenging culinary environment. Who went beyond the usual mediocrity?