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Ogunquit at Christmas -- what's open?

As per the below. Five-0, off season, is outstanding in every way. Great list of half bottles. Awesome desserts. Great, GREAT stuff at Village Market. We're here right now. It's awesome this time of year.

rec for fab Ogunquit restaurant please!

Five-o. One of the best meals of my life. And I'm a glutton.

VT Trip Oct.2012: A Week of Burlington Bliss (Long!)

Cady's Falls is beyond magic. We've bought many of their plants, especially the native showy lady's-slipper orchids. Great value, and just a tremendous spot.

Specific idea for Burlington VT - romantic

The Inn at Shelburne Farms. Really.

Restaurant recommendations in New Hampshire and Vermont

L. A. Burdick in Walpole, NH, on the CT river. Favorite restaurant. Awesome chocolate.

Best Wine Shops in the US

Burlington, Vermont, you say? Two spots.

Church Street Wine Cellars has limited hours, and every-so-often tastings. But they are GREAT. Marinell Newton is a GIFTED teacher (also a social worker) who works her butt off to study up before tastings. Her notes are excellent. Kristin Halverson knows wine, knows the business, and is a total love.

Our main spot, though, is Brad Kelly's Burlington Wine Shop. It's right on City Hall Park. He has a modest selection but he knows every bottle. His weekly tastings (Saturdays, 1-7) are a must, and we've gotten to know other local wine denizens. He's a true introvert, but he's also a very savvy businessman and has an EXCELLENT nose.

There are some other places in the region and they all have their fans, but those are my go-tos.

May 22, 2012
RudigerVT in Wine

Best Wine Shops in the US

Morrell is down the street from our NYC digs (the fabulous Radio City Apartments, on 49th between 7th and 8th). We took the Rockefeller Center architecture tour last year and were told that the rent on those places goes up to 1M/year. So I think that helps explain the price. The staff, though, is awesome, and the convenience factor couldn't be beat. Spent a couple hundred over a one-week stay, but had some swell stuff. Ah, New York.

May 22, 2012
RudigerVT in Wine

Perfect pairing for 2005 Joel Gott "5" Cab

Jock, (and others) thanks so much. Actually, I see your point. My partner LOVES beef stroganoff, so it'd be a win all the way around.

Mar 23, 2012
RudigerVT in Wine

Perfect pairing for 2005 Joel Gott "5" Cab

I'm putting together a multi-course dinner that'll include my wine guy and his wife. I'm wanting to (maybe) feature this wine:

Wine guy sold it all, so thought it'd be fun for it to 'appear.' I'll probably decant for an hour, but then serve it with...what? I don't want to do a grilled steak, as I don't want to have to leave the table for that long (or depend on the weather, which is often icky during the planned season).

I'm actually not a big cab guy. Pinot is my bag, which is a better match for most of my go-to dishes.

I'm guessing it would be meat. It'll be surrounded by...
1. Plated starter (smoked salmon pate on endive scoops (pink sparkler
)2. Wild mushroom and duck consume soup (Chinon-style Cab Franc)
3. Salmon in a pistachio/orange/olive-oil sauce (Alsace pinot blanc)
4. This course
5. Cesar salad (big, waxy Semillon)
6. Dessert TBA*
7. ER for gall-bladder removal.

*I have, on occasion, paired a real zinfandel -- not late-harvest -- with a dense chocolate mousse in a currant coulis, which can be rather great. But I don't think it'd be so swell to go that way, given CS's more vegetal notes. I can nearly always perceive green bell pepper.


Mar 22, 2012
RudigerVT in Wine

Coffee Grinder for Aeropress

I've got an AP -- which is pretty neat -- along with, oh, lordy, enough espresso gadgets that I should be in a support group. Anyway, the problem w/ the manual grinders is that they are SLOW. I don't think a super-even grind matters that much in the AP. I've now got a Baratza, and it's pretty darn great. It's put my (I can't bear to report what it cost) Mazzer Mini up in a closet.

Feb 16, 2012
RudigerVT in Cookware

Looking for Best Destination Restaurants in VT, NH, ME

L. A. Burdick in Walpole, NH.

It's quite possibly my favorite restaurant in the world.

I need ideas for New Years Eve Dinner in Burlington, VT

This is easy: go to the Clover House in Colchester. Seriously. Wonderful food. We won't be here for NYE, but if we were, that's where we'd be.

Private party options in Burlington, VT?

Memt, UVM faculty here, so thank you! Outdoors is SUPER iffy that time of year. August First would be a terrific venue. If the weather's good, it's mid-way between the lake and the hub of downtown. Plus, there's on-street parking. They do excellent work.

