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Elite Cafe

"Unfortunately, that's an underserved street for eating."

*cough* Harry's Bar *cough

dungeness crab without the work?

you're so close you should be able to taste it already...

When i order Cioppino, I'll indicate to the waiter that i'd like it "Lazy Style". My favorite places already know what that means, ie: The Fish Market San Mateo, and Tadich Grill. the only shells i get are the clam and mussels.

As for the other places who don't quite understand this concept of "lazy"...all you can do is explain and hope. My thinking is, if the menu includes crab louie...they have picked crabmeat in the kitchen already and only need a way to adjust the price and portion.

if it isn't cioppino you're after, and crab louie doesn't tickle your pickle either...move along to the next reply i can't help you.

Make your own Bloody Mary bars in the Bay Area?

YouReeka! (you have found it) although perhaps, Sparks/Reno may be out of range.

John Asquaga's Nugget Hotel...Lobby Bar by the front desk has something they call a "Bloody Mary Buffet". It is in fact everything you've asked for: condiments, fluids, produce, set up on what looks like an old "Victoria Station Salad Bar" type cart and after buying of a glass of ice with vodka, you're on your own.

my advice however, much closer, and more perfect than even I can perform (and i am REALLY good at it)...The Mucky Duck off Judah around 8th i think.