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Lunch in Grand Junction, then Dinner and breakfast in Cedar City or St. George??

The gastronomic highlight of my GJ to SD drive happened to be a dive in Fruita, CO called "Munchies." Lot's of handwritten specials on the wall..... I chose the excellent hand made "Philly" sirloin burger topped with ortegas, shrooms, and swiss, served piping hot with home cut crispy fries. This is what Chowhounds are looking for. I'm quite sure I was the only non-local in the joint.

Dec 21, 2011
sano in Mountain States

Lunch in Grand Junction, then Dinner and breakfast in Cedar City or St. George??

Weather delays had me leaving Grand Junction a tad late. A local recommended 'Munchies' cafe, a tad west of Grand Junction on US70. Very good 'Philly Burger' special... hand made thick sirloin pattywith fresh shrooms, ortegas, and swiss.
Pulled off the highway at St.George jsut after dark, grabbeda room, had a drink, went to Gunbarrel Steak and Game based on Chow and TripAdvisor. Had the Caeser Salad (blah), and Buffalo ribs. The ribs had the muushy texture one expects from crockpotting, and were drowned in a cloyingly sweet syrupy sauce. Blech.
The lady at the next table had a steak that presented grey.
Based on that experience, I'd go for an In' And Out burger, anothe rdrink at the hotel, and write off St.George

Dec 15, 2011
sano in Mountain States

Lunch in Grand Junction, then Dinner and breakfast in Cedar City or St. George??

Thanks, GG.

Mesquite may be my halfway/overnight spot if the snow doesn't slow me down. If it does, then Cedar City or St.George will see me at Sullivans or Fairway....or BearsPaw or the GunBarrel.

I don't do restaurant chains.

Dec 13, 2011
sano in Mountain States

Lunch in Grand Junction, then Dinner and breakfast in Cedar City or St. George??

I'm flying to Grand Junction at noon, grabbing a car, then driving right back to San Diego. Google indicates it's a 14 hour drive, so I'll overnight somewhere in the middle... Cedar City or St. George by dinnertime??? Utah???

Lunch in Grand Junction?

Is there a dinner in Cedar City or St. George that's worthwhile for a to-be-road weary chowhound traveler? Nothing dressy... I'm traveling light and fast, but that's no reason to miss a good dining opportunity.

And then breakfast before careening south...back to the beach? Great bakerys/coffees/scrambles.

I could see hotelling and supping in Cedar City, then breakfasting in St. George, then lunching in Vegas if there was an easy parking access.


Dec 08, 2011
sano in Mountain States

Morro Bay Chow

Took a long weekend off to visit friends in Morro Bay.

Drive- South Orange County, up the beach. Wanted a really fast lunch, so stopped at Tinkers in Summerland. It's been better. This time the patties seemed a bit gristley, the bacon even moreso. Sigh. Should have gone to Superica.

Morro Bay sunsets are hard to beat. Dinner at Taco Temple salvaged the day. They seated the 4 of us right away; amazing , considering it was Friday evening prime time and there were couples waiting. Service was slow as they were breaking in a new cook. To pacify us they treated us to bowls of papaya salsa and guacamole. Then the appetizers arrived. Very nice nachos and a huge plate of golden fried calamari. Happpy us. Specials on the board included huge plates of mussels in artichokes, flatiron steak tacos, killer rellenos.... I went for seared scallop tacos ... a load of scallops on mixed greens and stuff on tortillas. The others had salmon tostadas and halibut tacos.. Everybody was happy, stuffed and took home a box with enough left over for large lunch. Again apologizing for the somewhat slow service, the manager sent us home with a big slice of chocolate cheese cake, which we sliced into big chunks and served like petitfours... Taco Temple... comes through with flying colors.

Day 2 dinner: Tognazzinis... inside. The patio was closing, so we sat inside. Though we were a table of 15 semi-rowdy re-unioners, the waitress was unflappable. The big Morro Bay oysters were plucked fresh from the tank, grilled, and served on the half shelll bathed in garlic butter and white wine. Fat fresh and decadent. The fish displayed on the patio were all on the menu.... each species described down to the boat that caught it. SHimmery fresh rock cod any way you wanted it: veracruzana, mojo de ajo, fried, or simpley grilled with lemon. Fries were crisp, beer was cold. They K.I.S.S. and do it well.

I mourn the demise of the Fish Bowl down the way, and am relieved Tognazzinis fills the void. Good Oysters, good F&C, good simple grilled rock cod.

One breakfast out: Le Parisienne has good cofffee, good croissant. What esle could one need?

Mar 13, 2007
sano in California

La Super Rica type rest. in la/oc

I'd give the nod to Taco Mesa on 17th street in Costa Mesa, too. Nothing is quite like LSR's unique SBmex, but Taco Mesa is worth a visit.

Note, I;ve never seen anything like LSR in Mexico, either.

Jan 26, 2007
sano in Los Angeles Area

Going to Laguna Beach/Dana Point

Wind n' Sea is a pretty location for lunch with it's view of the harbor entrance. After dark, when the view is gone, I'd rather eat somewhere with better food. In DP Harbor, Gemmels comes to mind, but no view at all.
The Ritz, Regis, and Montage, several notches higher than anything in DP.
There are numerous threads dealing with Laguna restaurants.
Sadly, DP is lacking in good chow... especially sad since I live here ;-(

Anybody tried the latest incarnation of the Blue Lantern Plaza restaurant? I believe it is now called "Wicked Garden"

It's amazing how fast restaurants go bust in DP, except for the few clustered right around the harbor... and those are, for the most part, nothing special.

Jan 26, 2007
sano in Los Angeles Area

Laguna Beach Newbie - HELP

Romantic dinner spot? The restaurant Splash at Surf and Sand Hotel.
Beach? Moss Cove.

Nov 22, 2006
sano in Los Angeles Area