Other options would include Penny Cluse. You'd about fill their space. It's downtown, but marvelous food.

Finally, when my partner and I had a big commitment ceremony in 2003, we had our 'rehearsal dinner' on the Lake Champlain ferry. Not the excursion boat: the ferry. You can go the excursion-boat route, but I can't speak to that (or rather, I've done it, but wouldn't suggest it).

Anyway, we had a caterer make up a bunch of great stuff, which we loaded into our station wagon. Then, we bought foot-passenger tickets for our guests, which we distributed. We then loaded up on the boat, greatly enjoyed the crossing (it's about an hour and ten minutes each way, so about 2.5 hours, total). You have the whole ferry to wander, which means that there are plenty of spots for people to mingle. Afterward, those who wanted to could trundle up the hill to Church Street, or whatever.

It's a bit weather-dependent, but, if you're the sort who'd like to do some of this yourself, then it's a really neat way to go about this. Plus, barring a rainstorm, it's the most poetic way to approach Burlington, and you would have marvelous photo-ops.

One way or another, though, UVM commencement is really a very special event and I hope you and your family enjoy it. I gladly serve as a Marshal, and I look forward to it!

Thanksgiving in Burlington, VT?

Gem, I had a terrific Thanksgiving buffet at the Essex, about 15 years ago. Lovely spot. I'm glad to hear that they've kept it up.

Berkeley, CA wine-store reccommendations

Some friends are now at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific (aka CDSP):
2451 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA 94709-1217

Can anybody recommend a really great wine store that's nearby? By 'really great," I mean cozy, friendly, lots of great options at great prices, but really a wine store. I'm looking for a spot where we could get them a gift certificate and they could count on going in and being directed toward really really great juice.


Ogunquit area in winter

Seacastles ( has AWESOME off-season rates. We're going there for a 4-night visit the weekend before Thanksgiving. Love the place.

Thanksgiving in Burlington, VT?

Let me second that. We've had several Thanksgivings at Mary's. Why? Because I *can* make the meal they offer. But at about $50/plate, I can't do it for that amount of money. Okay, sure I'd have left-overs. But I'd also spend the better part of 3 days making it happen.

Highly. HIGHLY recommended.

Inn at Baldwin Creek & Mary's Restaurant
1868 S 116 Rd, VT 05443

Annual Burlington Visit- Seeking 5 Excellent Dinners

Foodie-great destinations include Shelburne Farms (the obvious) and Clover House (in Colchester) the trust-me insider's haunt.

Burlington-Centered Foodie Tour Ideas ?

Shelburne Farms. Just a no-brainer. Their farmhouse cheddars are excellent, and it's arguably the hottest piece of real estate in the state.

If the weather's good, you can take the Lake Champlain ferry, bringing on a picnic of your own. Simple thing to do is provision at the Onion River Co-Op, though I'd direct you to get your wine at the Burlington Wine Shop, which is just wonderful. Anyway, the CoOp sells fantastic apples this time of year, and has a really good selection of local cheese and bread, desserts etc. It's about a one-hour crossing each way, and by far the most prosaic means of getting into Burlington.

Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant near Plainfield, NH

Walpole, NH, is 37 miles. L. A. Burdick is utterly awesome. It's my favorite restaurant in New England.

And yes, awful about Simon Pearce.

Simon Pearce Restaurant
1760 Quechee Main St., Quechee, VT 05059

Dinner in Burlington

I'd seriously consider The Clover House. It's in a suburb (Colchester) and was, for many years, a neighborhood joint. The chef is excellent. The fare runs the gamut from pub-grub usuals to an ever-changing sheet of specials. Wine list is....acceptable. But there's really nothing else in the region for this kind of value.

For an experience, then consider the Inn at Shelburne Farms (Shelburne, just south of town). It's a one-of-a-kind Gilded Age estate. If you've got time for a breakfast/brunch event, then GO.

I gave Bluebird Tavern two chances and both times found their food to be heavy and sort of over-wrought.

Enjoy your visit.

Bluebird Tavern
Burlington, VT, Burlington, VT

Taste of Burlington, A wonderful meal!

3 meals there. Uneven. Went on Easter. Prie fixe. Soup was warm, but its bowl wasn't, so it got cold fast. Most everything else was good, but I really expect that this sort of detail is worked out.

Houseguest wanted to take us to dinner last summer. Good location (she gets around with difficulty). Service on their lakefront terrace was not actively rude, just sort of indifferent. Food was overpriced and underwhelming.

Went again to a friend's event there. Food was good. Didn't pay, so can't evaluate ROI.

Bottom line: won't be back. Rather take another chance on a different place that's better with the details.