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Are Chinese Restaurants the most intimidating ethnic establishments?

Actually, if they were caffinated they soda could have been a problem. Utah has heavily Mormon areas and Caffeine is on their list of don'ts.

Aug 03, 2007
doogette in Not About Food

St. Peter and Northfield, MN recs?

The Ole Store has been closed for a while.

Am I just an ugly American?

I can't say I expected that lyric to pop up in a discussion here, but it is apt.

Jun 17, 2007
doogette in Not About Food

What to do with blue cheese?

BlueCheese pork tenderloin

Sear off a pork tenderloin
Grill it till medium rare.
Cut a slit down the middle Stuff it with the blue cheese of your choice
Foil the pork.
Finish for 5 more minutes on the grill.

This assumes your guests haven't scarfed the blue cheese on rosemary crackers waiting for the grill master to finish his magic.

May 30, 2007
doogette in Home Cooking

good reads about eating? [moved from Not About Food]

Things which haven't been previously mentioned:
Michael Ruhlman "The Making of a Chef" ," The Soul of a Chef" and "The Reach of a Chef"
- I love his writing style and these books are just wonderful. They build on each other. If you were an industrious college student you might use them as a modern example of how Modern Chefs correlate to Dogen's(first Japanese Zen Master) ideal kitchen monk. I'm seriously thinking about buying copies of those that I borrowed from the library for loaning out.

I've also been known to read, while eating and alone, random pages in the Larousse Gastronomique. That having been said I also reand encyclopedias for fun growing up so your mileage may vary

May 27, 2007
doogette in Food Media & News

Portland ME - Hotel, Neighborhood, Food reccs?

Thanks for the Whoopie Pie rec. I've been trying to explain their importance to my midwestern husband and he just doesn't get it.

[MSP] Here Bunny Bunny Bunny

Sweet. Thanks for the clarification all. I really do appreciate it.

[MSP] Here Bunny Bunny Bunny

Where is Haj?

The hare I remember was in the restaurant in the walled fort Monte Reggiano. Beautiful.

[MSP] Here Bunny Bunny Bunny

Reddyrat's review is what made me think to ask the question.

And it does sound yummy.

[MSP] Here Bunny Bunny Bunny

So while I was in Itally last spring I developed a tast for rabbit and hare. Neither is common on menus in america. So I ask you, where in the metro have you seen/had either and was it good bad or indifferent?

Looking for descent places in South Bend/Mishawka

Are you saying they are expanding the SB location or are you talking about the branch location at the big Michigan City outlet mall?

Chef launches mustard attack on dressing-on-the-side requesting barman

I missread the original post and thought the link was to a different article.
oh well.

Apr 15, 2007
doogette in Food Media & News

Chef launches mustard attack on dressing-on-the-side requesting barman

This article from the citypages may shed more light on the situation

"It's fitting that a place known for its unconventional bar food would be the site of an unconventional bar fight, and this was it. Schoenefeld, armed with a full mustard bottle, doused the bartender (and several nearby customers). A second bartender then physically threatened Schoenefeld."

His behavior was unacceptable. His food is amazing. His hamburgers are the height of beauty at a good price(see internal link in above article for review of the bar).

I suspect the owner was drawing the line in the sand that he won't put up with unprofessional behavior

Apr 15, 2007
doogette in Food Media & News

Looking for descent places in South Bend/Mishawka

Polito's Garlic pizza is great. We were there last weekend during the Easter visit for the first time. I suspect we will end up alternating that with Bruno's when we go back in the future as Bruno's is frequently the default pizza place for my sweeties crew of friends.

Fiddlers Hearth is good.We end up there a fair bit when we are in town.

Mugs, is that breakfast place on the same corner as a florist and a honey baked ham shop? My street names in that area are terrible. If it is, it's name is The Original Pancake House (and the website says it's on Ironwood so this seems like a safe bet). This is actually a chain. We've got 2 in Minneapolis with very different decor but the food is stilll really good in either location here or the one in Mishawaka.

I'm surprised no one here has mentioned the South Bend Chocolate Company. I've only had candy from there but everything else looks mighty tasty.

The Mcrees will be opening a sit down restaurant north of the mall sometime in the next year and a half It's still under construction in a belt of high dollar targeted retail space in the same area.

Union Station in Mishawaka wasn't bad when we went there about 2 years ago.They've got an original Kamm and Shellinger bar which is cool. We were unhappy with the price point because it seemd to cost 2-3 dollars more per dish than the equivalent of what we get in the Twin Cities.

Graduation dinner in or near South Bend

How big is your group?
Union Station in Mishawaka isn't bad(granted this was 2 years ago). His parents(from the area and in no way are they chowhounds)liked it. We were looking at it for the groom's dinner but ended up going elsewhere for various reasons. On the upside they have an original Kamm&Schelinger bar which is exceptionally pretty to look at.

[MSP]Has anyone been to Craftsman recently?

I'm thinking about taking a buisness associate there but I don't see any recent reviews. Has anyone been there recently?

