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Resturant in Sedan, France - Ardennes

If you find yourself in Sedan, France on the fringes of the Ardennes, have dinner at La Ronde des Sens - 34 rue du Meril 08200 SEDAN 03 24 33 57 27.

We were there on a very quiet Monday night and had two fantastic, large plat du jours for roughly 28 euros each. That was for three courses (cheese or dessert). A well rounded, reasonable wine list topped off quite a wonderful meal.

Sep 21, 2009
WalSimp in France

Baltimore Harbor Crab

And then it got COMPLETELY out of control ....

Baltimore Harbor Crab

Many moons ago (i.e. 13 years or so) I went to Baltimore and had the best crab of my life. It was this little boat on the Inner Harbor - there was a boiling crab pot in the front and two or three picnic tables in the back. You got a mallet and a plastic knife. Maybe a bit of corn. Dozen crabs were something like $17. I think he might have sold beer as well.

Does such a place exist any more? Is there anywhere in the Baltimore area to get great crack and eat crab?

We are going to visit my sister in late April ....


Brunch in Royal Oak, Birmingham, etc.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a nice place to have brunch after a baptism in the Oakland County area? There would be about 20 people .....


Fantastic Edinburgh restaurant

We just got back from Edinburgh and I just had to post about one restaurant that was heads above all the rest.

The Grain Store is a small place on the first floor (2nd floor for all the Americans out there) of a storefront on Victoria Street (behind the Castle). This place was cozy and welcoming with EXCELLENT staff, a great wine list and a wonderful menu. Fresh local seafood (the Leith oysters were to die for - and I don't like raw oysters!!), wonderful meats and gorgeous cheese/dessert to finish.

And the best part in this time of appalling dollar strength - very reasonably priced. Here is the web-site if any one is interested.....

Sep 30, 2007
WalSimp in U.K./Ireland

Chinese delivery Oakland County MI

That is EXACTLY what I was looking for!! Thanks!

Chinese delivery Oakland County MI

Does ANYONE deliver good Chinese food in Oakland County? Preferably Bloomfield, Birmingham, Royal Oak, Ferndale, Southfield area?

Good Chinese food being the operative phrase .....


Great Greek Restaurant - Northern Oakland County Michigan

Hi All!

Anyone know of a really great Greek restaurant in Northern Oakland County? I don't want to drive all the way downtown Detroit...

Thank you!

Detroit Area - Tribute Restaurant Lunch

Hi All!!!!

Tribute Restaurant in Farmington MI, that amazing bastion of phenom food, is now serving lunch. And I tell you what, it is fantastic AND a bargain!!!!

For $20 you can have a soup or a salad or a dessert and an entree. And the portions are gigantic. Three of us shared a main (mussles - $17) as a starter then each had soup or salad and a entree. We were quite full and it really was a deal. I think the food bill for three people was $77 without drinks.

The same wonderful atmosphere and service and, if you are so inclined, the same wonderful wine list.

Tribute is going to offer this, for sure, through January and then decide whether to continue indefinitely based on demand. So EVERYONE - GO!

The BEST places to eat in Detroit/suburban area

And a great Vietnamese in Dearborn - Annam. Fantastic!

Nov 22, 2006
WalSimp in Great Lakes

Good eats in Novi, Livonia, Farmington, Northville--MI anyone???

Welcome to the area!!! OK - West Bloomfield - Hong Hua for Chinese (Orchard Lake and 12 mile - but can be expensive), Shangri-La for Dim Sum (Orchard Lake and 15 Mile) - get there before 12 on the weekend. Zinc Brasserie on Orchard Lake and 14 1/2 Mile - no reservations, but GREAT people watching. Bombay Grille for Indian at Orchard Lake and 13 Mile - I think that might be the Indian joint Summerfield can't remember the name of above. (Do you see a theme here???).

To get a bit further afield - great Cuban in Royal Oak - Habana on Main Street and ....OK - can't remember the cross street. Strangely, next door and attached to the Cuban is a pretty good Belgian place (?!?!?) and I can't remember that name (apparently my brain is going..).

In Birmingham, GREAT seafood at Streetside Seafood on Pierce Street. Some people will tell you Mitchell's Seafood in Birmingham, but don't believe them!! Also 220 Merrill on Merrill Street is good. Also a bit pricey. Beverly Hills Grill in Beverly Hills on Southfield Road and 13Mile. No reservations, however. We always eat at the bar. They have great breakfast as well. And their food is always good. Always.

OH! Good Mexican (no booze yet, though and not very salubrious) is at Camelia's on 12 Mile just east of Orchard Lake Road.

Cherry Blossum in Novi on Novi Road north of 96 in the mall off to the left. I think some of the best sushi around - but that might be fighting words to some.

Good eating!