MSP Lenten Friday Fish Fries

From the calendar section of this weeks The Catholic Spirit., I would suggest checking back intermittently as they may have posted more for next week. .
I excised those that were this past Friday.

Soup supper at Sabbath House, Minneapolis — Feb. 26: Soup supper at 6:30 p.m. followed by prayer and reflection from 7 to 8 p.m. at 3228 Portland Ave. S.

Lenten soup supper at Holy Cross, Minneapolis — Feb. 28: 4:30 to 7 p.m. at 1621 University Ave. N.E. Soup, bread, dessert and beverage. Cost is $4 for adults, $2 for children. Sponsored by Holy Cross English Altar and Rosary Guild.

Fish fry at St. Anne, Hamel — March 2: 4:30 to 7 p.m. at 200 Hamel Road. Cost is $7.50 for ages 13 and older, $4 for ages 5 to 12 and free for children 4 and under.

Feb 24, 2007
doogette in Minneapolis-St. Paul

What do the contents of your freezer say about you?

Ours says bulk bargain buyers and multiple batch food makers.

2 2quart containers of homade chicken soup base-(typically thicken and topped with biscuits in 'pot pie' form.

1 1quart container of Beef Bourguignon. We typically make triple batches of this as it is a nice round number of wine bottles.

3 1 quart containers of spaghetti sauce. Half turkey and half Spicy sausage.

A large number of frozen corn

Frozen peas
random meat-raw.
Random brisket and ribs smoked by my hubby last summer.
store bought pierogies
Store bought chinese dumplings.
Girl scout cookies
Eggo waffles
Gumbo -leftover from a friends gumbo feed.
1 smoked turkey breast from the 10 smoked on Thanksgiving.
shredded cheese
locally made tamales
The strategic butter reserve.
2 packages of Nueskiessmoked baken....I love living in a state where it is normally in the stores!

Feb 19, 2007
doogette in Not About Food

Alton Brown is my hero.

Do you remember the website?

Feb 17, 2007
doogette in Food Media & News

Vegetarian in Michiana

Michiana=(northern Indiana(like around South Bend) and Southern Michigan).

I have a sneaky suspicion African is going to be hard in Michiana. But given your description you might want to consider looking for Ethiopian. however I can't find anything closer to Michiana on the web than Chicagoland, Indy or Detroit.

Unfortunate foreign food names or brands

I always forget the 's on Man's Pocky...without the 's it sounds bad.

Feb 09, 2007
doogette in Not About Food

Unfortunate foreign food names or brands

I used to work on a support team that always tried to cajole the UK consultants to bring us Hob-Nobs when they came through the main office. The name may be un fortunate but, heavens they're tastey.

Feb 09, 2007
doogette in Not About Food

[MSP] Quiet, relaxed, modestly-priced dinner spot for small group

Winter is the best time,IMHO, to go to MotH.

Feb 08, 2007
doogette in Minneapolis-St. Paul

[MSP] Quiet, relaxed, modestly-priced dinner spot for small group

If it isn't to ethnic(which sorta depends on the starting ethnic background of the crowd) I would argue Moscow on the HIll. Their side room can seat good sized tables and I don't find it to loud. It also meets the "Can we take his Parents there?" challenge. (but they are of german/polish extraction so russian isn't to far from their comfort zone).

I'm not sure about parking but how about the Longfellow Grill? I'd suggest Highland grill but parking there is worse.

I would second Al Vento.

Feb 07, 2007
doogette in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP - End of the month Update for your fellow chowhounds!

I would tend toward over vinegared...and it was the first time I had really thought about rice in nigiri

Where have I not had sushi in MSP?

It would be my first suspect. They have a lot of clients, a good rate and a high enough turn rate to have the freshest fish.

Feb 05, 2007
doogette in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Where have I not had sushi in MSP?

Coastal Seafood is the best known fish distributor in the area.

Feb 05, 2007
doogette in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Fish Fraud -- KCBS2 Investigation

We had a similar issue in Minneapolis last year. Instead of red snapper, people were advertising Walleye and giving people a distant european relative named zander. (


The above articleplink points towards the super useful FDA list of approved market names for fish . (

Feb 05, 2007
doogette in Food Media & News

MSP - End of the month Update for your fellow chowhounds!

Al Vento- Special event Wine and 4 course menu. The roasted tomato sauce and gnocchi were positively sinful. Wine from Graziano very tasty.

Bagu Sushi - Shrimp tempura app and a roll. The roll was good the tempura was good. Avoided the nigiri.

Original Pancake House- Lunch. Big fluffy 4 egg omelets are sometimes what a girl really craves.

Pizza Luce.- When I was out of state I pined for their Baked Potato Pizzas. I pine no more.

Azia- First time. I had the diver scallops and crispy noodles. He had the cranberry shrimp curry. The scallops were cooked beautifully and the flavor was good. His Cranberry curry was good. Overall not a bad experience. I'm just not sure I'm interested in making it a frequent stop.

MSP - End of the month Update for your fellow chowhounds!

My issue with Ba Gu has been the rice. I find their Nigiri unpalatable because the rice is to strongly flavoured and throws off the balance of the Nice fish.